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Κυριακή, 17 Ιανουαρίου 2016


Dissfigured started as a fun project with no intent to ever release anything.

The idea was just to write a bunch of music and play it as a hobby.
Several of the songs are actually rehashed versions of songs written in the early 00's back when we were a trio called "Twisted Coil".
What a horrible name but there was a good story behind it and and we had a bunch of internet radio play so we used it for awhile.

thousand yard stare is the first disc as Dissfigured but a second is already in the works.

This set of tracks was recorded mostly in home studios and mastered in Kraljevo Serbia of all places at a studio called AB Sound Production.

The driving force behind the home studio / outsourcing model was money but in the end, it works.
It is less refined and there are little quirks here nad there that most musicians would have punched in and refactored but leaving them in makes everything a bit more real.

Stepping away from the world of airbrushed people in magazines, we see that everyone is a little Dissfigured in real life.
(That made me cringe)
Same with music though. No over processed, auto tuned, sampled, ultra polished thing that cannot be recreated. Just the music.


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