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Παρασκευή, 20 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

CIVILIANA - Melt (New Single)

Canadian alternative rock band CIVILIANA is pleased to announce the digital release of its third single and music video of 2019 – “Melt” – which is new on all digital platforms today.
“Melt” is the final sonic piece of a three-part musical story arc – which began with the band’s previous 2019 releases “Carry a Light” and “Void” – that explores the emotions of a failed relationship and the introspection and self-destruction that follow. “Melt” is a raw and sexy track that delves into the hunger for raw intimacy that comes when one’s soul has been fully revitalized.
Calen Trentini, the band’s lead vocalist and drummer says, "Since our teenage years, we have always been intrigued by the unique textures and sounds of electronic music in our favorite tracks. ‘Melt’ was inspired in part by the film ‘Drive’, which captivated us with its electronic-heavy soundtrack. ‘Melt’ shows our influence and love of electronic music while also incorporating our alternative rock roots with tight instrumentals to lock the listener into a continual groove."
Like the band’s last two singles (“Carry a Light” and “Void”), “Melt” was developed organically by Trentini and his bandmates Daniel Ponich, Adam Wilson, and Spencer Daley at Ponich’s Park Sound Studio in North Vancouver before it went to the award-winning producing team of Matt Di Pomponio and Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Said The Whale, Sophia Danai) of Echoplant.
The release of “Melt” completes the four-piece band’s ambitious entrance into the alt-rock arena, an accomplishment made even more enjoyable by the shared nostalgia of CIVILIANA’s members who first met as teenaged friends in Kelowna, British Columbia. With initial planning already underway to record more music, the band is ready to build on its 2019 introduction by putting its new ideas towards an impactful 2020.
CIVILIANA will support the new single with a series of shows in Western Canada.
“Melt” is now available on all digital platforms.

OX - Fade Away (New Single)

Fade Away is the new single of the upcoming album Breaking Point by the german post-grunge band OX. Finding a place in today’s complex world is what drives the four members of the Karlsruhe-based Band OX. To break new ground, bold and daring, and to draw from every experience, good or bad, that’s what they expect from themselves as well as their audience. Hard riffs, melodic choruses, and memorable songs are the hallmarks of OX by which they’ve managed to create their own identity, a mix of 90s grunge and modern rock sounds. With a classic rock band lineup, OX brings to life an incredibly intense atmosphere that never fails to capture their audience especially when performing on stage.
OX was founded in 2015 by the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Simon Ochs, in part from the remainders of the Prog-Rock Band „Fire on Dawson“. As drummer Max Siegmund and bassist Niklas Reinfandt were already a perfectly matched team, taking on guitarist Nadir Zee added the final touch to the lineup.
Already one year after formation, OX released their first studio album “Rewind to Overwrite”. When it came to the songwriting, the sky was the limit, resulting in a broad variety of styles and themes. The Tidal Wave Studio was responsible for mixing and mastering was done by Grammy nominated sound engineer Robin Schmidt (i.a. The Black Keys und Beatsteaks). A series of Club gigs in southern Germany, concerts in the Mixery camp at Melt! festival and a several weeks long eastern Europe tour (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia) followed shortly after. Simultaneously, the band set to work on their second studio album “Breaking Point”, which was completed in 2019 by dint of the same production team.
Artistically notably matured, OX have not yet reached the end of their journey. The four members of the band live and breathe music and right now, they are eager to present the new album “Breaking Point” to a broad audience.


youtube.com/channel/UCbXggUGdLqmfUMhMeoMW7fw  instagram.com/oxmusicofficial 

Brevin Kim - somebody, some body (New Single)

"There are no rules," says Brevin Kim. The duo have made this their mantra and implemented it into their creations. Hailing from Boston, Brevin Kim are the embodiment of the present and future of pop culture with their genre-mixing sound that ranges from emotional piano ballads with eardrum-rattling bass to brash, modern pop songs fed through an alternative rock filter. These talented brothers are creating their own musical narrative and are here with the release of "cliff" - chapter one of a three-part project.

Featuring four songs "hangover," "pretty in pink," "somebody, some body," and "the wedding!," Brevin Kim reveal exactly why they're one to keep on your radar.

Focus track "somebody, some body" is new, exciting and breaking the mold. The sultry track is one of Brevin Kim's most direct and catchy songs to date, showing a crossover pop potential that they are beginning to tap into. Closing track "the wedding!" is produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs and comes from a different world altogether, with hard-hitting production and powerful vocals.

Cut from the same cloth as genre-bending trailblazers like grandson, Billie Eilish, and Post Malone, Brevin Kim bring emotion and honesty to this project.

On the project, Brevin Kim explain, "'cliff' is a first step. It's the beginning of Brevin Kim's journey. It will all come together when chapters two and three are released. It's do or die. We're on the edge of this cliff, are we gonna jump? Are we gonna take that risk? And if we do jump, will we land, gracefully? This chapter is four songs and not one sounds anything like the track before it, but that's on purpose. We draw inspiration from all angles and it bleeds through the music. There are no rules."

The variety in the songs on "cliff" mirrors the ups and downs of life. The duo talk about experiencing depression and anxiety, and how they-like so many others-have learned to deal with it. Every day is different for humans, sometimes you feel different emotions from hour to hour, and this fleeting nature of our feelings is reflected through the range of sounds on "cliff." 

Πέμπτη, 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Tom Cridland - Damn Right, You're My Baby (New Single)

Tom Cridland is on a mission to become the biggest pop star in the world and is releasing a single, music video and podcast episode every week indefinitely.

youtube.com/channel/UCENEAS-NS51-xUGcZmuqKqQ twitter.com/thetomcridland 

Hannah Connolly - From Where You Are (New Single)

"Hailing from the song-rich soil of Eau Claire Wisconsin, Connolly's vocals are both confident and fragile - she could be the third uncredited sister of Sweden's folk darlings First Aid Kit - or a close confidant to Americana veteran Mindy Smith.
Her debut EP Flying features 5 songs in the classic singer-songwriter tradition."
- Youa Vang, City Pages



Khashoggi is a duo based in London, formed by songwriters Jessica Craig (vocals) and Michael Webster (guitars) during Summer 2017. With influence from a plethora of artists such as Father John Misty, Weyes Blood, Lana del Rey, The Beatles, Blur and Elvis Costello; as well as classic blues and jazz artists such as Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Aretha Franklin; they produce a sound which has been described as edgy, modern and soulful, but hard to pin down to a single genre.
Jess and Michael have a long history of playing music, both have been in other bands and Jess has performed as a solo artist. She has sang for most of her life and completed a music degree in Manchester. Michael has been playing guitar for around 15 years, originally specialising in blues music before expanding to other styles. The two met whilst performing in a covers band in the West Midlands (where they originally come from) and found they shared a large number of musical (and non-musical) interests which led to the formation of Khashoggi.
Khashoggi recorded their debut album in 3 very hot days in 2018 at Orchard Studios in Crewe, which allowed them to expand their orignally raw sound to include electric guitars, drums and synthesiser. The album, entitled 'Run on Repeat' takes its name from a lyric in the song 'Losing it All', one of the most experimental songs on the album. Khashoggi are aiming for a release date for the album in Autumn 2019.
They have played all across London since forming in a number of venues. Khashoggi have also played in Italy, performing at Castaldi Festival near the Dolomite mountains in 2018. Here they met young film director Nicolet Nguyen who decided to produce a documentary following Khashoggi's journey. This was released on 13 May 2018 to a very positive reception.
The name 'Khashoggi' was selected by Jess and Michael at a pie shop near King's Cross, after one of their first writing sessions. The pair are big fans of Queen and it is taken from a track on 'The Miracle' album called 'Khashoggi's Ship'. They simply thought it was a memorable and interesting word which had meaning obvious only to them and other fans of Queen. This name did lead to some unexpected attention following the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, resulting in hits on their website from all over the world and even an interview on radio station in Dallas, Texas.


Κυριακή, 15 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Arshenic - Final Collision (2019)

Final Collision is a second LP from the Polish band Arshenic. It was recorded in September 2018 in Osso Studio in the groups hometown of Gdańsk. The album contains 8 new songs and 2 previously released tracks in the form of Monster and Unspoken (both CD only). Stylistically it is inspired by such genres as goth rock, art rock, folk, progressive rock and modern metal.
Throughout the album you will experience different styles and moods. For example, there’s a progressive ballad (Sign), uptempo rock songs (eg. Follow), doomish and progressive (Dear Remorse), both calm and heavy tracks (Madness, Cold) and an apocalyptic, complex tune (Final Collision).
The sound of the album is mainly defined by the various types of female vocals (both singing and screaming), clean and distorted guitars, diverse bass parts and dynamic drum playing with a hint of electronics, cellos and orchestral sounds in the background.
As far as lyrics are concerned, Arshenic cover topics like individualism, self-expression and inner emotional states, and are written mostly in a dark poetic manner. Also there are references to mysticism, magic and the unseen world which makes it even darker and more intriguing. You will also find references to freedom, death and resurrection.
In conclusion, Final Collision is a diverse mix of ideas in a dark style, from a group at the peak of their powers, that every fan of this type of art will be pleased with.
Final Collision | Released August 20th, 2019 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. Final Collision | 02. Dear Remorse | 03. Follow | 04. Rabbit Hole | 05. Madness | 06. Cold | 07. Sign | 08. Atari | 09. Monster | 10. Unspoken
Note: The tracks Monster and Unspoken do not appear on the MP3 download version of the album.
Arshenic are:
Oliwia Bartuś-Staszak „Ofilia” – Vocal/Lyrics | Włodzimierz Czuba „Vlad” – Electric Guitar | Marek Turło – Bass Guitar | Bartosz Staszak – Drums

Σάββατο, 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2019

Age Of Reflection - A New Dawn (2019)

In early 2013 Carl Berglund and his old bandmate Jan Skärming decided to fulfil their musical dream, writing songs reduced to its very core by 80’s rock giants. These were songs with emotional harmonies from pure British AOR, with the power of American hard rock, sprinkled with hooks from the new era of Swedish melodic rock. Joining them in the songwriting came Lars Nygren in spring 2014 (vocals), a friend of Carls since high school. When equipped with a ton of hard hitting melodic rock songs written, the missing pieces of the puzzle joined forces. They turned out to be Jonas Nordquist (lead guitar), drummer Michael Sjöö (replaced by Peppe Vikman in August 2018) and Jens Rüttgeroth on keyboards (member since October 2017). In May 2016 they picked four songs and put them onto Spotify, iTunes, and a few other places with amazing reviews and response. In August 2016, the band signed a deal with AOR Heaven for a February 2017 release, and also later with Rubicon Music Japan. “In The Heat Of The Night” was recorded at Studio Thinner, the band's own studio in Vasteras, Sweden, in the spring of 2016. It was produced by AGE OF REFLECTION but the mixing and mastering was done by Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T. a.o).
After the summer 2018, AoR started writing new music for their next album. AGE OF REFLECTIONS tried one of the new songs live at Rockingham festival, and the response was great! They went back into the studio and have now finished all the recordings. Again Erik Mårtensson has been doing the final magic on the album. “A New Dawn” will be released on September 27th, 2019 on AOR Heaven.
In November, AoR is going on a headlining tour in England supported by both A’priori and Atlas UK. After that there is H.E.A.T Festival in Germany. One of highlights in 2020, so far, is the HRH AOR festival in Wales in March.
Live dates:
6/11: Trillians Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, GB
7/11: Yardbirds Rock, Grimsby, GB
8/11: The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester, GB
9/11: Birdwell Venue, Barnsley, GB
30/11: HEAT Festival, Rockfabrik, Ludwigsburg, GER
12/3-20: HRH AOR - Chapter VIII, Vauxhall Holiday Park, Great Yarmouth, GB
Carl Berglund: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Lars Nygren: Lead Vocals
Jan Skärming: Bass, Backing Vocals
Jens Rüttgeroth: Keyboards
Jonas Nordqvist: Lead guitar, Backing Vocals
Peppe Vikman: Drums, Backing Vocals



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