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Κυριακή, 1 Ιουλίου 2018


SQUARED HUMAN consists of me, myself and I. A real solo project. While "me" is once again too late, "myself" still fights with the hangover from last night and "I" still sits on the bowl, it could actually already start off. Once again it's Saturday night, the child sleeps, the woman left the house and the cellar belongs to the three schizos. A badass mask ball, squared, loud, the neighbors cuss.

What a wicked stuff and awesome cinema that SQUARED HUMAN there offer. Rocking handmade Metal with cutting vocals and abyssed lyrics, in German that the mother-in-law understands them too. The past is behind them, they are getting older and learning. But like all other squares in life, the former projects Beyond Helvete, ZwenZ, Nachtfrost and Smashed Ruins are a part of Mastermind Krause. And this guy does not only write the lucid hymns, no he also offends to all the instruments as well as record and mix everything by himself.

And the next move is already planned. One song after another, a video chasing the next. Get your mobile data volume up and follow this crazy show on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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