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Πέμπτη, 4 Απριλίου 2019

BlackEternal - Encounters (2019)

Today we are looking at "Encounters" by BlackEternal: A Symphonic black metal band from Las Vegas Nevada being led by 'Nightmare' - the lead singer, songwriter and composer for the band. Along with guitarist 'BloodBath' they put together a fiece attack on your senses as well as your fears. Their latest album entitled "Encounters" was released on February 8th, 2019. Encounters is a story-based concept album that explores the realm of extraterrestrial life and abduction.

Here is the album review from Metal Dungeon :
"Encounters by BlackEternal is an amazing work which deserves your attention. “Encounters” is  an astonishing concept album by BlackEternal. Its nine astounding tracks will progressively move the audience to a completely new dimension somewhere in the universe. The album explores with an extremely original songwriting, the unfathomable, the unfamilair and the mistery. The concept behind the entire work is impressive.

An exciting musical journey
The album is a musical journey in the deepest realms of the modern man soul; it represents an “encounter” with the Other, with the “alien”. The aim of the band is indeed to explore new regions never investegated before within the Black Metal genre: the main themes:  extra terrestrial malice, abduction and invasion, are masterfully tackled for the first time in this genre. The listener himself will be caught, “abducted” and totally surprised. Actually, it is easy to emphatize and identify with Hannah, the protagonist of this extraordinary adventure. The tracks follow the chronological sequence of the journey and create more and more suspense: that’s the reason why the album should be listened in the correct order.

An impressive work
The musical parts are beautifully and perfectly interwined with the talked ones: they keep you on your toes till the end, telling you a story that will take your knees out. The album starts with the first reports of sightings and gradually comes to the actual contact with the unknown, provoking fellings of curiosity, fear, anguish mixed with thirst of knowledge masterly interpreted in the vocals. The lyrics are particularly striking, powerful and impressive. As the entire album, actually. In the view of this, this release can embrace a wide audience and pleasently surprise the more traditional Black Metal fans. The tracks are an awesome mixure of atmosphere and aggression. The whole work delivers  an evocative feeling of coldness. All tracks are equally important in this dark gem of black metal.

Grab your copy of “Encounters”!
Find the album “Encounters” by BlackEternal at the main digital stores and streaming services. The album is also available on their Bandcamp. Check BlackEternal, their “Encouters” could be a good start to know their music."

Links to the band:


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