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AOR - Rare Tracks & Demos (2017)

Frédéric Slama’ s AOR all star project is back with a CD of rare tracks & demos. Featuring some incredible singers like Michael Kisur, Sarah & Mélissa Fontaine (Chasing Violets), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger) & More. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to some incredible demos that were the blueprints of many songs of the AOR albums. A must have for any serious collector ! AOR was formed in 2000 by guitarist/ keyboardist Frédéric Slama always using the cream of U.S & European session players. In 2000, the first album « L.A Concession » was released and gave Frédéric a big respect in the Westcoast / AOR music scene. The second album « Next Stop L.A » followed one year later and again featured the help of several top session players.

LINE-UP: Frédéric Slama: All Instruments, Michael Kisur: Lead & Backing Vocals,
Sarah Fontaine: Lead & Backing Vocals, Mélissa Fontaine: Lead & Backing Vocals,
Mikael Erlandsson: Lead & Backing Vocals, Kelly Keaggy: Lead & Backing Vocals,
Tommy Denander: Guitars & Keyboards, Michael Thompson: Guitars, Michael Landau: Guitars, Tom Keane: Keyboards, Abraham Laboriel: Bass, John Robinson: Drums

1. Listen To Your Heart
2. Mary Ann
3. Lost In The Wrong Direction
4. Heartless
5. The Last White Wolf
6. Dinosaur Moves
7. How Will She Find Her Way Back
8. Tears In The Rain
9. Secrets In Her Heart
10. Desperate Dreams
11. Carry On
12. Closer To Zero
13. Circle Of Danger
14. The Crystal Heart
15. Once Off Guard 

Label: Perris Records

Unto The Wolves - Year One (2017)

"Unto the Wolves" is a Hard Rock/ Metal project with one goal in mind, to inspire tolerance and acceptance of all races, religious beliefs, and cultures. Every song is inspired by historical or religious writings found in books that are considered important by one religion or another. The songs are not based on the text found in these books, but rather served as inspiration for the ideas behind the songs.

The project began in September of 2016. "Unto the Wolves" is managed by the only official member who is singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, John "Gage" Sifuentes. Each month, a piece of text or scribe is chosen from a single culture or religion. This text is pulled from writings such as the Bible, the Quran, the Torah, Book of Shadows, the Book of Mormon, Vedas, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, or the Tao Te Ching, to name a few. Once the text is chosen, it is methodically analyzed and discussed to then inspire lyrics for a song to be created and released at the end of the month. During the month, there is project inspired art and online articles posted along with video journals discussing the content, writing technique, style, and periodic interviews about the text chosen. At the end of the year, the music is compiled and released as an album. But to hear the new music as it comes out and get the full backstory behind every song, Patreon.com is the active online hub for the music project.

The music typically has a heavy edge but hesitates to label itself metal. The feel of the music is riddled with driving rhythmic guitars, a gritty bass, hard hitting drums accompanied by melodic and aggressive vocals. However, you'll also find an additional instrument or two in multiple songs based on what religious text and culture was chosen for the subject matter. Because of this, the music taps into multiple genres. In an effort to combine these ideas into a single project in a respectful manner, each set of writings is examined from multiple points of view. This work truly offers a unique perspective on how music can be inspired by the way all people choose to live.

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Metatrone - Eucharismetal (2017)

Metatrone is a Christian power-prog metal band formed by musicians coming from many previous musical experiences, mostly involved in metal music. Davide Bruno, Jo Lombardo, Tony Zappa, Virgilio Ragazzi and Stefano “Ghigas” Calvagno whom formed the band in 1997 under the moniker of Metafora producing with Track Records Productions (TRP) a four track EP called “Reazioni e Memorie”, featuring some amazing anthems like “Una Parte di Me”.
As many things in life changes, it was four years later (2001) that one of the founding members, keyboardist Davide Bruno decided to begin a new spiritual journey bringing him to change completely his life becoming a Priest. After this important decision, another one will be essential: Metafora decided to change their moniker to METATRONE from that moment on. The new band’s name means “God is since now and forever”, consequently the band begins to write power-prog metal songs deeply inspired by a Christian Catholic view of life and human being. It was in 2005 when they produced with the help of TRP music their first album called “La Mano Potente” soon followed by the English version called “The Powerful Hand” distributed by Scarlet Records in Europe and King Records in Asia.
After its release, the band begun to play often live in Italy and around the world as well, playing at festivals like Elements of Rock twice, Tumbalong Park and World Youth Day in Australia just to name a few.
Following the extensive touring, the band began right away to create new material, which brought them to a new and higher musical and lyrical level. Their songs evolved with more influence from prog but powerful at the same time. Most of those songs were released on their third studio album, “Paradigma”. A stunning 13 track album produced by the band and TRP Music, it was officially released on December 25, 2010. The album featured songs sang in English, Italian, Latin and Spanish with some interesting growling vocal choruses performed by priest Davide Bruno himself and was praised with very positive reviews on some of the most popular metal magazines like Metal Hammer Italy, Metal Maniac and many other on-line publications.
In May 2012, METATRONE released their first video, “In Spe Resurrectionis” from “Paradigma” (winning the David Award as Best Italian Song at the V Premios David). 
In June 2013, the band released a single track called “Heavenly Field” written against the Zionist policy supporting Gaza population at the time featuring Italian hip hop band One Crew as special guest on vocals.

In 2015, Metatrone entered in the studio to record their third full-length album “Eucharismetal” with a different line up: Tony Zappa and Virgilio Ragazzi were replaced by Dino Fiorenza on bass (Billy Sheehan, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, John Macaluso) and Salvo “T-Metal” Grasso on drums (Hypersonic, DenieD). In November of 2015, the band released their video “Latest News From Light” in preview to “Eucharismetal” that was released in Europe by ROCKSHOTS Records on March 11, 2016. On the new album METATRONE re-released new versions of “The Powerful Hand” (remastered) and “Paradigma” as bonus tracks. "Eucharismetal" brought the band’s music to a wider audience with Christian Metal festival appearances in Europe and live gigs in Italy that included a triumphant concert in September 2016 at The Teatro Romano in Verona. In February 2017, the band released the second single/video “Molokai”. Soon after, just like in years past, another change with the band. It was after a very long internal discernment, that Davide made the decision to keep serving the Lord and the Catholic Church in the Laical form, giving up to practice as a priest. But with that change, the artistic mission with Metatrone is still on the run! "Eucharismetal" will be officially released in USA and Canada distributed by MVD Entertainment October 13, 2017.

Track Listing:
1. Alef Dalet Mem (4:54)
2. Molokai (5:22)
3. Beware The Sailor (3:31)
4. Wheat And Weeds (3:56)
5. Latest News From Light (4:36)
6. In Spirit And Truth (3:43)
7. Mozart's Nightmare (5:09)
8. Keep Running (5:44)
9. Salva l'Anima (5:25)
10. Una Parte Di Me (7:17)
11. Regina Coeli (4:46)
12. Alef Dalet Mem (Italian Version) (4:54)
13. Lascia Che Sia (5:44)
Album Length: 1:05:06

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Stefano Calvagno (Guitars)
Dino Fiorenza (Bass)
Jo Lombardo (Vocals)
David Brown (Keyboards/Growl)
Salvo Grasso (Drums)


Dustin Behm - The Beyond (2017)

RELEASE 24 November 2017

Dustin Behm is a progressive metal guitarist from Portland, Oregon USA. Dustin began playing guitar at the age of 13, being inspired by guitarists such as James Murphy, Dimebag Darrell, Joe Satriani, Tak Matsumoto, and Al Di Meola. In 2005 Dustin attended the Guitar Institute of Technology at Musician's Institute in Los Angeles where he studied with world renowned guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Scott Henderson, Greg Harrison and tapping master TJ Helmerich. There he discovered the music of his diverse main influences: Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane, and Meshuggah. 

After his time at Musician's Institute, Dustin returned to Portland and played with a variety of metal bands in the area, ranging from symphonic metal to death metal. In 2012 Dustin had his original music played on FM radio in Portland and even taught guitar lessons in Italy with his friend and fellow guitar shredder Gianluca Ferro. 

Near the end of 2013, Dustin helped form the instrumental progressive metal band Increate. Increate's self-released, first album Void released to excellent reviews in February 2017. Void was produced in Sweden by legendary metal producer Jocke Skog. Dustin handled the album art and layout in addition to lead guitar.   

After being snowed indoors for weeks at a time in one of the most extreme Winters in Oregon history, Dustin was eager to create new music and began work on his dream of creating his first solo album. The album writing and recording process took place from Spring through Summer of 2017. Dustin's debut solo album The Beyond is inspired by early 90's progressive death metal such as "Spheres" era Pestilence combined with a modern metal influence from Meshuggah and Allan HoldsworthChris Poland's "Return to Metalopolis" was also an influence on "The Beyond".

The album is also inspired by Dustin's love of classic horror movies, especially European horror of the 70's and 80's. The album artwork, skillfully painted by Mark Cooper, represents figures from a series of nightmares Dustin had as a child (of which Mark was unaware when he painted the piece). The album art also has a feeling reminiscent of an 80's Euro horror movie. Dustin plays guitar, E-Bow, bass, keys and programming as well as handling production duties and album layout for The Beyond.

Dustin is currently writing material for a new Increate album and regularly playing live shows around the Northwestern United States. Dustin has shared the stage with artists such as Amorphis, Dark Tranquility, Archspire, Arkaik, Rhapsody of Fire, Inanimate Existence, Vale of Pnath, Oceano, I Declare War, The Kennedy Veil, and Disentomb among others.  

"The Beyond" is set to be release on November 24 via Rockshots Records

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Serenade - Onirica (2017)

Onirica is an ardent work by a heavy metal sound with symphonic touches and vague gothic atmospheres.

The album intents to bring the listener through an amazing journey into the dream world, hence the title "Onirica", in the dreams and fears of the human soul.

Heavy riffs hold up catchy and dreamy melodies.

The voice ranges from lyric to modern with aggressive and soft interpretations and in two songs ("Kill Your Pain" and "Luceafarul") is completed by the precious collaboration of Fabio Dessi, the voice of Arthemis. 

Store http://bit.ly/2wPnSeN
Spotify http://spoti.fi/2zwdueb
iTunes http://apple.co/2ynULjC
Amazon http://amzn.to/2zqhv6t



4WARD is a heavy metal solo project conceived and brought to life by Ken ‘Krazyfingers’ Parent from Kapuskasing, Ontario Canada. Ken a multi-talented guitarist/instrumentalist, producer and recording engineer who built his name by forging a solid foundation in hard rock with heavy metal influences by crafting his original sound that he displays through several combinations of styles in the past 25 years of his active participation in the music business. Some of his proudest moments come by being invited to play live on stages with the likes of Foreigner and Grand Funk Railroad as an opening act, along with several upcoming Canadian Rock artists. In 2012, he was hired to play on the Western Canada tour for the theatrical heavy metal act THOR. 
It all started at the young age of 6 years old, when his mother encouraged his musical curiosity by purchasing a guitar for him. Since then, the guitar has become his passion instrument of choice, but he has learned to play several instruments along the way. 

In 1996 Ken attended Cambrian College (Cambrian College), where he acquired classical training and structured his skills. While being a rocker at heart, his classical background, mixed with his free spirited shredding technique, allowed him to blend everything from Blues to Metal. He created his own 'Shredtastic' style, which would eventually become recognized. in 2004, in Kelowna, BC, he began hosting the Open Jam Nights at The Greatful Fed. His amazing talent and undeniable skills brought him various gigs here and there, which made him known as the ‘Guitarded Shredder’ on the local music scene. And the ‘Krazyfingers’ name was born. From there, he moved his vision to Vancouver, BC, to pursue his passion with greater exposure. A simple Craig's List advertisement, which he'd posted in search of a vocalist to collaborate on his project, was answered by talented vocalist Tyler Nickerson (previous band name should be added here for Tyler) and 4WARD was officially started. Throughout the years, ‘Krazyfingers’ played in various Canadian venues, collaborated with local, upcoming artists and shared his music with many. With the hopes of finding like-minded future permanent 4WARD band members - they came... and they went, mostly just due to the fact that everyone didn’t always share the same vision. Therefore, they moved onward and Krazyfingers moved 4WARD. It is truly amazing to see ‘Krazyfingers’ keep his 4WARD project, his vision, his dream alive for so long on his own while honing his distinct style and constantly evolving and developing his skills.


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Rushmoon - Brutiful Lies (2017)

RUSHMOON was founded in 1996 by permanent members Alexander Steiger (git) and Christian Binder (voc). The first current member to join the band was guitar player Dieter Weilert. The first big success was reaching the finals of the "Deutscher Rock – und Poppreis" in Kassel and the „Bayerischer Rock – und Poppreis" in Gerolzhofen in 1997.

When drummer Volker Rößener joined, the band was eagerly touring all over Germany and working on their first Rushmoon-labelled longplayer "KEEP AN EYE" in 2001. In 2003 followed the EP "BLOOD, TEARS, LOVE & HATE...". This was the time the band decided to turn down several offers from the industry as they wanted complete artistic independence from outer influences.

After many successful tours and participations in band contests the band published their third CD "KILL YOUR LOVERS..." in January 2008 which was also presented live outside Germany - as Rushmoon played supporting gigs of Tito &Tarantula and Shakra. As the bass player quit the band in late 2009, the Rushmoon train came to a sudden stop and it took about two years before they'd found replacement who was presented together with the new album "CANDYMAN" in 2011. But this relationship didn't hold for too long and so the bass player's position had to be newly manned in 2014. It was pure luck that old friend and favorite candidate for years (he'd turned down the offer before for family reasons) Stefan Becker finally joined the band and completed the pack.

With this new line-up which feels like the perfect one the band that has always been manic about performing live was eagerly touring, playing with Orphaned Land, Gurd, China, Voivod and other great metal bands over the past few years. And they were writing new songs with a new spirit which have now been released on Rushmoon's fifth studio album "BRUTIFUL LIES" in 2017.

But this train won't stop as Rushmoon are currently overflowing with creativity - and hunger for live performances.

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Eternal Silence - Mastermind Tyranny (2017)

Mastermind Tyranny is the third studio album from Italian Symphonic Metal band, Eternal Silence. It was recorded, mixed and mastered between January and March 2017 at Music Ink studios in Arona, Italy. Everything has been led by Giulio Capone who, as for the previous two records, produced the album together with the composer, guitarist and the male singer of the band Alberto Cassina.
Compared with the previous albums, the sound of Mastermind Tyranny is more evolved and refined: the rhythmic section is stronger and heavier, combined with a more accurate use of orchestrations to create a bombastic background on which male and female vocals can design their stunning melodies. All this has helped Eternal Silence to craft a more mature and far reaching style of songwriting.
The theme behind Mastermind Tyranny is about the subjugation of minds, the control of masses through the spreading of false ideas or beliefs. Complementing this, many lyrics tell of the importance of thinking with your own mind and being stronger against this kind of mental control. The themes are developed through the idea of the fear in God in the songs Lucifer’s Lair and Mystic Vision, the control of knowledge and education in the middle age and a reference to the book “The Name of the Rose” in the song Ashes Of Knowledge, the radicalization and the religious extremism in Foreign Land.
The artwork, which was edited by the artist Hans Trasid from Dis-Art Design, represents the allegoric divinity of Fama. In the roman mythology, the character represents the image of false news travelling fast.
Mastermind Tyranny | Released October 19th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. Lucifer’s Lair | 02. Fighter | 03. Mashed | 04. Adagio | 05. Game Of The Beasts | 06. Mystic Vision | 07. The First Winter Night | 08. Foreign Land | 09. Icy Spell | 10. Ashes Of Knowledge
Eternal Silence are: 
Marika Vanni – Vocals | Alberto Cassina – Guitars and Vocals | Davide Rigamonti – Guitars | Davide Massironi – Drums | Alessio Sessa – Bass


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