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Noturnall - 9 (2017)

RELEASE27 October 2017
Everyone knows that Brazil has released many bands that have become reference in the heavy metal scene all over the world. But what happens when four members of these Brazilian reference bands get together to create music?
NOTURNALL is the name of the new heavy metal band from Brazil! Formed by very known and established musicians, the band soon became a top seller and participated in major tours and music festivals, such as Rock in Rio. Considered by specialized magazines, websites and newspapers as "the best thing" that happened in Brazil in the last decade, NOTURNALL adds an incredible amount of follo
The newest 2017 release of the band is the album "9" (NINE). An album that brings back the roots of the bands´ members (Angra / Shaman), but with a heavier and more modern vocal and instrumental lines. "9" is a collection of what was best from the members´ old bands, and what stood out from the previous albums of Noturnall. With a cover art filled with puzzles and stories, the album is filled with exciting moments and intricated lines that lead the audience through several different atmospheres.
The album features guitarist Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob and Sonic Stomp) who had a brief period as a band member, contributing to the song "Wake Up", one of the highlights of this work.
Thiago Bianchi - Vocal
Fernando Quesada - Bass
Léo Mancini - Guitar
Juninho Carelli - Keys
Aquiles Priester - Drums

The third album from a band is an experience that can cause trauma or pull them to a higher success level. To some is a trial, to others is an opportunity. In the case of Brazilian quintet NOTURNALL, from São Paulo, their third album, called “9”, seems to be in their cards to reach a global success. First of all, we must have in mind that NOTURNALL is a band with five members with a long experience in Metal, with recognized works by media and public in Brazil and even in Europe. The fusion of their ideas resulted on a “full-length” that follows the same style from “Noturnall” and “Back to Fuck You Up”: a strong, technical and modern form of Heavy Metal with some influences from Power Metal and even from some punctual regional rhythms from Brazil. But on this new album, the band explored a more accessible and melodic side of their own personality. Their instrumental arrangements are easier to be assimilated for a broader part of the public. But don’t worry: their weight, aggressiveness and energy are the very same that we all know.
The sound quality of “9”:  Weight, aggressiveness, melodies, technique and all the musical elements are bound together in a perfect balance between them. The artwork was a creation of Carlos Fides (from Artside) is really beautiful evocation two tables with nine teachings, the teachings to create a better world, because the way we are, we’re walking the path of our own extinction. If “9” sound more melodic and easier to be assimilated than the previous albums of NOTURNALL, the quintet created another masterpiece. Songs such as “Hey!” (a song filled with contrasts between heavier and dense moments with fine melodic lines), the fine chorus and vocals of “Change” (with fine keyboards parts and great guitars), the fine technical approach of bass and drums on the harmonies of “Wake Up!”, the great guitar riffs and solo on “Mysterious”, the eclectic beauty of “Heart As One” , and the musical richness of “Pain” can be named as their finest moments on an album that all songs are the band’s finest moments. (Marcos Garcia, Metal Temple).

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Freaky Jelly - Reverse (2017)


Freaky Jelly is a Brasilian band with influences from traditional Progressive Rock to Hard Rock, it goes through the classic Heavy Metal and Rock n'Roll among other styles. Formed in 2013 by guitarist André Faustino (former Autopsy, Icarus, Vexus, Eve), bassist Rafael de Paula (ex-Burning Lips, Tequila Pop) and drummer Mauricio Gross (formerly EVE, Tequila Pop, current Pedro Autz). Before beginning the writing compositions of what would become the band Freaky Jelly, the band charged the batteries playing rock classics. This trio had been known since 2003, playing in the circuit of bars, dances and covers bands. In 2014 the first compositions were finalized by the band, that already attended by the name Freaky Jelly. Joining the team were keyboardist Julio Vince (Dreamspair) and vocalist Ricardo De Stefano (former Andragonia, current Inheritance).
The first album REVERSE was recorded in the studio GR and has 9 songs, the lyrics talk about the relations of life, about the daily life and the last three songs are part of a trilogy called "Behind the memories". As in life (which is the great inspiration of the band), the compositions are ruled by the changes of climate - now calm and smooth, sometimes fast and aggressive. The lyrics complete the scenario by combining themes that can portray a beautiful and simple sunny day with deeper and strained reflections. The musical diversity of its members directs the sound of the band, whose sole purpose is to deliver a melodic and honest sound.
Ricardo De Stefano - vocals
André Faustino - guitar
Rafael de Paula - bass
Julio Vince - keyboards
Mauricio Gross - drums



Riddlemaster - Bring The Magik Down (2017)

RELEASE1 December 2017

RIDDLEMASTER is the brainchild of Mark „The Shark“ Shelton and Rick Fisher. Rick Fisher was the drummer on the first MANILLA ROAD records from 1979 to 1984 including the signature song „Flaming Metal Systems“ and the iconic release „Crystal Logic“. Mark Shelton is founder, guitarist, vocalist and primary composer for MANILLA ROAD since its beginning in 1977 and is still going strong with the band.
Both are from Wichita Kansas in the USA. The RIDDLEMASTER project idea came up when Rick and Shark were discussing what MANILLA ROAD might sound like if Rick had never stopped performing with the band. The result is „Bring The Magik Down“. Accompanied by E.C. Hellwell on bass guitar this is an experiment in what might have been. The music within this album is full of classic rock and metal styles that are indeed reminiscent of the roots of their original band. Within this collection of tunes, you will find many styles woven together with a foundation in traditional rock n roll music. If you are a fan of early Manilla Road or a fan of classic Rock and Metal music this album by RIDDLEMASTER is a must have!!!

Mark „The Shark“ Shelton – vocals, guitar, Synthesizer
Rick Fisher – drums und percussion
E.C. Hellwell – bass
Bring The Magik Down (2017)

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Vice - Veni Vidi Vice (2017)

RELEASE : 17 November 2017

VICE was founded in Munich Germany in the late 80’s and signed by major label BMG Ariola back in 1988. The former line-up consisted of Jörg Hargesheimer (guit), Peter Juhre (bass), Roland Schmidt (drums), Chris Limburg (guit), Jan Ghiantinie (vocals 1st album), Alan Keen (vocals 2nd album). These two records brought the band charts positions and several tours all over Europe. With more than 100.000 sold copies, VICE had a huge presence on TV and radio. They became quite famous and attracted their fans with their rather simple & rocking songs and positive attitude on stage.

Now after almost 30 years, VICE is back for more…The new album “Veni Vidi Vice” was produced, recorded and mixed by Chris Limburg at lictoc studios in Munich, will be released on November, 17th and continues the old style of VICE in a modern way. The first single & video for the song “Where do I belong” was released in advance in Summer 2017.
Further singles will be available soon, as well as an “hot summer night” release party on October 21st in a Caribbean atmosphere, near Munich at “Roberto Beach” (www.robertobeach.de)

Line-up: Mario “Mitch” Michel (Vocals), Chris “Yps” Limburg (Guitars), Martin “El Bajo” Dreher (Bass), Pete “Pepsi” Lautenschlager (Drums)

Live: 21.10. D-Munich, Roberto Beach (Release Party)

Web: https://www.facebook.com/vicerock/

Discography: Made For Pleasure (1988), Second Excess (1990), Veni Vidi Vice (2017)

OSYRON - Kingsbane (2017)

Osyron is a symphonic metal band based in Calgary, Alberta. The group consists of vocalist Reed Alton, guitarists Krzysztof Stalmach and Bobby Harley, bassist Tyler Corbett, and drummer Trevor Cobb. Bridging the gap between traditional European metal and the music of their homegrown contemporaries, Osyron has a sound all their own.
The band’s origins can be traced back to Ontario, where they began under the name Morbid Theory. They released their first demo ‘Chaos Breed’ in 2006 and performed alongside acts including: Norther, Protest the Hero, Threat Signal, and The Agonist. They recorded a follow-up demo ‘Harbinger’ and released it in 2010.
After that release, the band underwent some changes in membership, scenery, and identity. Moving to Alberta in 2012, the group, now rechristened Osyron, re-recorded ‘Harbinger’ in Calgary, and released the album in 2013. The momentum which followed was swift, as ‘Harbinger’ caught the attention of the European metal community - proving a favourite of audiences, critics, and radio programmers.
Osyron’s next goal is to take their sound across the pond in the flesh with their upcoming album, Kingsbane, to be released in the fall of 2017.
Recommended for fans of: Symphony X, Eluveitie, Orden Ogan, Nightwish, Wintersun, and Iron Maiden.

Kingsbane (2017)

01 - From Ashes
02 - To War (Listen)
03 - Razor's Wind
04 - Viper Queen
05 - Griefmaker
06 - Kingsbane
07 - Empire of Dust
08 - Kingmaker


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Lostair - Ad Jubilaeum (2017)

Release date: October 20, 2017

Ad Jubilaeum” is a concept album focusing on Christianity and its religious political power from antiquity to the present day The first songs of the album, At the hands of black inquisition and Rise, speak of the holy inquisition and the times of the crusades, Where the angels die and Vaticanum instead focus on the Vatican and the power of the church, then proceed with The Bible Code and Trinitity dealing with more complex issues, that is the code hidden behind the rows of the holy bible and the concept of trinity one of the most fascinating religious mysteries in Christian history. They conclude the album The fall of any gods and Finis dierum, both songs express the uncertainty of human destiny and its fragility toward faith.

LOSTAIR was formed in 2004, the original line up see : Teo Lost (guitar), Stizza (drums) Gemetto Matteo (guitar) Salvatore Torcivia (bass) and Cristian Pellegrin (vocals).

The band started to compose the first pieces of what will 'then the first demo of the band” LOSTAIR” meanwhile joins the band and substituting Matteo Gemetto guitar, Fabio Lancerotto. Do not wait much that in 2007 LOSTAIR come out with a new job, the “PERFECT DARK “EP and an eponymous video ep, but where' does not appear more Salvatore Torcivia, but the new substitute, Francesco Povolo.

The live activity starts to intensify, but in the moment in which the band is grinding dates, all' inside of the band begins some disagreement and LOSTAIR machine unfortunately suffers an abrupt braking, Fabio lancerotto decides to leave the band, and is replaced by Mattia Brea.

Unfortunately, for various reasons, very shortly after Cristian and Francesco Povolo left the band, but before doing so make a final date beer festival Noventa Vicentina opening at MODA’

Meanwhile Stizza, Teo and Mattia, they begin to see new vocalists and bass players.

While the singers are unable to find anything concrete, in front of bass players joined Sergio "barney", which unfortunately by genre and style of music does not remain for long.

In 2007 that finally manages to find the bassist in the shape of Bertoldo Renè.

If the bass lines are now vocal ones still remain unfilled, and 'so' that Teo Lost decides to be the lead singer of Lostair.

Despite various lineup changes, the LOSTAIR not stop in terms of composition and in 2010 they are ready all the pieces of the new full length “ANGUANE”.

Unfortunately, for various personal reasons, Rene no longer able 'to meet the commitments of the band and decides to abandon LOSTAIR.

In the year 2011 the band joined the bassist Gorgi who immediately found a good feeling and new energy to the group.

At the end of 2012, the full length Anguane is ready and LOSTAIR start again live shows around the country like open act to band such EXTREMA, NECRODEATH, PINO SCOTTO ETC ...

While the live continue, the composition vein of LOSTAIR gives birth to other new riffs that will soon become the promo “SIGILLUM DEI” composed by three songs.

The new work leading the band to move on issues other than those which had been treated so far and this leads to a change also of the sounds , much more thrash and heavy, so even the decision to changing the band's logo. Maybe too many factors and too many differences lead to a decision a bit 'drastic; Mattia left the band, and this takes place in July of 2015 where you will see 'for the last time Matt on guitar, the HELL’S ANGELS METAL FESTIVAL with Cellulite Star, Marco Angelo, A tear Beyond, Extrema etc ..

Replaces Mattia after a few months LOSTAIR found Marco Padoan, but 'has a short life within the band for incompatibility' issues.

LOSTAIR decide to stay in three given the short time for the auditions for a new guitarist and saw the upcoming dates of a certain level, but also in three the wall of sound is heard.

Finally after many guitarists, joined the band Andrea Girardello, who immediately find the right harmony with the others members.

In 2017, "Ad Jubilaeum" comes out of the new studio work of the band, a concept album focusing on the Christian religion and its power.


Teo: Voice and Guitar
Andrea: "Spin" Girardello Guitar
Gorgi: Bass
Stizza Drums


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Jessica Wolff - Grounded (2017)

Release: 17 November 2017

Jessica Wolff is a young Finnish artist, ready to hit the radio waves and bring her voice to the stage. But there’s much more. When Jessica is off stage, she is writing lyrics, practicing Kung-Fu, doing stunt work, acting, motorbiking and other extreme sports to let the inner child out. Not to mention, behind the actions of this adrenaline junkie, you'll find a warmhearted girl with striking personality. You can hear all these abilities in her music and are also evident in her powerful music videos. Her high energy, guitar-driven pop music is spiced with everything from catchy melodies to thought-provoking lyrics.

Jessica started singing classical music when she was 12 years old, but found her way to Pop/Rock a few years later. At the age of 21, Jessica left her studies behind to focus full-time on her musical career. With big steps she climbed up the latter until the album "Renegade" was born to see the daylight in Japan and Finland in April 2013, as well as in India, where she also did a six city, Hard Rock Café tour in December 2013. After that she played some shows in Finnish prisons.

With her new album „Grounded“ she takes the next step in her career. For the first time her music will be available world-wide and Jessica is ready to hit every stage, pub, club, big venue, to perform and promote her music wherever people want to hear it!

There will be videos for the songs „War“, „Love Me Like you Never Did
Before“, “Magic Castle” and „Saving Someone Else“!


Jessica Wolff – vocals
Ari Manninen – guitar
Sebastian Lindqvist – guitar
Cheri Martin – bass
Jarno Vanhanen – drums

Renegade (2013), Grounded (2017)


Web: http://jessicawolffonline.com/

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Within Silence - Heroes Must Return (Single 2017)

The young, promising melodic metal band Within Silence are finally back with their highly anticipated second album "Return From The Shadows"!

The debut album "Gallery of Life" was released through the Swedish label Ulterium Records in 2015 and received very good feedback from around the world. Within Silence played many shows in Slovakia and around Europe since then including festivals in Norway, Germany, Slovakia and the Netherlands, as well as joining Theocracy [US] as special guests on their European tour in November 2016.

"Return From The Shadows" is a perfect follow-up to "Gallery of Life" and feels like a more mature and focused album. The impressive song-writing and melodies are still there, and together with heavy riffs, symphonic arrangements and epic parts the result is a really impressive album!

The album was mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow [Masterplan, ex. Helloween] and the artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Delain, Apocalyptica, Korpiklaani].

Within Silence is a perfect band for fans of melodic metal in general and bands like Theocracy, Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica in particular. Don't miss out on this young, promising band and the new album "Return From The Shadows"!


Within Silence line-up:
Martin Klein - Lead vocals, backing vocals
Richard Germanus - Solo & rhythm guitars
Martin Cico - Rhythm guitars
Viktor Varga - Bass
Peter Gacik - Drums

Within Silence discography:
2017: Return From The Shadows
2015: Gallery of Life

01. We Are The Ones
02. Heroes Must Return
03. Children Of Light
04. Calling From The Other Side
05. In the Darkness
06. The Final Victory
07. You & I
08. Master
09. Return From The Shadows

Within Silence online
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/withinsilenceband
Website: http://www.within-silence.com


WE COULD BUILD AN EMPIRE - In This Place (2017)

Release: 8 December 2017

In december 2017 Swedish alternative/progressive hard rock trio We Could Build An Empire are back with the follow-up to their 2011 eponymous debut. On the new album called ”In This Place” the band have worked with the reputed Jens Bogren at Fashination Street Studios (Opeth, Katatonia, Witchcraft) and legendary producer Zed Smon. Zed most famously worked with the biggest poprock band inside Sweden, Kent on their major breakthrough albums during 1997-2002.

The aim for the new album was to make every track stand out as a great song on it’s own, carefully produced and mixed to match the vibe and the lyrics of each one. This is why it took some extra time to finish the album, patiently waiting until very busy producer Jens Bogren had time to mix the final three songs.

Looking back at the debut Classic Rock Magazine’s PROG issue wrote:
“Opener “Finest Work” has a muscular metallic tinge that nods to Alice In Chains, while there’s a touch of Peter Gabriel in “Easy”. A charm all it’s own.”

Even though the debut was a non-budet self-release it did get some attention in the US as well:
"We Could build An Empire is a fine modern melodic rock release which perfectly fuses elements from alternative rock and progressive rock into a collection of completely saturated and compelling tunes. Fans of the likes of Mew, Soundgarden, Muse, and Coldplay might find it further interesting, since We Could Build An Empire presents yet another way of combining alternative rock and progressive rock."  Seaoftranquility.org, US

Bassist/vocalist Marcus Pehrsson share his thoughts on the new album:
- I guess we have to a great extent stuck with our influences and that’s still a little bit of everything we like really, all the great music we love from Tool, Soundgarden and Radiohead to AC/DC, PJ Harvey and King Crimson. Music to me should be without boundaries. Just let it flow, any path it takes really, that’s what our music is about. We like it diverse, like an old Led Zep or Beatles-album in that sense, whatever happened to that idea?

For the new album, the band signed to fellow Scandinavian Mighty Music (Denmark). First single "All In This Together" will be out on October 27th, whereas the new album "In This Place" will be released on December 8th 2017.

Zed Smon gives his view on mixing the band:
– We Could Build An Empire is fantastic band, with high level of musicianship. I’ve had a pleasure to mix some of their new songs and at their heart, lays a genuine drive to explore expression within their genre. I feel their strength lies in their lyrics as well as their powerful performance. They like to explore and grow in their uniqueness, and that feels like a much needed quality in todays music scene.


Band member backgrounds:
Marcus and Pat have a common history in progressive rock/metal act Last Laugh which released ”Meet Us Where We Are Today” on Record Heaven Records in 1997. Marcus was also in space/psychedelic rock band darXtar from 1994 and onwards releasing four full-length albums; “Sju” Black Widow Records 1995, “Tombola” Record Heaven Records 2001, “We Came Too Late” Nasoni Records 2005 and “Aged To Perfection”Transubstans records 2011. DarXtar are also known for their collaborations with Hawkwind-legend Nik Turner, performing as his live band during Nik's two solo gigs in Sweden 1995 and 1998. Michael is one of the songwriters and the producer behind swedish electro/synth act Massiv Ångest. In 2010 they released their digital album “Det Nya Svarta”.

We Could Build An Empire are:
Marcus Pehrsson: Lead vocals / bass
Pat Wallin: Guitars / backing vocals
Michael Ohlsson: Drums / percussion 



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CHIRO - Tunnel (2017)

Release: 10 November 2017

CHIRO (fka Chiro Therium) is a Danish metal band consisting of four very experienced members. All members have been active since the 1980’s. The band delivers heavy, honest and unpolished metal, taking influence from thrash, 70s rock and sludge.

CHIRO was formed in Esbjerg, Denmark in 1989 under the name Sinister and was a respected band on the Danish metal scene in the 90’s. The band has released several demos and played multiple shows live with many bands, e.g. Invocator, Dead Head, Konkhra and Edge of Sanity.

In 2000 the band split up. P. O. quit the music business but the other members continued in other bands. 13 years later the band was asked to do a show at Tobakken, Esbjerg. After a couple of months of rehearsing and a very successful live show the guys decides to relaunch the band permanently. Since then CHIRO have played some live shows but the main focus has been working on new material for a full length album.

In late 2016 and early 2017 CHIRO recorded the upcoming album at Death Island Studio, Denmark. . The album entitled “Tunnel” will be released worldwide on LP/CD/Digital, November 10, 2017, through Mighty Music.

The first of two official singles/videos “Bender” was released through Mighty Music on August 11, 2017. The single is available on all streaming services and YouTube.


P. O. Linnet Poulsen - vocal
Simon Fontana - guitar
Kent Svendsen - bass
Carsten Nielsen - drums


BLITZKRIEG - Reign Of Fire (EP 2017)

For fans of NWOBHM veterans Blitzkrieg the long wait for new material is finally over.  The 7" vinyl EP  "Reign Of Fire" will see the light of day on the 8th of December 2017 in a limited edition of 500 copies embraced by amazing handdrawn old school metal artwork by Lee Murphy.

Ken Johnson (guitars): "We are very excited about the Reign Of Fire EP coming out on our new label/home Mighty Music prior to the new album release in 2018. Let's re-ignite the fire... flame on".

"Reign Of Fire" was recorded by Phil (Vandetta) Davies at Downcast Base HQ Recording Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, England and mixed by Johan Haagesen at Hansen Studios, Ribe, Denmark.


Side A: Reign Of Fire
Side B: Judge Not Lest You Yourself Be Judged (exclusive track for this vinyl release only)

In October and November, Blitzkrieg will enter the studio to record the first album for Mighty Music and follow-up to 2013's "Back From Hell". This album is expected to be released in Spring 2018, where the band will be heading on a European tour. Blitzkrieg will be headlining the Nordic Noise Festival in Denmark in May.

"Reign Of Fire" can be pre-ordered at the official Blitzkrieg bandshop: www.targetshop.dk/blitzkrieg, where "Reign Of Fire" t-shirt can be ordered as well.

Blitzkrieg line-up:

Brian Ross - Lead vocals
Ken johnson - Guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Alan Ross - Guitars, Backing vocals
Matt Graham - Drums
Huw Holding - Bass


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Metalite - Heroes In Time (2017)

Release: 27 October 2017

Metalite was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 when Edwin Premberg [guitar] met Emma Bensing [vocals]. He presented his musical ideas and vision to her, and she agreed to join the band. The goal was to write and record melodic and memorable metal songs with a modern and fresh sound.

Edwin and Emma started to co-operate with the Danish producer Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe] and songs started to take shape. During 2016 Metalite found three experienced musicians that agreed to join the band: Lea Larsson [drums], Robert Örnesved [guitar] and Robert Majd [bass].

A deal was signed with the Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings, and the Metalite debut album "Heroes In Time" is scheduled to be released in October 2017.

"Afterlife", the first single from the album showcase the Metalite sound in a perfect way, but other songs from the album like "Nightmare", "Heroes In Time" or "Purpose of Life" are just as likely to become fan favorites.

"Heroes In Time" is an impressive debut album filled with melodic and memorable songs, crowned with the strong and emotional vocals by vocalist Emma Bensing as well as a powerful production by Jacob Hansen. The album should be perfect for fans of bands like Beyond The Black, Dynazty and Amaranthe!

The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Leah, Korpiklaani] and guest appearances on the album includes Fraser Edwards [Ascension] and Jakob Svensson [Wigelius].


Metalite line-up:
Emma Bensing - Vocals
Edwin Premberg - Guitar
Robert Örnesved - Guitar
Robert Majd - Bass
Lea Larsson - Drums

Track listing
01. Afterlife
02. Purpose of Life
03. Nightmare
04. The Hunter
05. Heroes in Time
06. Power of Metal
07. Over and Done
08. The Light of Orion
09. In The Middle of the Night
10. Black Horse Rider
11. The Great Force Within Us

Metalite online
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/metalitemetal

Empty Threat - Shutdown Nowhere (2017)

Fusing punk, post-grunge, and prog rock, Mississauga, ON's EMPTY THREAT are an alternative band making noise in Ontario and Quebec playing shows routinely in Toronto, London, Montreal and more. Formed in 2011 by bassist Ryan Dobson and guitarist/singer Michael Roane, the duo acquired drummer David Jameson in 2014 and soon after they recruited second guitarist Matthew Roane to solidify their line up in 2015.
Wasting no time, the quartet is now planning the release of their debut EP entitled "Shutdown Nowhere" due out October 6, 2017. Teaming up with award winning producer/engineer/mixer Glen Robinson who is known for his work with such names as The Ramones, AC/DC, GWAR, Annihilator and Voivod, the EP is their first professionally recorded release.
Vocalist / guitarist Michael Roane comments:
"We are a young band, developing our style and pushing forward to provide a new sound experience. Most of the songs we have been working on for years – and have been through multiple edits and versions. This will be our first, legitimate attempt to introduce ourselves to the world – so we hope that fans will hear our songs and feel a slight familiarity to the genre, but will appreciate the unique touch we put in our songs – as we combine elements from multiple genres and use our effects to put a different perspective on old ideas. We also want people to know first and foremost our band is about creating passionate music that may resonate with other people. On the surface, we make music that has a carefully crafted intensity – like a chained beast tugging at the leash. For those who want to dig deeper, they see how this sound represents us, as people, and our struggles to reach our potential. We connect with our fans through these shared emotions."
"Shutdown Nowhere" EP features six new crushing tracks full of introspective verse.
Roane adds “We aim to introduce ourselves by having a “new familiarity” feel to our songs. Veterans of rock and metal should be comfortable listening to our songs, but we aim to blend in elements that will surprise them."

The EP is available for download and stream on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify.

Track Listing:
1. Out of Sync (4:47)
2. Heliophobia (3:40)
3. Afterburn Paralysis (3:45)
4. Counterfeit (4:35)5. Accommodate (4:19)
6. Knots (More Than Just Words) (5:19)
EP Length: 26:29

For more info:

Voice Of Addiction - The Lost Art of Empathy (2017)

Voice Of Addiction are politically charged and socially conscious Chicago based punk-rockers. V.o.A. has been around over a decade doing 1,200 shows across the U.S. & Canada, including 160 just in 2016. Having 5 official releases & independently selling 6,500 physical copies (as well as being involved in countless compilations) these boys have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. V.o.A. has been featured in the video games skateboard party 1, 2, & 3 as well as snowboard party 1 & 2. The new full-length album is out July 14th and a feature length documentary due to be released in 2018.


Clown Logic - There ARE no clowns (2017)

Clown Logic is a simple alternative-pop-rock-punk-blues trio. The band takes a "not-trying-to-be-different" approach that ironically gives them a unique sound.
Clown Logic's bass player founded the band, and he is also the lead singer and songwriter.  The songs all start with his simple (but assertive) bass lines and are highlighted with his unintentionally meaningful lyrics.
The band's drummer has played on multiple platinum selling albums, and is known for his hyper-active drumming outbursts that are placed sporadically, but strategically within a song.
The guitar player's fragmented chords are played percussively against the bass lines of the songs in a harmonically and rhythmically perpendicular manner to add some nice "flavor" to the music. 


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Bruise Pristine - Not Like You (EP 2017)


Bruise Pristine hails from Sydney and is comprised of Kate Olivia (guitar/vocals), Jasmine Smith (bass) and Michelle Baker (drums). Revelling in the intrigues of the dark, loud and vengeful, the band delivers moody grungy rock that harks back to fuzzy 80s and 90s alternative rock, and often described as a cross between Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and PJ Harvey.
'Not Like You' is Bruise Pristine’s debut EP and was produced and mixed by Nick Franklin and mastered by Herm Kovac. ‘Not Like You’ is a punch to the face of dark brooding rock, exploring mental illness, the isolation felt by minorities, battered relationships and addiction in a way that simmers and offers intrigue.


The Freejacks


The Freejacks formed in 2010 when Crow approached Zowie about playing drums for him and forming a band. The band all met each other at The Box Social open mics having a good time each doing their own thing every week. After the first show Wembley decided to join the band being good friends with Crow and decided to play bass. The Freejacks created 2 CDs by themselves the first one a studio album entitled Escape and a Live CD of their second to last show simply entitled LIVE. The band split up at the end of 2011 for awhile only to reunite 5 and half years later in 2017 for awhile whilst Wembley has off school and time to perform.


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Roterfeld - King Of This Land (Single 2017)

Epic strings, heavy guitars, sombre voice and a spectacular fantasy video: The Austrian dark rocker Roterfeld is back with his new single “King of This Land”.
With his first album "Blood Diamond Romance" in 2011, Aaron Roterfeld’s music career took off at the very point where others think they have already made it. Produced by the gold, platinum and Grammy-accustomed Berman Brothers, (who had already produced Coldplay, Hanson and Cher), Finland's hit-maker Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Lordi, Apocalyptica) and 70s/80s art-rock legend Frank Bornemann (Eloy, Guano Apes, Helloween), he took the world by storm with his melodic dark rock. The highest entry ever achieved by an Austrian in the German DAC charts was followed by a nomination for Austria's AMADEUS award, the title of "Best Newcomer" in the Sonic Seducer's readers' poll and an extended live tour that brought him onto some of the largest festival stages in Germany and Austria.


Now the "King of This Land" returns with a "Game of Thrones"-inspired symphonic rock hymn and an epic video second to none. The new album is already waiting in the wings as well: "Hamlet at Sunset", a title inspired by the 400th birthday of William Shakespeare, is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Discover Roterfeld on 


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Metalite - Afterlife (Single 2017)

Metalite was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 when Edwin Premberg [guitar] met Emma Bensing [vocals]. He presented his musical ideas and vision to her, and she agreed to join the band. The goal was to write and record melodic and memorable metal songs with a modern and fresh sound.

Edwin and Emma started to co-operate with the Danish producer Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe] and songs started to take shape. During 2016 Metalite found three experienced musicians that agreed to join the band: Lea Larsson [drums], Robert Örnesved [guitar] and Robert Majd [bass].

A deal was signed with the Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings, and the Metalite debut album "Heroes In Time" is scheduled to be released in October 2017.

"Afterlife", the first single from the album showcase the Metalite sound in a perfect way, but other songs from the album like "Nightmare", "Heroes In Time" or "Purpose of Life" are just as likely to become fan favorites.

"Heroes In Time" is an impressive debut album filled with melodic and memorable songs, crowned with the strong and emotional vocals by vocalist Emma Bensing as well as a powerful production by Jacob Hansen. The album should be perfect for fans of bands like Beyond The Black, Dynazty and Amaranthe!

The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Leah, Korpiklaani] and guest appearances on the album includes Fraser Edwards [Ascension] and Jakob Svensson [Wigelius].


Metalite line-up:
Emma Bensing - Vocals
Edwin Premberg - Guitar
Robert Örnesved - Guitar
Robert Majd - Bass
Lea Larsson - Drums

 Metalite onlineFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/metalitemetal

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Licence - Licence 2 Rock (2017)

Release: 27 October 2017

LICENCE, the band from Ludwigsburg/Germany is the brainchild of local guitar hero and songwriter Steam Thiess. After a break for a few years he decided he has too much musical creativity to let it go and he wants to get back into business.

In May 2014 he founded LICENCE and was looking for musicians who'd fit into the band. To find the singer was easy, his daughter Jacky had just what he was looking for! With an amazing presence and rocking voice the first piece to the puzzle was solved. With bassist Pappe and drummer Sammy Sin they recruited the two perfect missing links.

They soon played shows with bands like TERRANA, STORMWITCH, PRAYING MANTIS, STOP STOP, TRI STATE CORNER & TWENTYDARKSEVEN, followed by festivals alongside SAXON, THE POODLES and many more.

The pre-production in 2016 ended in recordings for their debut album „Licence 2 Rock“, which was mixed and mastered by none other than Achim Köhler, known for his work with PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM and many others. The record shows the whole facettes of the LICENCE sound. Back to the 80s without sounding outdated. Heavy, melodic and always keeping you on the edge of your seat. Once you hear the songs they will remain stuck in your head.

You can't buy the licence to rock, you need to own it. LICENCE does!!!


Jacky Coke – vocals
Steam Thiess – guitar
Pappe – bass
Sammy Sin – drums

Licence 2 Rock (2017)

Web: https://www.licence-band.com

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Angel Nation - Burn The Witch (Single 2017)

Angel Nation is a melodic metal band founded by the classically trained Finnish singer Elina Siirala who moved to London in 2008 and fell in love with the power of rock and metal.

Their debut album [released under the name EnkeliNation] "Tears of Lust" was received with glowing reviews all over the world. The release in 2014 was followed by shows at Bloodstock Open Air, shows in Finland amongst others.
In 2016 Elina also joined Leaves' Eyes as their new vocalist.

Angel Nation's second album "Aeon" continues the musical diversity that Elina likes to express in her songwriting. The unique blend of retro and modern sounds is developed even further with this album. The power of metal and rock combined with Elina's ethereal yet strong and emotional vocals create the perfect platform for stories of both earthly and otherworldly she likes to create with her lyrics.

Guest appearances on the album includes Jukka Pelkonen [Omnium Gatherum] on vocals, and Elina's mother Merit Palas on violin.

Get ready for it all: Heavy, rocking and epic tunes from this highly anticipated album with tons of character!


Angel Nation line-up:
Elina Siirala - Vocals
Julia B Cadau - Bass
Lucas Williamson - Drums
Sonny Antoniou - Guitar

Track listing
01. Burn The Witch
02. Blood Is On Your Hands
03. Breathe Again
04. Wonder Who You Are
05. Farewell
06. Free
07. Enough Is Enough
08. Music Plays
09. Fireflies
10. Destination

Angel Nation online
Website: http://www.angelnationofficial.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/angelnationmusic

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Wait Hell in Pain - Wrong Desire (2017)

The Wait Hell in Pain project was born in 2011 when guitarist Stefano Prejanò and singer Kate Sale met. They both had in mind to start a band and play a mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. Starting from October 2012 they had many live gigs in the area of Rome.
After some changes, the final lineup was completed in 2016 and included Stefano Rossi (drums – ex Fifht Season, Ushas), Marco Novello (keyboards ex Fifth Season, Ozzman Cometh), Alfonso Pascarella (bass – ex Aurion, Astarte Syriaca) and the band’s sound has evolved into a modern and experimental kind of metal. The band members have bonded even more and improved their skills also in terms of stage presence.
During the first half of 2016, the band wrote its first album “Wrong Desire” composed of 10 songs: 9 of them unreleased and a bonus track cover song of a famous dance hit, revisited in Wait Hell in Pain’s style.
On November 2016, the band started recording in Kick Recording Studio and collaborating with Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono (Hour of Penance, Buffalo Grillz), Matteo Gabbianelli (Kutso) (recording sessions and production), Giorgio Lorito singer of Ushas (vocal arrangements’ supervisor) and Cecilia Iacomini (strings).
On September 2017, Wait Hell in Pain will release "Wrong Desire" with the label Revalve Records.
Kate "Hekate" Sale Vocals
Stefano Prejano All Guitars
Alfonso Pascarella Bass
Marco Novello Keyboards
Stefano Rossi Drums

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Into The Unknown - Out Of The Shadows (2017)

October 20th 2017 sees the release of the debut album from the band Into The Unknown through Vigilante Records.  Entitled Out of the Shadows it showcases 11 songs ranging from the acoustic Breaking My Heart through the anthemic Monsters to the hard rocking Why Me?” and Once.  Throw into the mix an interesting choice of covers - Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball and Chris de Burghs’ Don’t Pay the Ferryman”- and you have a diverse album full of catchy choruses, soaring vocals and raucous riffs.

The core of the band is vocalist Lucie Hölzlová, with Guitarist Ryan Atkins and bassist/producer Rupert Withers.   Together they have penned all the original songs on the album.
Lucie and Ryan met Rupert when he produced a song for their previous band. Shortly after Ryan did a session for him on a recording.  The chemistry between them worked and they decided to record more material, inviting Lucie to provide the vocals.  From here songs were written and an album evolved. As they moved forward to create music, things started organically slotting into place and Into The Unknown was born.  A mix of influences, from Nightwish, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC and Halestorm right through to Adele, have contributed to the sound of Into The Unknown, and blended together to create their own powerful rock sound.


Fast forward to 2017, the album is ready, recorded at Vigilante Studios in Buckinghamshire.  Live shows and acoustic sessions are being planned for the release period so watch this space.

Out of the Shadows”  
Out  on Vigilante Records, via Nova/Universal and H'art as physical distributors; and The Orchard as digital distributor, on October 20th 2017

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Stella Lost - Figures (2017)

Rising from the great state of Texas. Stella Lost was formed December of 2012, by co-founding members Rudy Martinez and Mike Gutierrez. The band line up is completed by Ram Salas (lead guitar), Daniel Duran (drums) and Joe Morales (bass).  The band is inspired by various types of genres ranging from Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, and Grunge. Stella Lost continues to push the limits by re- defining the rules of all rock genres.      
After establishing a local presence with their fast paced shows and fresh song lists in 2012, the band battled to victory and cemented themselves as a serious showcase of talented musicians. Stella Lost went to release their first album Everything Old Is New Again via Pavement Entertainment November 2015, and the band continues to evolve. Stella Lost went into the studio to record their second album titled Figures teaming up with Dead Room Recordings based out of San Antonio, TX. The highly anticipated sophomore album will be released Summer of 2017.


Passion, fear, and an unknown future inspired their second album. So they invite you to come get lost in the music.Their first single off the album is titled "Figures".


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The Fame

Combing a brilliant blend of Beatlesque melodies with the blood, sweat, and tears passion of 90's alternative rock, The Fame are breathing new life into modern day Rock 'N Roll. Their high energy, riff driven sound is one of the most unique and identifiable in rock music today.

The four piece band from Toronto, CA display a powerful performance full of energy at every one of their live shows. The band continues to tour, release new music, and grow in the music world.

They are releasing the song " It's Alright" as our debut single in a few days. Right now they have a preview of it on our SoundCloud. The full song will be up in a few days, on their SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.


Brandon Samuel - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Yusuke Miyazaki - Lead Guitar

Andrew Spurio - Bass Guitar

Lee Rosensweet - Drums


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Midnite City - Midnite City (2017)

Release: 20 October 2017

MIDNITE CITY were formed in January 2017 by current Tigertailz front-man (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde.

Armed with an album's worth of material written under the working title of MIDNITE CITY, Wylde approached friend Pete Newdeck (Newman/ Eden's Curse, Blood Red Saints) to produce three songs forhim to shop to record labels.

Wylde sang, played guitar and bass on the recordings whilst Newdeck played drums, provided backing vocals and took care of the production. Wylde also brought in newcomer guitarist Miles Meakin who played  guitar solos on the recordings and former band mate James Martin (Vega) who laid down keyboards on the tracks. After being mixed by Newdeck, the songs were sent to Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) who mastered them at his studio in Canada.

The songs 'Nothing's Like Losing You', 'Summer Of Our Lives' and 'Think About You' were then sent out to labels and garnered considerable interest across the board, resulting in a deal being inked with German label AOR Heaven.

With a record deal in place, Newdeck officially joined the band as drummer in the Spring of 2017, alongside Miles Meakin on guitar and Shawn Charvette on keyboards.With the line up now in place, the band began work on their debut album at PNP Productions in Tewkesbury UK, completing the recordings in June 2017.

With a sound that the band describes as 'Timeless, melodic rock/ hair metal', MIDNITE CITY cover all bases when it comes to this much loved genre of music. From ultimate feel good, party rock anthems, to brooding melodic rock monsters, to spine tingling power ballads, they are all here in abundance, and then some.

With an album release being planned for October20th,  2017, MIDNITE CITY will be taking their explosive live show out on the road throughout the UK, Europe and the USA in late 2017/ 2018.



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