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Κυριακή, 22 Απριλίου 2018

One Gun Shy - Eye of the Storm (2018)

It all began back in 2011 with drive and determination to do something different on a musical note.

The guys work very hard in everything they do. They love joking around and hanging out with their fans , but take their music seriously.
The members of One Gun Shy come from varied and unique backgrounds, but share a common goal and vision for music.

The Seattle Rock Music Scene is making a resurgence and One Gun Shy is part of that effort. Many fans have commented on how well the band plays together and about their solid live performances. When asked why the fans acknowledge acknowledge the band's level of  precision and polish, Michael Decker said, "One Gun Shy delivers crunchy and gritty melodic Hard Rock music. Period. This isn't some 'part-time bedroom band' recording stuff on their iPhones. These are dedicated, veteran musicians who use professional gear, create a professional sound, and make professional recordings."

The band has completed their third album entitled "Eye of the Storm" made possible by a unique collaboration between Momma Lynn Records, Lime  & Dime Records, and several Pacific Northwest Music Professionals at Studio Sage and Robert Lang Studios.
The new album is slated to be released July 2018, so look for a single release sometime in June 2018.
Catch One Gun Shy on tour near you.
Here we go AGAIN!!!


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