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The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough (2018)

Release Date: 29.06.2018

Has the NFO completely lost it?

It started out as a united vision in 2006, shared between the band’s founding members, Björn Strid (vocals) and David Andersson (guitar), somewhere on one of those endless American highways in the middle of a SOILWORK tour. The original idea was to create a soundtrack for their own journey, something that you could listen to when everyone else was sick of listening to »Detroit Rock City«, »Goodbye Girl« and »Born To Run«. With the mission identified, the guys set out to handpick the perfect musicians to share and fulfill that same vision…and it took them a few years. But eventually, they found Sharlee D’Angelo (bass, ARCH ENEMY, SPIRITUAL BEGGARS and many others), Richard Larsson (keys), Jonas Källsbäck (drums) and Sebastian Forslund (guitar, percussion). And as fate would have it, the first time they all got in a room together and started playing, the magic was instantaneous.

The band released their first two albums, »Internal Affairs« and »Skyline Whispers«, on Coroner Records, which both were critically acclaimed and built them a reputation in certain circles but they wanted and needed something more. The band managed to take things next level when they signed to Nuclear Blast and released their latest pièce de résistance, »Amber Galactic«. The album was deservedly awarded Album of the Month in several European rock magazines, as well as securing the band a Swedish Grammy nomination, which then culminated in an euphoric European tour in the fall/winter of 2017.

This year, they’re back with their new album, »Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough«, taking the band even further. This album has all the catchy tunes, the musical artistry and the inimitable Swedish melancholy - everything’s still slightly over the top and there’s even more for you to love.

„Don’t forget, the NFO is your band, there to cheer you on when you’re attending a party you know you shouldn’t, to nurse you through the hangover, to comfort you when you realize that you’re probably too old for this. But you’re not, and neither are we! Hang on in there, and we’ll show you a way to die with your beret on and your dignity still intact.“

»Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough« contains everything you need to survive in the slightly confusing demographic landscape of adulthood, and however much trouble you’re in, there’s always a female space commander whose circumstances make your woes pale in comparison.

„If you want nice music and to have a good time, listen to whatever you want to. If you want to experience uninhibited euphoria and high jinks, listen to the NFO! We won’t be there to help you, but we’ll provide an interesting soundtrack to your experience.“

Can you handle it?

Line up:
Björn Strid | Vocals
David Andersson| Guitars
Sharlee D‘Angelo | Bass
Richard Larsson | Keyboard
Sebastian Forslund | Guitars, Percussion
Jonas Källsbäck | Drums

01. This Time 4:52
02. Turn To Miami 4:54
03. Paralyzed 5:15
04. Sometimes The World Ain't Enough 4:33
05. Moments Of Thunder 4:26
06. Speedwagon 3:22
07. Lovers In The Rain 4:09
08. Can't Be That Bad 3:40
09. Pretty Thing Closing In 4:30
10. Barcelona 5:30
11. Winged And Serpentine 3:41
12. The Last Of The Independent Romantics 9:17

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Wonderworld - Wonderworld III (2018)

In October 2017, Wonderworld started recording their 3rd album… simply to be called; III (following the numeric theme of the previous releases I and II). Even though there is influence from Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC and Rush in the mix, the band have their own musical style and have created a solid combination of old and new influences sprinkled with their own spices to forge a melting pot of rock music.
The basic tracks are more or less live with adding vocals, the occasional solos and a bit of keyboards. It was important to the band to retain their traditional live feel on the album, because that’s what Wonderworld is all about; the energy created by 3 guys in a single room getting off on their sound and emotions!

All the songs are written by Roberto Tiranti & Ken Ingwersen and the album is produced and mixed by Ken Ingwersen. The group recorded most of the album in Lionheart studio in Oslo, Norway with engineer Øyvind Larsen in over just a few days. III is mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Stockholm. Björn has mastered many international acts like Rammstein, Britney Spears and Meshuggah. Special guest on this album is Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Jorn) on hammond and keyboards.

Wonderworld III | Released June 19th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Background Noises | 02. Stormy Night | 03. Big Word | 04. Crying Out For Freedom | 05. A Mountain Left To Climb | 06. Brand New Man | 07. Rebellion | 08. The Last Frontier | 09. Stay Away From Me | 10. There Must Be More

Wonderworld are:
Roberto Tiranti – Vocals/Bass | Ken Ingwersen – Guitars/Backing vocals | Tom Arne Fossheim – Drums/Backing vocals


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Dead Shape Figure - Cacoëthes (2018)

Finnish, Helsinki-based metal band Dead Shape Figure will release their anticipated fourth album 'Cacoëthes' on June 8th 2018 via Inverse Records. It's been five years since their latest studio album 'Opus Victoria' was released. The band guarantees that the upcoming album is the best DSF ever!

”Cacoëthes is simply the best Dead Shape Figure Ever. It took some time but now it's very easy to stand behind our music and lyrics" comments the band's singer Galzi.

* Galzi - Vocals
* Juhani Flinck - Guitar
* Niki Jurmu - Guitar
* Ari Niemi - Bass
* Mohkis - Drums


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Street Symphonies Records & Burning Minds Music Group are excited to announce the signing of Swedish glamsters Lipz, for the release of their brand new album "Scaryman". The history of Lipz begins back in 2011, when Klintberg bros Alexander (Vocals, Guitar) and Koffe (Drums) decided to build up a new band together with their best friend Conny Svärd (Guitar). The band immediately started the research for a suitable frontman, but after some unsuccessful tries Alexander decided to pick up the mic himself, becoming immediately the perfect fit for the group. With this line-up, Lipz entered the studio to
begin the recordings of their own material. Their first single "Ghost Town" was released in September 2012, followed three years after by their official EP called "Psycho". An endless research for a stable bass-player slowed down the process of making a full studio album, which took three years to be finally completed (with Alexander handling the bass duties himself).
Label Manager Stefano Gottardi says:  "Since Oscar Burato and myself founded Street Symphonies Records back in 2008, our first priority has always been scouting the underground scene looking for young and promising bands, especially those with cool music, right attitude and a great look. In 2011 we stumbled upon Lipz for the first
time, and we immediately contacted the guys to discuss the release of a record: sadly it never happened, especiallyfor some unexpected changes they were making to their sound at that time. When a few months ago we heard that they were finally recording their debut album, and that it would have been inspired by their "original" sound, we
immediately contacted them, in order to resume the negotiations interrupted years before. After listening for the first time to "Scaryman", we had no doubt: it was exactly the kind of record we wanted to hear from Lipz! The revival of glam rock, started in the second half of 2000s, caused an invasion of new bands (most of them coming
from Sweden), but today the 95% of those acts no longer exists, while just few are being born these days. Lipz are among the few convincing young leading figures of this scene: they have the mood, the refrains, the right look and the needed attitude. But most of all they show off that cool mix of extravagance and madness which promises to
bring you back in time, when this entertaining rock style ruled the charts being literally the soundtrack of our youth".
"Scaryman" is set for release on June 1, 2018 via Street Symphonies Records / Burning Minds Music Group, and it will be available in CD, CD Ltd. Personalized Edition (exclusively @ www.rocktemple.it ) and in all digital / streaming platforms. CD version will feature liner notes written by Brian Rademacher, editor in chief of web magazine RockEyez.

01. The Awakening
02. Scaryman
03. Star
04. Get Up On The Stage
05. Fight
06. Get It On
07. Falling Away
08. Tick Tock
09. Trouble In Paradise
10. Everytime I Close My Eyes
(Acoustic Bonus)

Alex K: Vocals, Guitar
Koffe K: Drums
Conny S: Guitar


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Free From Sin - II (2018)

Free From Sin - II - 3000x3000.jpg

Free From Sin’s self-titled debut album was released in mid 2015.  After good sales, reviews and press feedback, the Swedish based group is now back with a vengeance and with a new record called “Free From Sin II”!
The band has added new band members to the line-up which resulted in a much darker & heavier sounding release in comparison to the first one. Free From Sin is again going back to basics, with a classical 5 piece line-up, with hammond organ, guitar, bass & drums together with aggressively vivid vocals and now is featuring Per Englund (ex-Blacksmith, vocals), Patrik Lämborg (guitars), Fredrik Strömberg (keyboards), Ulf Kronsell (bass) and Paul Ekdahl (drums).
There is a clear message and thought throughout the lyrics, this in combination with massive guitar riffs will for sure capture the listener's attention and mind...….cast the second stone!
With strong influences from Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Rainbow, Iron Maiden etc., Free From Sin is again merging these ingredients in riff- based songs together with a modern sound. “II” was again produced by Mankan Sedenberg with Free From Sin at Pama Studios, Sweden.
Line-up: Per Englund (vocals), Patrik Lämborg (guitars), Fredrik Strömberg (keyboards), Ulf Kronsell (bass), Paul Ekdahl (drums)

Web: www.freefromsin.net

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CHARLOTTE IN CAGE - Times Of Anger (2018)

All girl Italian riot metal group Charlotte In Cage are putting a voice to their ideas with their new album Times Of Anger. Citing influences such as Kittie, Hole, Pussy Riot, Moonspell and Marilyn Manson, it’s clear these girls have something to say and aren’t about to hold back.

The album has varied and unique sounds that perfectly express the differences in the musical background of the band members. All this was important to Charlotte In Cage, as they didn’t want to set limits in their creation. Therefore, the primary function of their work is that of “artistic expression without limits in itself”.

One of the main concepts of the album is the social denouncing of oppression and injustice, particularly involving women, and found in different environments and social structures. This is the lens through which we tend to distort reality. Songs like Times Of Anger or I Hate Myself were specifically designed to highlight this concept and the related message.

Times Of Anger | Released June 5th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Liar | 02. I Hate Myself | 03. Yours Faithfully | 04. Dionysus | 05. 13 Years Old | 06. Times Of Anger | 07. Monster I Became | 08. The Plastic Beast

Mixed and mastered at Hombre Lobo Studio.

Charlotte In Cage are:
Antonella Della Monica – Vocals | Marianna Forino – Guitar | Annalisa Barra – Drums | Susanna Angelino – Bass


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PROJECT EVIL - Project Evil (2018)


RELEASE 24 August 2018

Each band member of Project Evil has been individually active on the national rock and metal scene for about twenty years but it was only in 2016 that they joined together in the Project Evil band. After a little more than a year they started playing live and the excellent feedback they obtained both during and after their shows convinced them to professionally produce this album.

The concept of all the songs starts from the lyrics: they really like their music to be some kind of a soundtrack for the stories they tell so that it could help anyone listening to the songs to be attuned to atmosphere of that particular track. Just close your eyes and make a journey through time and space with Project Evil.

Project Evil are mainly a Classic Heavy Metal and Doom Metal band with a lot of effort put into arrangements and melody, with Thrash and Epic Metal elements. The inspiration mainly comes from artists like Iron Maiden, Candlemass, Judas Priest, and Manowar but also from bands as Metallica, Overkill, and Slayer, overall embracing all the Heavy sound.

Project Evil are:
Gianni Iapichino : Voice
Rosin Alberto : Guitar
Stefano Chiavini : Guitar
Niccolò Falciani : Bass
Nico Cempini : Drums

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Silent Winter - The War Is Here (EP 2018)

Silent Winter was initially formed in the midlle of 90's in the city of volos(central Greece).Back then the band recorded and released two demo tapes "Silent Winter" and "War of an Angel"...also played some gigs and appeared in local festivals...

This year the band was reformed with 4 new members and released an ep with 5 songs. One of them is a new version of an old demo song (far away)which also is their first video clip with bob katsionis as director.

The band members are Kiriakos balanos-guitars, themis karvelis -guitars,mike livas -vocals,giorgos loukakis-bass,john antonopoulos-drums,achilles a-keyboards.

They release their first video with bob katsionis company.

Links :


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