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Παρασκευή, 1 Ιανουαρίου 2016

The Grand Astoria

The Grand Astoria is an experimental heavy psychedelic unit from St.Petersburg (Russia) under command of primal singer/songwriter Kamille Sharapodinov. The band have been very prolific since it's formation in April 2009 and already released five full-lenth albums, lots of EPs and splits (both on vinyls and CDs), toured with no rest across Europe and Russia (more than 300 shows had been played) and constantly stretched their sound boundaries which include elements of heavy metal, classic prog, space rock, fuzz grunge and even acoustic folk carefully mixed with great taste.


2009 - I (CD) Flower Punk
2010 - II (CD) Flower Punk
2011 - Omnipresence (CD) Flower Punk
2011 - Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom (7'') Setalight
2012 - To Whom It May Concern (12'' split with US Christmas) Setalight
2013 - Then You Win (7'') Setalight
2013 - Punkadelia Supreme (CD and 2LP) Setalight
2013 - Deathmarch EP (CD) Flower Punk
2014 - Who's In Charge? (CD) Flower Punk
2014 - The Body Limits (CD split with Montenegro) Flower Punk
2014 - The Process Of Weeding Out (CD) Flower Punk
2014 - La Belle Epoque (CD and LP) Setalight
2014 - Blessed, Cursed and Crucified (7'' split with Mother Mars) Desert Highways
2015 - Kobaia Express (10'' split with Samavayo) Setalight
2015 - The Mighty Few (CD and LP) Vincebus Eruptum
2015 - Soft Focus EP (CD) Flower Punk Records


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