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Τρίτη, 8 Δεκεμβρίου 2015


Scarecell is releasing their first extended play ’New Horizons’ on 4th of December. The 5-man band from Helsinki, Finland is combining aggressive metal with melodic arena rock. Catchy melodies and strong electric influences are helping Scarecell to stand out from other metal bands in the scene.

’New Horizons’ is taking another step on the group’s journey and is the 2nd release after ’Empire Falls’, a single from earlier this year. The EP is introducing different sides of the band and it is mastered by Pontus Helm (Dead By April).

Vocalist Petja Haapaniemi commented on the tracks:

#1 Buried Alive
This is probably the heaviest track of the album. It’s one of the first ones I wrote since we founded Scarecell. At the time I was quite frustrated with my composing and analyzing too much of it. The song turned out to rely much on it’s simpleness and aggressive sound. Lots of energy to start off the album.

#2 The Fire (We Start)
I think this one sums up pretty well the idea of our band and what our music is about. We did a lot of work with the mixing and the atmospheric parts of the song. The energy also stays there with some nice melodies. The song is about emotions and having the courage to brace them in our lives. We should take the chances before it’s too late.

#3 Lay Down Forever
Definitely the ”radio song” of the EP. It should be clear why after listening to it… We wanted to bring out the vocals on this one while keeping it still quite heavy. The song tells about someone I lost some time ago. It’s one of my favorites.

#4 Reach
We worked on this song for quite a while and it has grown really well since the first versions. Fast paced, huge energy from the beginning till the end. Really keeps it going and is much fun to play. The song tells about finding the place in your life where you can feel free and look forward. It’s a good ending for the album.

Petja Haapaniemi, vocals
Juhamatti Kauppinen, rythm guitar
Petri Inkinen, drums
Henri Vuorenmaa, lead guitar
Joel Vakkila, bass

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