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Wildness - Wildness (2017)

RELEASE - 24 November 2017

The idea behind WILDNESS began to grow in the summer of 2013 when the first songs were written. With main focus on heavy guitars, wide keyboards, big drums, melodies and hooks the shape of something new and exciting began to emerge. At this point, Wildness was more of a studio project and originally founded by drummer and songwriter Erik Modin while the guitar players Pontus Sköld and Adam Holmström were in to share the lead guitar parts early on.
The search for the right lead singer wasn’t easy as pie, but after a few months their destiny crossed with the unbelivable vocal talent Gabriel Lindmark in early 2014. More songwritings and demos recording came along, and it didn’t take long until it was clear that WILDNESS deserved to be a real band.
On September 1st 2015, WILDNESS independently released their self-produced debut single ”Collide” which immediately gained a lot of spins at various digital platforms such as a number of online radio stations focused on AOR and Melodic Rock. Live performances that followed showed that the band was capable to  deliver on stage as well.
The second single ”Turning The Pages” was released on January 14th 2016, and shortly after that WILDNESS was approached by Georg Siegl by German record label AOR Heaven. The contact resulted in a record deal which allowed the band to finally begin the launch of their first full-length album.
The choice for the producer fell on the creative and productive mastermind Erik Wigelius (Wigelius, Care Of Night) and the pre-production and recordings took place between during 2016 and 2017. The main part of the record was recorded at Erik Wigelius’ studio, besides additional parts recorded by drummer and co-producer Erik Modin.
The two previous singles ”Collide” and ”Turning The Pages” were re-recorded for the album. The mixing and mastering was handled by Erik Wigelius, who really knows how to take the 80’s-influenced sounds at put them in the 21th century!
Despite their short career, WILDNESS have already shared stages with well established acts in the scene like WHITE WIDDOW and DYNAZTY.

Releases: Collide – Digital single (September 1th, 2015) ; Turning The Pages – Digital single (January 14th, 2016)

instagram: wildnessofficial

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Dante Fox - Six String Revolver (2017)

RELEASE - 24 November 2017

Dante Fox were formed in September 1989 by lead Vocalist Sue Willetts  She was quickly joined by guitarist Tim Manford and this created a golden partnership. On the strength of their songs Dante Fox caught the interest of Linda Bruce from Rich Bitch Studio’s and a debut album was now a reality. Following this an appearance on ITV television show ‘Hit The Town’ hosted by Rory McGrath launched the sounds of Lost And Lonely Heart throughtelevisions all around the UK. Dante Fox signed to Now and Then Records in March 1996,and in May they appeared on the Gods line up next to Hugo and Jamie Kyle.
In October 1996 the debut Under Suspicion was released. Many shows followed including a support tour with ELO, Enuff Z Nuff and European festivals such as Mindview and Ardshock. Capitalising on this European interest the band returned to Holland for more headline shows. In April 1997 Under Suspicion was released in Japan and received an87/100 review in BURRN magazine.The second album The Fire Within was released on Frontiers Records in March 1999. The album included more live favourites and in Japan Firing My Heart and Over You were added to the playlist of Masa Itoh’s Heavy Metal syndicate radio show. The band closed the year with an appearance at the Gods and also appeared as the backing band for Stan Bush.
The band took a break and returned in 2005, with a slot at Firefest and a UK tour support to Vixen.The third album ‘Under The Seven Skies’ was released worldwide on Frontiers Records in March 2007 featuring the Nine minute epic title track. The album was voted best album of 2007 by the listeners of ARFM Radio and the band continued to support the album by playing shows with Danny Vaughn and Wigwam.
The fourth album Lost Man’s Ground released in October 2012 at the bands appearance at Firefest. This featured a new rhythm section Andy Perfect (Drums) and Alan Mills (Bass), and also Alessandro DelVecchio on backing vocals and Eric Ragno on keyboards.
In June 2012 a magical night was experienced opening for US band Night Ranger in London.This year ended with a much anticipated performance at Firefest and a great slot at Hard Rock Hell.Sue Willetts was voted 20 in the top 50 Female vocalists of all time in  Classic Rock Magazine alongside Ann Wilson and Cher and the band performed at HRH AOR (Tesla,FM ) Hard Rock Hell Ibiza and a very successful tour with Romeo’s Daughter.
In September 2016 the album ‘ Breathless ‘ was released through AOR Heaven and received excellent critical acclaim featuring in many journalist’s Top 10 albums of 2016 and propelling Dante Fox as One of the leaders in Modern Melodic Rock for 2017.
The new album ‘Six String Revolver’ sees the band pay homage to their most popular songs from the first two albums from the 90’s. These songs have enabled Dante fox to evolve over time they have been re-recorded from the ground up with love, respect, precision and an excellent state of the art modern production from Sheena Sear at M2 Studio's . The band are looking forward to playing in Germany for the first time at the HEAT Festival in December which will make a very exciting album launch. Dante Fox will also be performing at HRH AOR (Joe Lynn Turner, Eclipse). Joining the band on drums for these shows and more will be the ‘Thunder God’ Scott Higham (Pendragon)

Tour Dates
HEAT Festival Germany - 2nd December 2017
HRH AOR Festival - 8th March, 2018

Dante Fox are;Sue Willetts Manford - Lead Vocals; Tim Manford - Lead Guitar & backing Vocals; Alan Mills - Bass Guitar; Eric Ragno – Keyboards


Angel Nation - Aeon (2017)

RELEASE - 27 October 2017

Angel Nation is a melodic metal band founded by the classically trained Finnish singer Elina Siirala who moved to London in 2008 and fell in love with the power of rock and metal.

Their debut album [released under the name EnkeliNation] "Tears of Lust" was received with glowing reviews all over the world. The release in 2014 was followed by shows at Bloodstock Open Air, shows in Finland amongst others.
In 2016 Elina also joined Leaves' Eyes as their new vocalist.

Angel Nation's second album "Aeon" continues the musical diversity that Elina likes to express in her songwriting. The unique blend of retro and modern sounds is developed even further with this album. The power of metal and rock combined with Elina's ethereal yet strong and emotional vocals create the perfect platform for stories of both earthly and otherworldly she likes to create with her lyrics.

Guest appearances on the album includes Jukka Pelkonen [Omnium Gatherum] on vocals, and Elina's mother Merit Palas on violin.

Get ready for it all: Heavy, rocking and epic tunes from this highly anticipated album with tons of character!

Angel Nation line-up:
Elina Siirala - Vocals
Julia B Cadau - Bass
Lucas Williamson - Drums
Sonny Antoniou - Guitar

Track listing
01. Burn The Witch
02. Blood Is On Your Hands
03. Breathe Again
04. Wonder Who You Are
05. Farewell
06. Free
07. Enough Is Enough
08. Music Plays
09. Fireflies
10. Destination

Angel Nation discography:
Aeon [2017]
Do It Anyway [single 2016]
Tears of Lust [2014 - release under the band name "EnkeliNation]

Produced and mixed by: MW
Mastered by: Ed Woods
Artwork by: Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Delain, Leah]
Guest appearances by: Jukka Pelkonen [Omnium Gatherum] and Merit Palas

Angel Nation online
Website: http://www.angelnationofficial.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/angelnationmusic

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Within Silence - Return From The Shadows (2017)

RELEASE27 October 2017

The young, promising melodic metal band Within Silence are finally back with their highly anticipated second album "Return From The Shadows"!

The debut album "Gallery of Life" was released through the Swedish label Ulterium Records in 2015 and received very good feedback from around the world. Within Silence played many shows in Slovakia and around Europe since then including festivals in Norway, Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands, as well as joining Theocracy [US] as special guests on their European tour in November 2016.

"Return From The Shadows" is a perfect follow-up to "Gallery of Life" and feels like a more mature and focused album. The impressive song-writing and melodies are still there, and together with heavy riffs, symphonic arrangements and epic parts the result is a really impressive album!

The album was mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow [Masterplan, ex. Helloween] and the artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani].

Within Silence is a perfect band for fans of melodic metal in general and bands like Theocracy, Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica in particular. Don't miss out on this young, promising band and the new album "Return From The Shadows"!

Within Silence line-up:
Martin Klein - Lead vocals, backing vocals
Richard Germanus - Solo & rhythm guitars
Martin Cico - Rhythm guitars
Viktor Varga - Bass
Peter Gacik - Drums

Within Silence discography:
2017: Return From The Shadows
2015: Gallery of Life

Mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow [Masterplan, ex. Helloween]
Artwork by Jan Yrlund [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani]


Within Silence online
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/withinsilenceband
Website: http://www.within-silence.com

CARUBINE - Futuredream (2017)

RELEASE3 November 2017

CARUBINE really is the definition of a power-trio, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Influenced by the hard rock and prog of the 70′s, and the darkness and simplicity of the grunge and alternative scenes of the 90′s, the band has developed their own style and sound, with eerie vocal harmonies, heavy riffs and hypnotizing atmospheric guitars.



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Buried And Gone - The Final Hour (2017)

'The Final Hour' is the debut album of Buried And Gone which hails from Kuopio/Oulu, Finland. On the album you can hear various influences of different styles in metal music. Melodies and riffs guarantee a listening trip from "inexperienced" to "experienced" listeners.

The album features ten tracks which have no bigger background story, but every track is their own story. The lyrics are infused with death, love and cynicism.

"The Final Hour" was recorded in winter 2016-2017 in Niklas' home studio in Kuopio and Markus' vocals was recorded in BRR-musiikki, Raahe. Mixing and mastering are done by Joni Tanskala and cover arts made by Aki Pistemaa. The album is released digitally in August 27th by Inverse Records.

Listen to the album on Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2k2npnF

Track List:
1. Buried Within Me...
2. A Frozen Heart
3. Murder
4. Starting Over
5. You´re No God
6. Seek To Find
7. End Of The World
8. Not Another Word
9. The Final Hour
10. Lay With Me

Niklas Tihinen (Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals)
Markus Orava (Vocals)


Power Quest - Sixth Dimension (2017)

Power Quest led by founder and keyboardist Steve Williams, return with their 6th album, the first since 2011. "Sixth Dimension" is prime time PQ. Melodic, catchy and uplifting which are the trademarks of the PQ sound.
"Sixth Dimension" contains 9 tracks and the main lyrical theme running through the album is that no matter how bad things seem today, tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity for us all to step out of the shadows and be who we want to be.
The title track, co-written by Steve Williams and Richard West [Threshold] is a real tour de force bringing to mind bands like Marillion and Symphony X, whilst not losing the quintessential Power Quest identity.
“Kings and Glory”, the first single from the album is a traditional speedy power metal romp with a typically glorious vibe in the vein of Sacred Land, Glory Tonight and Survive. Songs like “Pray for the Day” and “No More Heroes” maintain the hard rock edge that the band have become known for over the years, whilst “Revolution Fighters” is one of the heaviest songs the band have written without losing the melodic edge that defines the PQ sound.
Ahead of the album release, the band are touring heavily including appearances at Sabaton Open Air in Sweden and ProgPower USA in Atlanta. In between these festivals Power Quest will be playing 3 shows in Japan with Freedom Call and Twilight Force before returning to the stage in the UK on October as special guests of DragonForce on an 11 show run. After that the band play 4 UK headline shows in late October. For all the latest tour dates check out www.power-quest.co.uk
Steve Williams, keyboardist and band leader, commented
“It’s such an exciting time for the band right now. So many awesome shows to look forward and we really can’t wait to unleash the new album and see what everyone thinks. I’m extremely proud of the collection of songs we’ve got on this record and it’s been an amazing process from the first writing period through to the finished product. I’m also thrilled to have 3 songs on this album that I wrote on guitar. Another first for PQ.
I’m also extremely proud of Ash, Rich, Paul, Glyn and Andy who have all worked like demons to make this a reality and bring the vision to life. See you all on the road!”
“Break the night and crack the sky, take me on to another time, show me how to fly to the Sixth Dimension”.

Power Quest line-up:
Ashley Edison - Vocals
Steve Williams - Keyboards
Andy Kopczyk - Guitars
Glyn Williams - Guitars
Paul Finnie - Bass
Rich Smith - Drums

Power Quest discography:
Sixth Dimension [2017]
Blood Alliance [2011]
Master of Illusion [2008]
Magic Never Dies [2005]
Neverworld [2003]
Wings of Forever [2002]

Recorded by Alessio Garavello at Rogue Studios, London
Mixed by Alessio Garavello and Steve Williams
Mastered by Jens Bogren [Symphony X, Kreator, Dragonforce]
Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, Iced Earth]
Design by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani, Tyr]
Guest appearances by Anette Olzon [vocals], Andrea Martongelli [guitar solo], Lars Rettkowitz [guitar solo]

Power Quest online
Website: http://www.power-quest.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/powerquestofficial 

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Noturnall - 9 (2017)

RELEASE27 October 2017
Everyone knows that Brazil has released many bands that have become reference in the heavy metal scene all over the world. But what happens when four members of these Brazilian reference bands get together to create music?
NOTURNALL is the name of the new heavy metal band from Brazil! Formed by very known and established musicians, the band soon became a top seller and participated in major tours and music festivals, such as Rock in Rio. Considered by specialized magazines, websites and newspapers as "the best thing" that happened in Brazil in the last decade, NOTURNALL adds an incredible amount of follo
The newest 2017 release of the band is the album "9" (NINE). An album that brings back the roots of the bands´ members (Angra / Shaman), but with a heavier and more modern vocal and instrumental lines. "9" is a collection of what was best from the members´ old bands, and what stood out from the previous albums of Noturnall. With a cover art filled with puzzles and stories, the album is filled with exciting moments and intricated lines that lead the audience through several different atmospheres.
The album features guitarist Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob and Sonic Stomp) who had a brief period as a band member, contributing to the song "Wake Up", one of the highlights of this work.
Thiago Bianchi - Vocal
Fernando Quesada - Bass
Léo Mancini - Guitar
Juninho Carelli - Keys
Aquiles Priester - Drums

The third album from a band is an experience that can cause trauma or pull them to a higher success level. To some is a trial, to others is an opportunity. In the case of Brazilian quintet NOTURNALL, from São Paulo, their third album, called “9”, seems to be in their cards to reach a global success. First of all, we must have in mind that NOTURNALL is a band with five members with a long experience in Metal, with recognized works by media and public in Brazil and even in Europe. The fusion of their ideas resulted on a “full-length” that follows the same style from “Noturnall” and “Back to Fuck You Up”: a strong, technical and modern form of Heavy Metal with some influences from Power Metal and even from some punctual regional rhythms from Brazil. But on this new album, the band explored a more accessible and melodic side of their own personality. Their instrumental arrangements are easier to be assimilated for a broader part of the public. But don’t worry: their weight, aggressiveness and energy are the very same that we all know.
The sound quality of “9”:  Weight, aggressiveness, melodies, technique and all the musical elements are bound together in a perfect balance between them. The artwork was a creation of Carlos Fides (from Artside) is really beautiful evocation two tables with nine teachings, the teachings to create a better world, because the way we are, we’re walking the path of our own extinction. If “9” sound more melodic and easier to be assimilated than the previous albums of NOTURNALL, the quintet created another masterpiece. Songs such as “Hey!” (a song filled with contrasts between heavier and dense moments with fine melodic lines), the fine chorus and vocals of “Change” (with fine keyboards parts and great guitars), the fine technical approach of bass and drums on the harmonies of “Wake Up!”, the great guitar riffs and solo on “Mysterious”, the eclectic beauty of “Heart As One” , and the musical richness of “Pain” can be named as their finest moments on an album that all songs are the band’s finest moments. (Marcos Garcia, Metal Temple).


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