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Τετάρτη, 16 Ιανουαρίου 2019

The Mayan Factor - hOpe (Single)

The Mayan Factor was originally formed in the early 2002. Their debut album is still the gateway music that brings the fans in. While the new music keeps them coming back for more. Haunting has been one of the words most commonly associated with their music. It has been said that once you hear it, you never forget it. Haunting hits the nail on the head as we have come back from what we thought was the end. Their story on its own is ghostly. In 2011, their vocalist passed away. The fans and listeners on various social media convinced kept the music alive. On Last.fm there have been 1.3 million scrobbles. Spotify has 21,025 monthly listeners. The fan base is spread all over the globe in at least 65 different countries.
The new singer and acoustic guitar player Lenny Cerzosie Jr. fits in perfectly with the sound. He is no stranger to loss. His experiences have given him the emotion and depth that helps him step into the music of the first albums while also allowing him to write the songs that bring hearts and minds of The Mayan Factor together. Brian Scott, Dan Angermaier, and Kevin Baker are original members with such unique styles that it’s impossible to turn away. Add Jason Sage on Kongas and you have the musical storm.

Their single "Hope" was written during a time of loss and reflection. The definition of the word hope “is to cherish a desire with anticipation” but the word truly takes on different meanings to each individual. However different the meaning we are all connected in some way with the promise of change and light after darkness. They created this song as an anthem to those traveling through darkness of illness, grief and any type of difficult time. 




Hope on Youtube

Τετάρτη, 2 Ιανουαρίου 2019

New Songs on Eat This Rock n Metal Webradio (2/1/2019)

Hollow LegMountains of Stone 
Adder's Fork - Witchgrove Mountain
RED CAIN [feat. Kobra Paige] - Wing of the Crow

The Psycho Season - Sky In Smoke
Marc Durkee - A Way to Escape

Kalidia - Frozen Throne
Kalidia - Circe's Spell
Greyhawk - The Abdication 
DIRTY RATS - Not Alone
Ashes Collide - Universe
Logical Terror -Nightmare 
Men in Metal - The Time Has Come 
Wake The Nations - Fallen Angel
Come Taste The Band - Don't Let Me Bleed 
Lugnet - Die for You 
Secret Rule - The Endless  
Louna - Shadow Kingdoms
HOLLOW - Shadow World


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