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Τρίτη, 5 Φεβρουαρίου 2019

Vandor - In The Land Of Vandor (2019)


Founded in 2015 the brothers Alve & Vide Bjerde both knew that Vandor was something worth to believe in.
After some auditions, Vandor soon found solo artist and lead guitar player Jack L. Stroem and heavy rocking keytarist Uno Rosengren as permanent members. Before the songs were written, Vandor hired the renowned session drummer Robin Risander..With smart song-writing that mixes old with new the Swedes write music which both challenges the listener but also entertains the masses.
The music group has recorded this record in a way music should be recorded: no autotune, no melodyne, real drums & real kickass Power Metal energy all over the record and backed-up with a live show which is performed 100% live without any backing tracks
Vandor will have no time to rest after releasing “In The Land of Vandor” in January, since they’ve already started writing their second album. The fan favorite song ¨Well of Salvation¨ (not on the album) will be released in mid 2019 featuring Sabaton guitarist Tommy Johansson.
Vandor’s debut album IN THE LAND OF VANDOR was mixed and mastered by Jason Carter at Wavelength Studio, Salem, OR, USA and fully produced by Vandor.

Vandor is:
Vide Bjerde - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Alve Bjerde - Vocals, Bass
Jack L. Stroem - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Uno Rosengren - Vocals, Synth, Piano
Robin Risander - Drums

Guest appearances by:
Anja Hedenskog - Vocals
August Svärdström - Drums

Mixed and mastered by Jason Carter
Album Artwork by Vincent Wennerström
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Vandorband
Instagram: @Vandorband
Jack L. Stroem Twitter: Twitter.com/jacklstroem
Vide Bjerde Twitter: Twitter.com/videbjerde

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