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Παρασκευή, 23 Φεβρουαρίου 2018

METALWINGS - Fallen Angel in the Hell (2016)

Metalwings - a band from Bulgaria that managed to draw attention to over 12 million
musical fans on YouTube with their song "Crying of the Sun".

Metalwings is a Bulgarian symphonic/gothic metal band with Celtic influence, formed by the classically trained vocalist and songwriter Stela Atanasova in 2010.
Metalwings is an unqiue combination of powerful guitars, magical irish flutes, angelic vocals and the gentle sound of viola.

In 2015 the band showed the world that music that is highly appreciated by millions of
people all over the world can be produced in Bulgaria with their beautiful and epic official video of the song Crying of the Sun. The video of Crying of the Sun was filmed in Belogradchik – directed
by Peter Tomov and Velislava Gospodinova. Male vocals in Crying of the Sun were sung by the first guitarist of the band Velislav Uzunov who had left the band three months before making the video. In the video, male vocals are performed by Konstantin Uzunov (Bass).
On May 12, 2016 Metalwings released their first EP - "Fallen Angel in the Hell".
After that there were a series of interviews for several metal webzines and radios,
including Conexion Rock Radio which has thousands of listeners from Latin America.
In this EP the band presented four masterly composed songs - Fallen Angel in the Hell, Slaves of the Night, Ship of Shadows and Immortal Metal Wings.
The song Crying of the Sun which was released as a single in 2012 was featured in the EP as a bonus track.

On 27th April 2017 Metalwings released their second official video for the song "Fallen Angel in the Hell”.
On 19 th April 2018 Metalwings will release their full length album called “For All Beyond”.
In this album the band will present 9 masterly composed songs – End of the War; Secret
Town; Immortal Metal Wings; When We Pray; A Wish; Realm of Dreams; There’s no Time; For All Beyond and one song in Bulgarian called “Тъжни сърца“. The album will also include Fallen Angel in the Hell as a bonus track in a new arrangement; Fallen Angel in the Hell (Instrumental version) and For All Beyond (Orchestral version).
The Orchestral part of the lead song of the album “For All Beyond is performed by Sofia
Session Orchestra, conducted by Lyubomir Denev.
The male vocals parts in the album For All Beyond are performed by Max Morton.
The album For All Beyond is mixed and mastered by Max Morton at Morton Studio.

Current members of Metalwings:
Stela Atanasova - Operatic Vocals, Electric Viola, Keyboards
Grigor Kostadinov - Guitars
Krastyo Jordanov - Guitars, Backing Vocals, Irish Flute
Milen Mavrov - Bass
Angel Kitanov - Keyboards
Nikola "Blackie" Ivanov - Drums

Website: https://metalwings.eu/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/metalwingsbg/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/METALWINGSBULGARIA/

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