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Τετάρτη, 6 Ιουλίου 2016


Hailing all the way from the depths of Pretoria, South Africa, Juggernaught are a quintessential example of rare and exhilarating rock music.

Avoiding the limitations of being labelled as one specific musical sub-genre, the band sees themselves as a rock band with a huge range of influences from blues, jazz, funk and metal. Since their inception, Juggernaught have performed non-stop throughout South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Botswana, from small local shows to huge festivals including Oppikoppi and Ramfest.

Prior to the band's formation in 2007, Juggernaught's members had a colourful history of playing in other bands from a variety of different musical scenes. Juggernaught's frontman and guitarist Herman Le Roux was in metal band Shadowlord in the '90's while Jovan Tutunovic (guitar) and Alexis Schofield (drums) grew up around South Africa's hardcore punk scene before moving to the UK to form groove metal band Hellbent and Hammered. Clint Falconer comes from a rock and Jazz background and is also the bassist for Dan Patlansky.

Juggernaught released their first demo in 2007 entitled Vol. 1, followed shortly thereafter by 2008's debut full-length album Act of Goat. 2011 saw the band release Brown Pleather, which was a set of previously-unreleased tracks including three demo versions of tracks that later appeared on their 2012 sophomore album Bring The Meat Back.

2016 is the year of the album "Full Grown Woman"

Considered by critics to be the band's finest work to date. Full Grown Woman sees the band seriously coming into their own.
with a new album and plans for an international tour in the works, Juggernaught are an enticingly unique band.
Herman : Guitar/Vocals
Jovan : Guitar/Backing Vocals
Oneyedogman : Drums
Clint Falconer : Bass


Κυριακή, 3 Ιουλίου 2016


The newest part of the independent music world, Arcadia is a one man ExperiMetal Rock Band has unique sound deliverance that produces amazing blend of music. There are powerful vocals out right in front of its hard-hitting music. It features great music out of lively sound that every fan of rock music will surely appreciate. There are different exciting sounds to anticipate from this ExperiMetal Band that will contribute a lot to the rock music industry. The man behind this rock band continually creates and experiments how each sound can become more pleasant to the listeners. By constantly updating on its official page, rock music lovers can take advantage of the latest changes or announcements made by Arcadia.
Arcadia has just begun a few years ago and it already caught the attention of many people in the industry of music. The existence of this One Man ExperiMetal Rock Band will spice up the world of rock band music.  Many bands perform Metal and Arcadia is one of them that can create wonderful hard-hitting music. Arcadia brings continuous success and inspiration to the people who are trying to uplift their songs. It can be a great start for those who want to appreciate the rock band music. This time, it is a One Man Metal Band. 

In the first place, the man behind this Metal Band, Tony Burgess, works hard on 3 songs and he tried to get them done. These songs are Mind Breakers, Icarus, and Don’t Wake the Dead. He is expecting to project it on February. Arcadia updates have been posted on Reverbnation.com that attracts music lovers to listen to its music. As fans visit its page, they will find many sections that make their exploration better and more informative. They can find recent blogs, comments section, fan profile, artist recommendations, members, songs, and quick actions. In the Stats section, they can look at Facebook Likes, Total Fans, Song Plays, Twitter Followers, ReverbNation fans, Widget Impressions, and YouTube Subscribers.  There are more services available if you want to stay connected with Arcadia in Reverbnation.com.
Tony Burgess has developed Arcadia out of his passion to rock band music. He wants to share his special talent in creating rock music through combining or mixing sounds that may produce another wonderful song. Many individuals tend to lose interest in rock band music, thus, he is trying to bring out the best of his music to let them appreciate the uniqueness of this genre. It is the perfect time to people who want to improve their skills and stay inspired by Tony Burgess music.
 Arcadia has been established a few years ago and was described as One Man ExperiMetal Rock Band. Tony Burgess, the music instrumentalist, experiments different sounds. He kept on tuning and mixing just to discover new unique blend of music. 

Website Link - www.reverbnation.com/arcadia8
Twitter - @YoufoundTony
Instagram - @tonyofarcadia
Facebook - Tony of Arcadia
tsu - @Wizardeye


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