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VITAL BREATH - Angels Of Light (2017)

Release: 15 September 2017
Fans of Alter Bridge, Disturbed, Alice in Chains, or Dream Theater should enjoy this French band.

No man is a prophet in his own land! 
Vital Breath  is well aware of this. There‘s no other band like them in France. This makes them feel like aliens there.
The band believe in their own music which mixing many influences of modern metal music, American rock, metal progressive, alternative rock and a touch of catchy pop melodies. 
All texts and musics are written by Jérôme Ponsolle (lead vocal and guitar). Each piece is carefully arranged and orchestrated by the rest of the group. All songs deal with topics such as human relations, societal issues, the perception of good and evil, life, death, beliefs, ecology, and the complexity of our world today. A mixture of zen, hope, inner torture and outlet.
After the first album "Duality, which was well received by musical critics and the public, the 12 tracks of the new album "Angel of lights" received a careful production and adapted to the progressive style of the group (mix and mastering by Olivier Didillon). The pianos and strings arrangements made by Julien Spreutels (Ethernity, Epysode, Noveria), add an accomplishment to the work realized by the group.
Vital Breath line-up
Jérôme Ponsolle on lead vocals and guitar,
François Brisk on the drums (ex Dyslesia - Virus IV)
Wayne Loeuillet (ex the Great Beyond) on the guitar
Christophe Blanc-Tailleur on the bass guitar (Anasazi - Kranks)

The four passionate musicians convey through their music, a positive energy and awaken emotions that will make you feel ... alive!
07/07/2017  - festival Rock o Marais - Annecy (Poisy) - France
16/09/2017 - listening evening of the album + acoustic show - le Farmer - Lyon -France
22/09/2017 - Le Brin of zinc - Chambery (Barberaz) - France
28/09/2017 - The Jack Jack - Lyon (Bron) - France
21/10/2017 - MJC the mill of Madiba - Givors Others to come ....

Πέμπτη, 6 Ιουλίου 2017

SILVER END - Spreading Fire (2017)

Release: 15 September 2017

One million views on Youtube, ½ million plays on Spotify - Get ready for a doze of melodic, modern hardrock for fans of Linkin Park, Crown The Empire and Breaking Benjamin.

From the rainy coast of Bergen, Norway, Silver End resides. Founded in 2012, they have had a remarkable journey to where they are now. The band is a result of four guys with completely different musical backgrounds coming together over the common interest of forming a melodic hard-rock band. Their first year was spent writing music and performing small shows in Bergen. Having honed their music, they headed into the studio where they recorded their first album “Beyond Limits”. After releasing their debut album in the summer of 2013, it opened up a lot of doors. Critics and fans loved the album, bigger shows were played, and the year ended with a support gig for Papa Roach at John Dee in Oslo.

Now the band is ready to release their second album world wide. "Spreading Fire" is already a big hit in Norway and the single "Addicted" has reached close to 400.000 views on Youtube and ½ a million streams on Spotify.

Currently the band is booking a European tour.

Christian Lerø - Vocals/Guitar
Cata Babut - Lead guitar
Lasse Ove Steine - Bass
Iben Christopher Espeseth Hanøy - Drums/vocals


Τετάρτη, 5 Ιουλίου 2017

FORCE MAJEURE - The Rise Of Starlit Fires (2017)

Release: 8 September 2017
The Finnish, chart entering power metal band Force Majeure is back in business.

"The Rise of Starlit Fires". It is the title Force Majeure chose to call their 3rd album. The band wanted a longer name especially to hear how legendary Finnish radio host Klaus Flaming would pronounce it with his perfect pronounciation. The album will be released on the 8th of September worldwide by Mighty Music.

"The Rise of Starlit Fires" has eight epic and catchy heavy power metal tracks for you to enjoy. Let the speedy Apocalytic Hearts sweep over you, enjoy the straightforward catchiness of Pantheon of My Passion, or Gemini Rising. The AAA+ chorus of The Great Starfall will leave you floored. Eventually you might Finnish yourself off with the epic called the Darkening.

With this album hops onboard Finland’s best kept secret, vocalist Marcus Lång. The powerful voice of Marcus is the heavy metal jaegerbomb on top of premium quality compositions which make Force Majeure stand out in the line of metal bands.

Force Majeure's roots go back to 2001 when the two guitarists Jussi and Eemeli met each other. After several self financed demos and hard, sweaty groundwork for extending the fan base, Force Majeure's debut album Frozen Chambers was released 2008 in Finland, Russia, Sweden and GAS. The debut was received positively among listeners and press alike and opened new doors for Force Majeure. It even managed to enter the top 40 album chart in Finland, while the first single off the album made its way to the top 5 on the national singles chart. In 2011 Force Majeure’s second album “Saints of Sulphur” was released and introduced new possibilities, for example first ever shows outside Finnish borders in Italy. The Rise of Starlit Fires album was carefully matured and takes everything to the next level, in terms of song material, the overall performance and production.

Marcus Lång - Vocals
Tuomas Väänänen - Bass
Eemeli Ojanen - Guitar
Jussi Reuhkala - Guitar
Jaakko Nylund – Drums, orchestra bells, bell-tree, tympani, gong, cowbells, temple blocks, wind chimes, crotales
All compositions and arrangements by Jussi Reuhkala, Eemeli Ojanen & Jaakko Nylund
Produced by Kari "Huikka" Huikuri, Jussi Reuhkala & Jaakko Nylund Engineered by Kari "Huikka" Huikuri @ Scandal Recording and East Sound and Samuel Hjelt @ King Studios 
Artwork by Alberto Quirantes

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Lionheart - Second Nature (2017)


LIONHEART was formed in late 1980 by Dennis Stratton (lead guitar/backing vocals, ex-Iron Maiden), Jess Cox (lead vocals, ex-Tygers of Pan Tang), Steve Mann (lead guitar/backing vocals, ex-Liar), Rocky Newton (bass guitar/backing vocals, ex-Wildfire) and Frank Noon (drums, ex-Def Leppard). The band began playing gigs including regular shows at London's Marquee Club but had problems maintaining a consistent line-up. The core personnel of Dennis, Steve and Rocky remained but various singers passed through the band including Rueben Archer, John Farlham and Bob Hawthorn. They eventually settled as a 4-piece with Dennis and Rocky sharing lead vocal duties. The drummer's stool was variously occupied by Les Binks (ex Judas Priest), Niko McBrain (ex Trust and subsequently Iron Maiden) and Clive Edwards (ex Wild Horses).
Between 1981 and 1984 LIONHEART played regular live shows and filled the support slot for tours by both Def Leppard and Whitesnake. In between gigs they spent many hours writing and recording demos of new songs while searching for a record deal. It wasn't until 1984 that CBS Records in the USA offered them a contract, by which time they had recruited Chad Brown on lead vocals. They flew over to Los Angeles in March 1984 to record their debut album Hot Tonight with Kevin Beamish in the production chair and session man Bob Jenkins, who had previously worked with Leo Sayer and Kiki Dee, on drums. The album was recorded at the legendary Sound City Studios in Van Nuys and mixed at Kendun Recorders.
Upon their return to the England LIONHEART recorded a high-budget video for the single Die For Love. The late comic genius Rik Mayall played the part of the mad professor, which in later years achieved cult status on YouTube due in part to the wonderfully wooden acting of the band! Unfortunately, planned UK tours as support to Kansas and Foreigner were cancelled at the last moment. Promotion of the album suffered and LIONHEART found themselves in limbo. Chad Brown left the band in 1985 to be replaced by Keith Murrell, with Toby Sadler coming in on keyboards. More demos were recorded with the new line-up but unfortunately the momentum had been lost and the band eventually broke up. Rocky went on to record backing vocals on 2 Def Leppard albums and join Michael Schenker with Steve, while Dennis spent 15 years with Praying Mantis.

In 2016 Rich Cliffe, promoter of the Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, asked LIONHEART to reunite for one performance and all original members, apart from Chad Brown, did so. The reunion created quite a stir, not least within the band itself, and it was decided to carry on with the subsequent recording of a new album followed by an acclaimed appearance at Sweden Rock.
The new record, Second Nature, was created between November 2016 and May 2017 and was produced, engineered and mastered by Steve Mann in his own studio in Hannover. A mini tour of Japan with Praying Mantis was scheduled for June/July with further UK shows with Airrace in November/December. The album release on AOR Heaven throughout Europe is set for 25th August.
Current band line-up:
Lee Small (lead vocals)
Dennis Stratton (lead guitar / backing vocals)
Steve Mann (lead guitar / backing vocals)
Rocky Newton (bass guitar / backing vocals)
Clive Edwards (drums)


Upcoming tour dates:

With Praying Mantis:
30/06/2017 Umeda Club Quattro - Osaka - Japan
01/07/2017 Toyosu PIT - Tokyo - Japan

With Airrace:
30/11/2017 Fuel - Cardiff - Wales
01/12/2017 Slade Rooms - Wolverhampton - England
02/12/2017 The Underworld - London - England
03/12/2017 Hard Rock Hell - Sheffield - England
05/12/2017 The Cluny - Newcastle - England
06/12/2017 Bannermans - Edinburgh - Scotland

Hot Tonight (CBS/Epic) 1984
Unearthed – Raiders of the Lost Archives (Pony Canyon) 1999
Hot Tonight (Rock Candy digitally re-mastered re-release) 2012

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Da Vinci - Ambition Rocks (2017)

Release: 25 August 2017

With the release of “Ambition Rocks", their first album in 25 years, and with a new lineup, AOR & Classic Rock band Da Vinci returns with brand new songs.
The group was formed in Norway back in 1986, and after a short round with demos, the band got a record deal with Polygram Norway and released their debut album the following year.
Looking back on the Norwegian melodic rock of the 80’s, one of the bands to leave a major impression were undoubtedly Oslo’s Da Vinci. Enjoying as much radio play and charting nationally in the same league as Return, Stage Dolls and TNT, Da Vinci released two albums, ”Da Vinci” and ”Back in the Business” and a single in 91 “Ain't No Goodbyes/ Blame it on the radio”.
Their greatest hits were “Forever in My Heart” and “Tarquinia” from the first album; and “Call Me a Liar” and “9&10” from “Back in Business”. DaVinci was touring constantly from late 86 to 92 and did over 600 performances in Norway. They also played as support for Status Quo on their Christmas Remedy tour in 1989 in Great Britain together with Ole Evenrude. The last concerts were two gigs at Wembley Arena. They split up in 93, but Selboskar, Westlie and Aass continued to write songs together for a few years. Some of these demo songs were illegally released in Europe.
Jarle Måløy moved to the north of Norway. Bjørn Boge started Street Legal together with Bjørn Olav Lauvdal and Selboskar was in the band on keys several years. Gunnar Westlie formed his own band called Tjugods and Lars Aass started working as a songwriter at Waterfall Productions. In 2004 Selboskar and Westlie started to write AOR songs together again and formed Eidsivating with the drummer from Son of Angels, Geir Digernes, and after some years with a lot of songs and different members, this project ended up in today’s Da Vinci.

“Ambition Rocks”was produced by Sverre E Henriksen and DaVinci; drums recorded in Oslo at Klang Studios with Johnny Skalleberg. The album was mixed by Sverre E Henriksen in hangar 7 and mastered by Nick Terry. Artwork & videos by Dag Selboskar.


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GRAND DELUSION - Supreme Machine (2017)

Release date: July 14, 2017
Grand Delusion have been active since 2011. Magnus and Mikael started up the band together with two guitarists to play 70s inspired hard rock. Nils Eklund and Joakim Gustafsson joined later the same year. A couple of guitarists passed through before Per joined in 2013. Then the band started to gel and get a musical unity. First album “The Last Ray of the Dying Sun” was recorded with this setting. Guitarist Nils left the band in 2014 due to musical differences and Björn joined as the new guitarist. Vocalist Joakim moved to Italy at the end of 2015 and left the microphone to Björn who took over the lead vocal duties, leading Grand Delusion into a new dimension.

The new release “Supreme Machine” is a step toward a heavier and darker sound.

The music
The riff-based songs are based on heavy and progressive 70-ies hard rock, mixed with NWOBHM, a pinch of grunge and retro-metal.

“Supreme Machine”  Full-length  2017
“Doomsday” Single 2016
“The Last Ray of the Dying Sun” Full-length 2015

All recordings have been made at Studio 13 in Vännäs, Sweden.

Sandra Truedson is the graphic artist behind the band logo and cover art for the albums and singles.


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Antidote - The Rock Years (2017)

Part of the first wave of American Hardcore, ANTIDOTE released the iconic Thou Shalt Not Kill in 1983, soon after the band first came together in New York City's lower east side.

After shutting down as a hardcore band in 1986, ANTIDOTE reunited as a hard rock outfit in 1988. Led by guitar player / principal songwriter Robb Nunzio & vocalist / filmmaker Drew Stone, the band was heavily influenced by Guns & Roses, Judas Priest and similar bands of the era. They soon released the Garrett Uhlenbrock (The Ramones) produced album Return 2 Burn on Metropolis Records.

The band was a mainstay on the circuit in New York City at the time including The Limelight, The Cat Club and L'amour with many of it's contemporaries including Circus Of Power and Blitzspeer. ANTIDOTE released Viva Los Pendejos in 1991, but folded again for good a year later.

Following a 16 year hiatus, the band reunited in 2008 and is now enjoying a resurgence playing a combination of both styles. A compilation of the best tracks from multiple recordings from the 'Rock era' -  including Return 2 Burn, We're Comin Afta You and Road Warrior - have been compiled and remastered for this compilation release.

On June 9, Old School Metal Records will release ANTIDOTE The Rock Years on vinyl and digital download.

"Revisiting these tracks many years later was really great and now that they are remastered they sound better than ever" said Guitarist Nunzio.

"I am excited that the best of this era is finally going to see the light of day" said vocalist Drew Stone. "People in Europe have always requested these tracks and it's nice that they are finally going to get the star treatment."



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