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Κυριακή, 14 Ιουλίου 2019

Diviner - Realms of Time (2019)

DIVINER is a heavy/power metal band from Greece founded by long-time friends and music partners Yiannis Papanikolaou (vocals) and Thimios Krikos (guitar) in the summer of 2011. The two of them also formed the well known Greek heavy/power metallers InnerWish back in 1995 playing in their debut album “Waiting for the Dawn” (1998) but after this release they had a long break of different musical quests.

Their new vision was to proudly express themselves by creating and playing something powerful, intense, deep, heavy, dark, melodic and inspired that at the same time would sound up to date. All this without losing the elements that reflect the essence of pure and timeless magic of metal music.

They were joined in the band by George Maroulees (guitar), Herc Booze (bass) and Fragiskos Samoilis (drums) and a deal was inked with the Swedish label Ulterium Records.

The debut album “Fallen Empires” was released in November 2015 and received very good reviews and feedback from around the world. After the release of the album the band played many shows and big festivals in Greece and also in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, and became known for being a great and energetic live band gaining a strong following.

Thimios Krikos left the band in 2017 due to a heavy and conflicting schedule and was replaced by Kostas Fitos.

Diviner entered Devasoundz Studios in Athens with producer Fotis Benardo in summer 2018 to record their second album “Realms of Time”. This time they decided to expand their music horizons, exploring more territories, adding new elements in terms of lyrics, melodies, riffs and atmosphere, making their songwriting more interesting and better. The band worked really hard on coming up with the best compositions, arrangements and production as possible for the ten songs they set out to record.

The final result show improvements on every level since the band’s debut album and “Realms of Time” won’t leave fans of heavy and power metal disappointed. The album is heavy, melodic and epic and it’s full of energy, power and emotion. Follow Diviner into the Realms of Time!

Diviner line-up:
Yiannis Papanikolaou - Vocals
George Maroulees - Guitar
Kostas Fitos - Guitar
Herc Booze - Bass
Fragiskos Samoilis – Drums

Diviner discography:
2019: Realms of Time (Ulterium Records)
2015: Fallen Empires (Ulterium Records)

Engineered and mixed by Fotis Benardo (ex. Septic Flesh)
Produced by Fotis Benardo and Diviner
Mastered by Henrik Udd (Powerwolf, Hammerfall, Myrath)
Artwork by Jan Yrlund (Battle Beast, Apocalyptica,  Korpiklaani)

Label info
Ulterium Records

Ulterium Records contact
Web: www.ulterium-records.com
Email: info@ulterium-records.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ulteriumrecords

Distribution: Alive (Germany, Austria), Sound Pollution (Scandinavia), Amped (United States), ILS/Universal (Canada), Plastic Head (UK), Sonic Rendezvous (Netherlands), Socadisc (France), Audioglobe (Italy), Non Stop Music (Switzerland)

Diviner online
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divinermetalband
Website: http://www.divinerband.com

DARK INTRANCE - Emerged From The Dark (2019)

With this first EP called Emerged From The DarkDark Intrance tries to synthesize Dark Rock and Gothic Metal. Most of the songs are powerful but also give way to melodies and pure musical technique. Particular vocals were chosen to reinforce the dark side of the soundscape and the brutality that transpires in the lyrics. Also, the production of the sound was made order to have guitars that sounds heavy, and powerful at the same time, and also a clear sound on the bass and drums without bringing too much distortion effect to keep the sound power of guitars.
The concept of the album summarizes the intolerance of religions in the world and the wars that ensue, but also the maleness of our society on a daily basis (love, corruption, etc). The song Emerged From The Dark deals with the problems we all face and how to get out, and “see the light” in a way. Rejected Sense is a love triangle song that ends tragically. Bleeds For Love talks about the impossible love between a mortal and a demon while the track Jeanne is a metaphor on the subject of the famous French Icon, Jeanne d’Arc, a poor girl manipulated and betrayed by both her religion and by politicians. Finally, My Ways is the most important track of the album. It is a hymn to peace in the world. The idea that transpires in this song is that it is important to stay calm, cool and not get excited in this fast-paced world in order to avoid generating wars and all sorts of conflicts, including political ones. To remain Zen in a certain way.

Dark Intrance are not a group that think like others and this first EP clearly demonstrates it.
Emerged From The Dark | Released May 28th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. Emerged From The Dark | 02. Rejected Sense | 03. Bleed For Love | 04. Jeanne | 05. My Ways
Note: The online MP3 version contains the bonus track of My Ways (radio edit).
Dark Intrance is:
Didier Strentz – Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Drums/Keyboard

Σάββατο, 13 Ιουλίου 2019

SANDNESS - Untamed (2019)

Italian classic 80’s hair metal inspired band SANDNESS have released their new music video “Tyger Bite” in support of their third studio album “Untamed” due out on June 14, 2019 via Rockshots Records.
“Tyger Bite” can be viewed at the following link: https://youtu.be/DcEHhWDyA0w

The album features a completely renewed and modern sound of eleven new catchy and sleazy songs to add to the band’s catalog from their two previous releases on Sleazy Rider Records 2016’s “Higher & Higher” and 2013’s “Like An Addiction”.

Vocalist/guitarist Robby Luckets comments:
“‘Untamed’ is a very melodic hard and heavy album. The people who are acquainted with our sound and that are waiting for our comeback won’t be disappointed. At the same time, this album can also be appreciated by people who have never heard our music or specific genre. We tried to keep a sound with more variety and add catchier, more modern songs mixed with heavier and sleazier ones. We also think that this album shows how much we have grown as musicians and as a band, even though we are sure there’s plenty more to learn and to explore.”

And bassist Mark Denkley adds:
“If you compare this album to the previous one, one of the first things you notice is that Untamed is more straightforward, shorter and more lighthearted: the main thing we want is for people to have fun when they listen to it. Most of the lyrics are about partying and enjoying life in general. However, you will still find some songs with a deeper meaning. We have one against bullying, one about finding the strength to fight back when life gives you lemons, and one about keeping the good rock’n’roll spirit alive through the younger generations.” 

SANDNESS has also taken their twist on 80’s inspired hard and heavy metal across Europe with multiple tours and festivals in Latvia, France, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands along with sharing the stage with acts such as Tygers Of Pan Tang, Reckless Love, Hell In The Club, L.A. Guns, Adam Bomb and more.

Album pre-order via Rockshots Records at http://bit.ly/Untamed_CD.

Track Listing:
1. Life’s a Thrill
2. Tyger Bite
3. London
4. Never Givin’ Up
5. Easy
6. Pyro
7. Radio Show
8. Tell Me Tell Me
9. Only The Youth
10. The Deepest Side Of Me
11. Until It’s Over
Album Length: 37:27

Band Line Up:
Mark Denkley – Bass guitar, lead and backing vocals
Metyou ToMeatyou – Drums and backing vocals
Robby Luckets
 – Guitars, lead and backing vocals 

 For more info:
Label Website: http://www.rockshots.eu
Website: http://www.sandnessofficial.com/

Παρασκευή, 12 Ιουλίου 2019

CIRCLE OF WITCHES - Natural Born Sinners (2019)

Natural Born Sinners is the third full-length album in the Circle Of Witches’ career. This new chapter is focused upon the concept of riot, with figures of some rebels taken from religion, history, anthropology and literature like Lucifer, Spartacus, Anton Lavey, Giordano Bruno, the persecuted witches. This eleven track album marks a path of heavy metal and doom influences with a sound between Judas Priest, Grand Magus and Candlemass. The concept is also linked to the “Fire” element, the essence of changing matter, brilliant intellect, passion and energy.
The band chose Alpha Omega Studios, on Como Lake in Italy, to record the album with producion credits going to Alex Azzali (Ancient) and Nicholas Barker (Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Testament, etc).
The artwork was realized by the Greek graphic designer Nikos Markogiannakis (Rotting Christ, Anubis Gate, Die Sector, etc), the author of the bands previous artwork for the album Rock The Evil. He built a majestic figure, strong, tormented and dynamic although held down in the flames of Hell by barbed wire.
Track by track guide:
The opener Tongue Of Misery is a track that blows hard against religions and their words full of hypocrisy, against which human’s intellect and disbelief are the only weapons to react. The narrator prefers to be burnt rather than buried in a “sacred” soil.
The second track, The Black House, is dedicated to Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan and it develops it’s Nine Statements.
The following song is an homage to the Italian philosopher, free thinker and mage, Giordano Bruno, who was burnt alive by the Catholic Church in 1600. It’s a chapter full of doomish atmosphere.
The Oracle is the fourth track and deals with the figure of Lucifer under his Promethean significance. He awakened the intellect and the power of creation in mankind, against the will of god.
The following track First Born Sinner is a kind of summary for the album’s themes. It quotes all the other lyrics suggesting that behind all rebelliousness (Spartacus, witches, philosopher, the poor victim of Inquisition…) is a beginner being defined as Sinner …so again Lucifer.
The sixth track tells the story of Spartacus (Prophecy Of Riot), a slave who claimed freedom for himself and his companions against the Roman Empire.
Your Predator is a wicked man who struggles for freedom from his sexual mistress. She turned him into a beast, prone at her blood and violence thirst, until he is able to react and challenge the woman.
Deus Vult is a vocal Latin death sentence inspired by the Inquisition and Malleus Malleficarum documents. It introduces the next track Death To The Inquisitor, which is the story of someone persecuted and tortured under the suspicion of witchery. The protagonist is able to strike down the torturer, led by an unknown inner voice.
You Belong To Witches is a pagan hymn to witches culture, the wisdom coming from rituals of an ancient past and the fear of the common man of this knowledge.
The final song is Cult Of Baphomet, a mystic invocation to the great spirit of knowledge.
Natural Born Sinners | Released May 21st, 2019 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. Tongue Of Misery | 02. The Black House | 03. Giordano Bruno | 04. The Oracle | 05. First Born Sinner | 06. Spartacus (Prophecy Of Riot) | 07. Your Predator | 08. Deus Vult | 09. Death To The Inquisitor | 10. You Belong To Witches | 11. Cult Of Baphomet
Circle Of Witches are:
Mario Bove – Vocals/Guitar | Joe Dardano – Guitar | Tony Farabella – Bass/Back Vocals | Joey Coppola – Drums

Blackwater Commotion - Strike One (2019)

Blackwater Commotion, the Finnish hard rock group formed in 2012, publishes its debut CD “Strike one” via Concorde Music Company on May 10th 2019. The album includes nine original songs from the group that draws inspiration from the 80’s metal and the rock’n roll grooves of the 70’s.

Tracks of the album range from metal (Make It Throught the Night) to hard rock (Sled of coming), all the way to moody ballads (I wish you know), thus offering the listener a roller coast ride of emotions. The lyrical themes revolve around the love, relationships as well as the trials and tribulations of rock’n roll lifestyle, while maintaining the twinkle in the eye.

The album was recorded by Atte Oja (Space Snail studios) and mixed and mastered by Hannu Hattunen (Sonic Factory studio).


Πέμπτη, 11 Ιουλίου 2019

Rob Moratti - Renaissance (2019)

Rob Moratti, the Solo Artist, the Voice of Final Frontier and the former Voice of Saga.
Rob Moratti is a genuine and true original. With an astonishing range, he's carved such a unique style blending the finest elements of melodic and progressive rock.

He started his career professionally in the early 90's as lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Moratti; entering the new millennium with Final Frontier. They immediately were well received making an impact on the airwaves of Japan and in Europe. Rob's future went forward with Final Frontier, soaring out four incredible melodic pieces.
Over the years in spite of all the changes in the music scene, Rob's perseverance and passion stood strong. His fate is so undeniable it captured the attention of multi-platinum selling and legendary progressive rock band SAGA. In 2008 the official announcement was made that Rob Moratti would become the new voice of Saga and at the age of 42 Rob's destiny would evolve.

Today his solo career has taken off quite well. Now in 2019, the singer is about to deliver his strongest solo record ever titled "Renaissance" which marks his first release with AOR Heaven. When it comes to songs, melodies, harmonies and range - as many know - Rob Moratti is in a league of his own.
The songs on "Renaissance" are astonishing as ever. Filled with his trademark harmonies and memorable chorus's that will capture the listener and engrave your soul. Working alongside with some the best songwriters and performers in the genre such as Torben Enevoldsen on guitars, Fredrik Bergh on keyboards, Stu Reid on drums and Tony Franklin on the Monster Bass.

Rob also has worked with many power house musicians that have been part of his solo career like Reb Beach of (Whitesnake/ Winger), Tony Franklin of (Blue Murder / Firm), Brian Doerner of (Saga) and Ian Crichton of (Saga).

Produced by Rob Moratti, Mixed by Rob Moratti and Torben Enevoldsen and Mastered by Rob Moratti.


Coronary - Demo (2019)

Formed in Tampere in 2017, Coronary was created when a pair of Finnish metal veterans, guitarist Aku "Herr Lederwurst" Kytölä and drummer Pate "Batvik" Vuorio, reconnected after bumping into each other at a local flea market. Upon realizing they both shared a similar vision of wanting to create a metal band that took its influences from the ’70s and ’80s, the two men set about to complete the CORONARY lineup, eventually securing lead singer Olli "The True Herman" Kärki, second guitarist Jukka "Doktor" Holm and bassist Jarkko "C-90" Aaltonen.

CORONARY emerged from a January 2018 studio session with three songs of classic metal glory, highlighting the gritty vocals of Kärki and guitar tandem of Kytölä and Holm, the latter capable of dropping in ACCEPT-like riff tactics to match their firebrand lead guitar work. The demo is already catching fire in the metal underground, with Metal Crypt stating CORONARY “refuse to reinvent the smoothly rollin' heavy metal wheel. No, on the contrary, they want it to be untouched, letting it roll freely, the way it's been rolling in the best way since the golden era of ’80s heavy fuckin' metal.”

Τετάρτη, 10 Ιουλίου 2019

99 CRIMES - 99 CRIMES (2019)

99 CRIMES is an original power rock trio band based out of Austin Texas featuring Paul Lidel of Dangerous Toys, Dirty Looks and Broken Teeth fame on lead vocals & guitars. Chris Jordan (M!SS CRAZY) is behind the drum kit and Jeff Lynn is on bass guitar and backup vocals. Jeff Lynn is also featured on lead vocals for the song "Avenue". Drawing from their varied experiences, they have forged a unique blend of audio styles and textures reminiscent of the early days of heavy rock. No glossy glam here, just adrenalized vocals, face melting guitar, and a rhythm section that registers on the richter scale!


Paul Lidel (Lead Vocals & Guitars) , Chris Jordan (Drums),

Jeff Lynn (Bass Guitar, Vocals)


1 Devil In Your Dreams

2 Rumor

3 Comin' Down Like Rain

4 Fool

5 Move Like That

6 Crystal Ball

7 Avenue

8 Blood From A Stone

9 Do It Over

10 Nine Pound Hammer 11 Never Say Forever


Τρίτη, 18 Ιουνίου 2019

HELIX - Old School (2019)


"The OLD SCHOOL album came about quite by accident. In 2018 I was cleaning out the basement closet at Planet Helix. What I found were various tapes I had almost forgotten about-2”, ¼”, and a huge box of cassette tapes. I was going to throw out the 2” tapes until I got a frantic phone call from my old friend Greg Godovitz who realized the tapes’ value. Greg made me take a serious look at what I had and I realized there was at least a whole album of unreleased material-and so the idea of “OLD SCHOOL” was born. Incidentally, none of these tracks were ever released, although some of them might have been on our website as “rare tracks” in the past.

Three of the songs we were able to extract from 2” tape were recorded for the Back for Another Taste sessions in 1989: Games Mother Never Taught You, Tie Me Down, and Your Turn to Cry. Paul Hackman is playing guitar and singing on these tracks. To “extract” these recordings from the 2” tape we had to take the tapes to Beach Studios outside of Goderich, Ontario and get Siegfried Meier to thermally bake them. Upon doing so, the tracks were immediately transferred to digital. Later they were mixed by Siegfried; some with minor overdubs by Daryl Gray. One other track-“Cheers” was taken from a cassette tape and cleaned up by Siegfried as well. This song is a live recording off the floor of the studio.

The other tracks on the album, If Tears Could Talk, Whiskey Bent & Hell Bound, Southern Comfort, Closer, Coming Back with Bigger Guns, and Hound Dog Howlin’ Blues were re-recorded by “tracing” the songs from cassette tapes. This was done because the songs were either unfinished or the cassettes were in bad shape. This re-recording was done by Daryl Gray at Dawghawse Studios in St. Catherines. Daryl was also the producer of this album. Over the fall and spring of 2018/2019 Kaleb, Daryl, Fritz, Chris and myself all travelled to St. Catherines to add parts and advise Daryl on how we heard the songs. By April 2019 we were ready to take the tracks to Siegfried to mix with the help of Daryl and myself. The result is now before you.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Paul Hackman, who played on 3 of these tracks and was a co-writer on 8 of the tracks. He was/is a Canadian musical icon."


Vocals: Brian Vollmer / Guitar, BG vocals: Chris Julke , Kaleb Duck , Paul Hackman / Bass: Daryl Gray - Keyboards, additional guitars,

BG vocals / Drums: Greg “Fritz” Hinz - BG vocals / Piano: Sam Reid


1. Coming Back With Bigger Guns

2. Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

3. If Tears Could Talk

4. Your Turn To Cry

5. Tie Me Down

6. Closer

7. Games Mother Never Taught You

8. Southern Comfort

9. Hound Dog Howlin' Blues 10. Cheers

Δευτέρα, 17 Ιουνίου 2019

ROCKIN' ENGINE - Midnight Road Rage (2019)

"Rockin’ our way up, ready to hit hard!" - that's the strong motto of Canadian hopefuls ROCKIN' ENGINE.

Based in the Ottawa region, the band was founded in 2015 by two of their frontmen and lifetime friends, Steve O Leff on vocals and guitars, and Ste Vy Leff on lead guitars.

The determined bunch performs powerful, grooving and melodic HEAVY METAL with an very own edge!

Steve O Leff • Vocals, Guitars
Ste Vy Leff • Guitars
JP Buzzard • Bass
Joel Bilodeau • Drums

Later on, the talented Joel Bilodeau was added to the team on drums, showing some amazing skills and imagination with his wicked Hard Rock background. Bass powerhouse JP Buzzard completed the sworn gang.

Over time, the participants were working on their hard hitting sound ROCKIN' ENGINE is known for today.

March 31st, 2019 saw the release of the crispy debut album "Midnight Road Rage", available on all major platforms.

01. Shake That Ass 04:33
02. Let's Roll The Dice    05:08
03. Livin' A Lie 04:31
04. When Engines Collide 04:12
05. Never Surrender    03:33
06. The State Of Nature    06:20
07. Hiding In Darkness 05:34
08. Road Rage Boogie 06:01

total: 39:52 min.

To this day, ROCKIN' ENGINE states that the true inspiration for their music remains the love, support and authenticity of their fans, friends and families.

The four members take pride in firing up the audience with their charismatic energy and entertaining scenes, making everyone believe that Hard Rock and Heavy Metal will never die!


DAMAGE S.F.P. - DAMAGE S.F.P. (2019)

Finland's Damage SFP have unleashed their single "Ruthless Fate" off their upcoming self-titled debut album due out on June 14th via Rockshots Records. The album is an amalgamation of 30 years of music created by the band after first forming in 1989 as three childhood friends.
Listen to "Ruthless Fate" . https://youtu.be/qzJZb1ui6Ck

"The album is like a time-leap straight to ’90s, since all of the tracks were composed between 1991-1994." states the band.

During the band's existence, they released three demos in the ’90s: 1992, 1993 and 1996 along with a promo tape in 1994 and continued performing until 1996 before disbanding. Moshing in 2018, DAMAGE S.F.P. was reformed by guitarist Nikkilä and drummer Lipsonen with bassist Remes hearing the call to arms to rejoin his schoolyard headbangers. Solidifying the original line-up, the trio returns 30 years after first picking up their instruments to destroy audiences and are now ready to unleash what has been a long time coming in their debut self-titled album, which features eleven of their best whip lashing tracks.

The band adds:
"This album is our debut, but at the same time collection of our best songs. It is diverse, bringing in influences from both thrash and death metal, but not forgetting the beautiful melodies of heavy metal. At the far end of the album you can find a short track called 'Grain Brain', which is almost grindcore, then on the other end is 'In Termination', an epic song with Amorphis and Iron Maiden vibes."

ALBUM PRE ORDER http://bit.ly/DamageSFP_CD    

Track Listing:
1. Ride
2. Death of Innocent
3. Ruthless Fate
4. Tyrants
5. Insomnium (inst.)
6. Ode to Sorrow
7. Tragedy
8. Grain Brain
9. Crying for Relief
10. In Termination
11. Burst of Rage

Jarkko ”Jaake” Nikkilä – Vocals and Guitars
Antti Remes – Bass
Tero Lipsonen – Drums

Κυριακή, 16 Ιουνίου 2019

Ian Blurton - Signals Through The Flame (2019)

It’s time for a veteran to show the new generation how it’s done. After 35+ years in the Canadian music industry, playing in over 40 bands and producing, engineering and mixing over 100 albums, Ian Blurton is finally releasing a solo record. You’ve probably seen Blurton play in your town, fronting Change of Heart, Blurtonia, Bionic, C’mon, or the still-active Public Animal. If you missed those bands, his name is still likely to pop up somewhere in your record collection; you’ll find Blurton’s producer credit on career-defining albums for Blood Ceremony, Cursed, Tricky Woo, the Weakerthans and more. Or you may have caught him guest with acts as diverse as Richard Lloyd, Buffy Sainte-Marie , the Sadies, Teenage Head, Twink or The Viletones.

It’s no surprise that Blurton’s inaugural solo effort pulls from an impressive pool of talent and a range of influences. In 2017 a sudden torrent of inspiration brought him a slew of songs best suited to a power-trio format. Enlisting friends who also happened to be some of his favorite drummers and bassists, he set out on a quest to create a combination of dark pop hooks, molten riffage and ambient soundscapes that is his heaviest work to date. Between Blurton’s layers-upon-layers of guitar, a plethora of gifted musicians such as Mike Armstrong (King Cobb Steelie), PJ Dunphy (Iron Giant), Eric Larock (Tricky Woo), Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo), Damon Richardson (Danko Jones), Anna Ruddick (Randy Bachman), Nick Sewell (Biblical), and Darcy Yates (Flash Lightnin’) all make appearance on Signals Through the Flames. The result is a heavy music melting pot with one foot in the past and the other planted firmly in the future.

Mixed by Daryl Smith (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) at Chemical West and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, Signals Through The Flames will be released by new Toronto imprint Pajama Party digitally, on vinyl and cassette June 7, 2019.

The first single, Space Is Forever b/w Upon Yesterday, is out May 4 on Yeah Right! Records, launching at a release show at Toronto’s Dakota Tavern and can be heard here: ianblurton.bandcamp.comThe live band, Ian Blurton’s Future Now, draws from the same talent as the record, and currently features drummer Glenn Milchem, bassist Anna Ruddick and Aaron Goldstein as second guitarist. This spring and summer sees the band playing dates between Montreal and Calgary, including appearances at Sled Island and Hillside Festival.


Δευτέρα, 10 Ιουνίου 2019

Hidden Lapse - Butterflies (2019)

Power-progressive metal band HIDDEN LAPSE has just unleashed “Dead Jester”, the first single off their sophomore album “Butterflies” due out May 31, 2019 via Rockshots Records.

The official audio is streaming at the following link: https://youtu.be/g9XlHXYFLe4

The band comments on the album:

“We are all ‘Butterflies’, our lives spring into each other, too fast. This album puts us behind the eyes of eight unique anti-heroes and victims of our time, who don’t belong here though. ‘Butterflies’ is all about being trapped in recursive routines and still remaining on the outside.”
The new album “Butterflies” is an aggressive and melancholic power prog album, with ethereal vocals, abrasive riffing and pounding drums.

Album pre-orders are now available at the Rockshots Records‘ official store: http://bit.ly/Butterflies_CD

Track Listing:
1. Dead Jester
2. Third
3. The Letter 0
4. Stone Mask
5. Glitchers
6. Grim Poet
7. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
8. Cruel Enigma
9. Dust
10. “Silent Sacrifice (rearmed)” – bonus track

Alessia Marchigiani – Vocals
Marco Ricco – Guitars and Vocals
Romina Pantanetti – Bass
Alessio Monacelli – Drums

Furthermore, the band has announced two Italian shows as support of Seventh Wonder, Tommy Karevik’s band:
12 April – Dagda Live Club (Retorbido)
13 April – Alchemica Live Club – Bologna

More info:

Κυριακή, 9 Ιουνίου 2019

CONSTANTINE - Aftermath (2019)

After almost 7 years of absence, renowned Greek guitar hero CONSTANTINE has released his most promising work to date, his second solo album “Aftermath” is now available as of on May 31, 2019 via Rockshots Records.
''Aftermath'' itself is a modern metal masterpiece with CONSTANTINE delivering his most soulful, technical, inspired performances & compositions with collaborations with some of the most prominent vocalists in the world of metal & rock, such as: Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Bjorn ''Speed'' Strid (Soilwork), Schmier (Destruction), Apollo Papathanasio (Spiritual Beggars, ex-Firewind) & Chris Clancy (Wearing Scars).
With a wide variety of influences, this release promises to question genre boundaries and push limits:
“The new record is in its entirety a collection of songs that cover the whole spectrum of the heavy metal genre combining the best elements of modern & classic metal/rock as well. I think that it's an album that will provide a listening pleasure to everybody who's into this genre of music.”
CONSTANTINE is confident that his work will invoke a great response from fans around the world:
“I'm actually very eager and to be honest, I cannot hide my anticipation to share the new music with the fans. I'm also really positive about how the fans will receive it since the album itself includes not only some brilliant guitar work, but phenomenal performances from the vocalists participating on the songs as well.”

"Aftermath" is available on the following links:Spotify - https://spoti.fi/30Vendw

Buy / Listen https://smarturl.it/ConstantineAftermath

Song Stream - '
Press on Regardless' - (feat. Ralf Scheepers - Primal Fear) - https://youtu.be/mOgabKQsaoQ 

Music Video - 'Bushido' - https://youtu.be/yA7VLt73bxo

Track Listing:1. Bushido (Instrumental)
2. Hellfire Club - (feat. Bjorn ''Speed'' Strid)
3. Press on Regardless - (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
4. Another Day  (feat. Apollo Papathanasio)
5. Holding on 'til the end (feat. Chris Clancy)
6. Deliver Us (feat. Apollo Papathanasio)
7. Elegy (feat. Bill Manthos)
8. War and Pain - (feat. Schirmer)


Κυριακή, 26 Μαΐου 2019

Enchantya - On Light And Wrath (2019)

Enchantya proudly present their new album "On Light and Wrath”, with a whole new band line-up, and featuring talented guests, such as brilliant violinist Gonçalo Fernandes, a choir of professional musical theatre singers and D E S I R E’ s frontman Corvus (Tear).

The next step in their melodic metal sound, "On Light and Wrath” is a musical essay about the two extremes of the human psyche and the struggle for balance within and outside the soul.

While staying true to the band’s musical roots, Enchantya now experiment and explore with their various influences, releasing their most heavy and bombastic songs, while also their most soothing sounds in this new opus, including revolution anthems, crestfallen love songs, dark fairytales and more, creating a journey that will stay with the listener long after the last song ends.

Music video is done for the track "The Beginning".

WATCH music video: https://youtu.be/_GqZEaviolc

Singer Rute Fevereiro comments:
"The Beginning is a song about accepting and improving life the way it is and therefore, the first step is to get rid of toxic people who make you waste your energy on them. It's a new start of life"

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Fernando Matias (MoonspellBizarra LocomotivaWe Are The DamnedSinistro, etc.) at the Pentagon Audio Manufacturers.

PRE ORDER On Light and Wrath CD: https://bit.ly/2UpjxhD

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2006 - Moonlighting the Dreamer (EP)
2012 - Dark Rising ( Massacre Records )
2019 - On Light and Wrath ( Inverse Records )

Rute Fevereiro - Vocals and growls
Bruno Santos - Guitar
Fernando Barroso - Bass
Fernando Campos - Guitar
Pedro Antunes - Piano, Keys and Orchestrations
Bruno Guilherme - Drums

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Σάββατο, 25 Μαΐου 2019

X-Romance - Voices From The Past (2019)

X-ROMANCE was initially a project starting in 2015 as an offspring to the original band ROMANCE from 1988 founded by Anders "LA" Rönnblom & Thomas Widmark. In the fall of 2015, Anders was going through a box of old tapes and found the old ROMANCE recordings. He called up Thomas and because he thought that these tapes were too good to be put in a box and stored in a closet. In the following time, they went through all the tracks and re-recorded them. Widmark started to look for musicians in the Stockholm area. There were no problems to find guys who wanted be a part of this project; it was rather harder to find the right guys for the job.

X-ROMANCE consists of an experienced line-up with musicians with a lot of experience in the music industry who now have come together to deliver this fresh Melodic AOR masterpiece called “Voices From The Past”.

The album was recorded and mixed at REFLECTION SOUNDS STUDIO, Stockholm and engineered and produced by Tomas Rosenberg & Thomas Widmark. Mastered by Tomas Rosenberg, REFLECTION SOUNDS STUDIO, Stockholm

ANDREAS NOVAK - Vocals (House Of Shakira)
ANDERS LA RÖNNBLOM - Bass guitar (Killer Bee)
FREDRIK TJERNELD - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
MIKAEL DAHLIN - Lead & Rhythm Guitar (Killer Bee)
KENTA KARLBOM - Drums (Goatess)


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