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Παρασκευή, 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2015


Aftereffect were found in 2009 in Greece by Alexander and Nicolas.
Back then the band's name was Pitch Black Rosa under which they played couple of live shows. Due to being envolved with other projects at the time, the band wasn't very active but they kept writing and evolving the songs and the style recording some demos.
In 2013 began a new era for the band. Maria was added to the band's line-up as the lead singer and Constantine had taken the drummer's position and the band decided to change the name into something more suitable for their current style that had evolved into a more electronic oriented rock/metal. And so the band was reborn under the name Aftereffect.
Straight after the band started the production of two songs for the upcoming single "Free Your Mind" at Soundscape Studios in Limassol,Cyprus with Chris Charalambides as the producer. The single has been released digitaly in May of 2014 together with the video clip for "Free Your Mind".
Recently the band started the production of their first debut album and filmed a new video for the song "Heart On Frenzy".
Now they are producing their first album which it will gonna be realeased in the middle of 2016.


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