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Last Bullet - 80-69-64 (EP 2017)

Release: 14 July 2017

Last Bullet live and die by the metaphor of a name that has served them well; play every show as if they have only one shot.

Multiple national tours and festivals, winners and nominees of several awards, countless television and radio features, part of Canadian hockey history, sharing the stage with countless bands like Aerosmith, The Scorpions, Buckcherry, Sebastian Bach, Bleeker, One Bad Son, The Wild and more. Last Bullet has used the last eight years to accomplish all of the above and more while completely self-managed, self-distributed, self-directed, self-written, self-marketed and ultimately... Self-made.

Forged by a deep passion from five individuals striving to become the very embodiment of rock n' roll it-self, Last Bullet are best known for their utterly intense and electrifying live show, taking great pride in knowing exactly what it takes to get asses shaking, fists pumping and heads banging. For this Toronto-based quintet, pursuing a career in music is akin to war. The stage is a battlefield, leather is their armour, instruments their weapons, music their ammo and failure is the enemy.

With the ambitious goal of re-igniting a market almost completely devoid of attitude, this is a band that reveres the historical significance of rock music and gladly embraces the blood, sweat and tears necessary to succeed in this industry. The sole reason Last Bullet has found any success is by holding themselves accountable for giving fans every ounce of their souls on stage. The very integrity of the band relies on this self-imposed creed:

Every song will sound better than it does on the album, every time.

Every note will be performed with charisma, emotion and intensity.

Every dollar of every ticket will be earned in sweat, effort and passion.

Every single fan will be thanked and appreciated every time, every show.

Nothing is ever good enough. Always strive for perfection and NEVER plateau.

With the upcoming release of their new album titled "80-69-64" on July 14, 2017 the band has never been more proud of their work, nor felt more genuinely optimistic about the future of their music and career as a band. But don't take their word for it, take it from these people…

Πέμπτη, 22 Ιουνίου 2017

Motograter - Desolation (2017)

On August 11th, 2017 EMP Label Group will release 'Desolation', Motograter's highly-anticipated sophomore album, produced by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/Ex-Machine Head) and mixed by Joshua Wickman (Within the Ruins, KING 810). The album was engineered by Luster, Wickman, and Jon Berrier, and recorded at Illustrious Productions, Dreadcore Productions, and BlackPlate Productions.

Art for DESOLATION was created by Mister-Sam Shearon, who has created covers for comic books and graphic novels including Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER, Judge Dredd, The X-Files, Mars Attacks, KISS, and Clive Barker’s Books of Blood as well as artwork for some of the biggest names in rock music, such as Godhead, Ministry, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden, Powerman 5000, Biohazard, American Head Charge, Rammstein, Fear Factory and Kill Devil Hill.

Desolation marks the band’s first full-length album since the 2003 Elektra/No Name self-titled release featuring Ivan Moody (Five Finger Death Punch) on vocals. Motograter is now fronted by James Anthony Legion (Deadform/The Breathing Process).

1. Parasite
2. Dorian
3. Victim
4. Paragon
5. Bleeding Through
6. Misanthropical
7. Daggers
8. Portrait of Decay
9. Locust
10. Rise (There Will Be Blood)
11. Shadows

Motograter is:
James Legion – Vocals
Matthew "Nuke" Nunes – Guitar
Jesse Stamper – Guitar
Mylon Guy – Bass
Noah "Shark" Robertson – Drums
Dustin "Skunk" Anderson – Motograter

Pre-order at: www.empmerch.com
More at: www.emplabelgroup.com

Τετάρτη, 21 Ιουνίου 2017

Warner Drive - Till The Wheels Fall Off (2017)

WARNER DRIVE is an original rock based group from Hollywood, CA that features catchy riffs, a rock/punk edge, and an incredibly energetic performance. The group has built a reputations as relentless internationally touring act. Warner Drive has shared the stage with bands such as Jet, CKY, Saving Abel, Camp Freddy, Danko Jones, Imagine Dragons, The Plain White T's, Yellowcard, Ratt, Steel Panther, Clutch, Graveyard, Mustache, Papa Roach, The Killers, Dead Sara, Royal Republic, and many more. Warner Drive has been hailed as a highlight of the Sunset Strip Music Festival where they tore up the Roxy stage for a sold out house.
At South By Southwest in Austin TX, Warner Drive took the festival by storm with six different showcases and packed venues every time that teamed with energy when they hit the stage. The group has also been a part of The Uproar Festival in the United States.
In addition, they have been touring Europe where they have played many festivals and their fan
base has been rapidly growing. In fact, 2016 will mark their fifth year in a row of extensive European touring and the group was voted by their fans to play Sweden Rock Festival 2016, where they shared the stage with Queen, Twister Sister, Foreigner, Megadeth and Anthrax among many more. This was followed by a Swedish tour in August 2016 and many more United States dates to
be added this year as well.
Prior to signing with Swedish record label Roasting House/Dead End Exit in 2016, Warner Drive had released three full length albums to date, selling over 15,000 copies in DIY fashion. Their first album, "Fully Loaded", was produced By  Mike Clink (Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Megadeth), and James Michael (Alanis Morissette, The Deftones, SIXX:AM). Their second album, "K-Go!", which was self-produced was followed by  their third release, "City of Angels". Produced by El Hefe (guitarist of  NOFX and co-owner of Cyber Tracks), and mixed by Ryan Greene (Megadeth, Bad Religion), City of Angels was released in September 2014. Their fourth album will be released under Roasting House/Dead End Exit Records on July 28.
Warner Drive will continue hitting everywhere from Los Angeles to Helsinki in 2017. Their momentum is taking them on a fast and furious ride down a road that is destined for international recognition and success.

Τρίτη, 20 Ιουνίου 2017

Old James - Speak Volumes (2017)

 Release: 25 August 2017

On August 25th 2017, OLD JAMES will release the physical version of their debut album Speak Volumes.  The album is ten tracks of hard rock/metal that is both original yet familiar at the same time.

OLD JAMES is a newly formed power-trio from Canada. In the vein of 70's Rock 'N Roll when originality was king,
OLD JAMES brings an unrivaled attitude in their intense live performance and their pounding live off the floor musicianship in the studio, which speaks the likes of early Sabbath/Deep Purple while crushing any "throwback" or "vintage" labels in its inimitable wake. 
 Lead vocalist Brian Stephenson, has earned his keep as a vocalist and bassist both separately in the music industry. Coupled together in OLD JAMES, with high range vocals and funky bass lines, Brian brings a fresh sound and image to the modern front man.
As fate would have it, younger Stephenson, Chris wraps up the rhythm section bringing the brother’s history of influences, such as Dime & Vinnie, Alex & Eddie, Max & Igor, Chris & Rich Robinson, to the table.
Sir Andy “T-Cat” Thompson completes the trio with his uncanny blues and rhythm guitar approach to contemporary rock ‘n roll. Having stuck by the brothers through thick and thin, without him, OLD JAMES would not have the sound or texture needed to be the future of rock ‘n roll.
2017 ushers in the SPEAK VOLUMES era, the band's debut album. With memorable vocals, distorted tones, pure and honest lyrical themes and a kick ass live show full of power and passion OLD JAMES is ready to make the world its own.

Track listing:
1. Don't Put It On Me
2. Lemons
3. Words As Weapons
4. So Real
5. Salutations
6. Bass-Ik Instincts
7. Kill Off The Rose
8. Master Imploder
9. Eugene
10. Speak Volumes

Δευτέρα, 19 Ιουνίου 2017

Firesphere - Requiem (2017)

Firesphere is a dynamic industrial rock/metal band combining techno and epic cinematic soundtrack to create a totally different and unique sound. Fireshphere was created and is fronted by the enigmatic dark PRIEST and the equally dark and hypnotizing Japanese beauty ROSEMARY BUTTERFLY.
Joined by “The Messengers”, Blacksmith (guitar), ROADBLOCK (guitar), TSUKIME keyboards), ASMODEUS STONE (bass) and MASON (drums), together they bring a dark ageless quality to their music and live show. 
Based on the Japanese model of big music and big visuals (ala X Japan, Hyde, Malice Mizer, Gackt and Ghost), the listener will not soon forget the well-crafted and moving songs of Firesphere nor will they easily forget the intensity of a live performance.
Firesphere will capture you in their dark cold embrace and hold you there forever.

With `Requiem`, the musicians around` Firesphere`-singer `Priest` publish an album that combines driving rhythms and hard-sounding guitars with orchestral arrangements.
Singer and songwriter `Priest` describes the debut album as a "great and self-contained" album. "The audience will be presented with a 'dark fantasy' concept album, where lyrics and music merge into a musical time travel", `Priest` said.

Firesphere is a concept band. Each member portrays a particular character with a name and backstory. Each character is an ‘immortal’ in one form or other and have lived a very long time. All members were discovered by Priest and Rosemary Butterfly while recruiting for the dark Order of the Cross and Dragon. This is an order created centuries ago for the purpose of giving individuals like Priest and Rosemary a place of sanctuary and friendship.

Κυριακή, 18 Ιουνίου 2017

Angel Sword - Kallio Rock City (2017)

Angel Sword worships the heavy metal gods of old, fallen into slumber decades ago and now angered by the polished plastic sound of modern metal. Prepare for a skull-crushing, vomit-inducing dose of real heavy metal!


Jerry Razors - Vocals, guitars
Lightning Mike -
Guitars, backing vocals
Eviltaker - Bass
St. Peter - Drums, backing vocals


The Mourning Sickness - Gets in a Ruction

Enjoy Your Symptom Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Gets in a Ruction, the fourth full-length release from Denver, Colorado’s most courteous band, The Mourning Sickness.  This latest addition to the band’s progressive-punk oeuvre, Gets in a Ruction was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ratt Mahem, and is available on Compact Disc, as well as digital download formats, including iTunes.

Gets in a Ruction abounds with tales of prehistoric devil toads (“Beelzebufo”), men with the moniker “Dick” (“Richard”), teen-age girls starving themselves (“Distaste for Food and an Urge to Vomit”), and ridiculously large penises (“Bubby Peak”).  Predictably, the album is filled with unpredictable melodies, odd rhythmic figures, and the occasional power-trio freak out.  Gets in a Ruction also features guest appearances from other members of the Denver Art Rock Collective (DARC), including Amphibious Jones, the Cattle Axe, and the Inactivists.  And one tune (“Unyoked is the Best!), was co-authored by the 16th Century Flemish nun, Anna Bijns (1494-1575 CE).

What do you get when you mix the irreverent musical endowments of three men for almost twenty years?  What do you get when you place a college history professor, a project manager for a defense contractor, and the owner of a small musical instrument shop together in a post-punk-rock band?  The Mourning Sickness!


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Soul Secret - Babel (2017)

Release: 28 July 2017
Soul Secret are an Italian progressive metal band based in Naples.
After a long time playing together, they hit the market in 2008 with their debut album "Flowing Portraits", published by ProgRock Records and with Mark Basile (DGM) as guest singer on the whole album. This album was highly praised by the critics and let them play on stage together with bands like Pendragon, Vanden Plas and Subsignal. After three years the band published "Closer To Daylight" under Galileo Records, a heavier album featuring Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band) on "River's Edge" and Arno Menses on the acclaimed 16+ minutes suite "Aftermath". After playing together again with Subsignal and Vanden Plas, the band decided to change the singer and to start working on a new album. While writing it, they played together with Haken and Neal Morse Band. Their third release, called "4", was their first concept album and released on April 10th 2015 (October 4th in USA) by GoldenCore Records and distributed by Zyx Music.
Their new album, titled "BABEL", will be released by Pride & Joy Music on July 28th 2017 and will be previewed at Night Of The Prog, opening Mike Portnoy's show. BABEL is a concept album, covering topics like religion and love and ranging from classic progressive rock to more modern progressive metal, with influences from djent, electronic and latin music. The artwork was completely designed by Thomas Ewerhard and the mix handled by Alex Argento (Virgil Donati, Marco Sfogli).
Sam and Adriel are sent in space to find God, helped by logOS, an on-board computer providing cutting-edge technology to the mission. When they finally find the City Of Gods, they find it empty...

Line-up: Claudio Casaburi (Bass), Luca Di Gennaro (Keyboards), Lino Di Pietrantonio (Vocals), Antonio Mocerino (Drums), Antonio Vittozzi (Guitars)

Web:www.facebook.com/soulsecretband /  www.soulsecret.net


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