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Πέμπτη, 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2015

Winter's Verge

Winter's Verge: Melodic Power Metallers  
unleash the beautifully dominant brand new "IV" album

Winter's Verge formed in the year 2003 on the small but majestic island of Cyprus. Their prevailing sound consisting of epic atmospheric, bold riffs and authoritative vocals has gained them fans worldwide, secured them spots on multiple Europe tours and international album releases. "IV" is their fifth studio album and it has blown the minds of the fans and the press.

Winter's Verge was founded by frontman George Charalambous and master of the keys Stefanos Psillides in the city of Nicosia. Their line up gradually became bigger with guitarist Pericles Mallopoulos joining the ranks and from that point on they new exactly what their musical destiny was.

Their latest addition to their discography titled "IV" will secure this legacy for the renowned Power Melodic band from Cyrpus. In this album you can hear the big Symphonic stylings of Nighwish, the Stratovarius-esque melodies and the powerfulness of Blind Guardian.


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