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Σάββατο, 28 Απριλίου 2018

EDGE OF EVER - We Came With The Flood (2018)

Cover %22We Came With The Flood%22 1400x1400.jpeg

RELEASE 22 June 2018

Edge Of Ever is a greek/german metal band formed in December 2012 in Berlin, Germany by frontman Minas Marston and bassist James Smith.

The band consists of six members of different age, nationality and musical influences.
The music of Edge Of Ever is hard to define and not easy to put into a specific genre. It can be described as a modern mixture of old-school heavy metal and progressive metal combined with core influences or as referred to by Rock Hard Magazine: "high energy prog."

The band released their debut-album "Global Ignition" in October 2014 and has received outstanding reviews from various rock/metal magazines, including giants in the genre like Metal Hammer, Rock Hard and Legacy.

After its release Edge Of Ever has played various concerts in Germany and abroad and in November 2017 the band finished the production of their newest double album "We Came With The Flood." An Album which is set to be released on Mighty Music 22nd of June 2018!

The press said:

"..a unique interpretation of Prog (...) a band with enormous breakthrough potential.." - RockHard (DE)
"One of the surprises of the year (...) for those who seek for innovation in metal.." 13/15 - Legacy (DE)
"such a high level, which is often not found even when looking at estabilshed acts.." Metal Hammer (DE)

Line Up:

Minas Marston - vocals
James Smith - bass
Ralph Swan Krieger - keys
Julios Greco - guitar
Tom Krue - guitar
Lucas Freise - drums



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