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Eternal Dream - Daementia (2018)

 Eternal Dream - Daementia -1500x1500px.jpg

Eternal Dream is a Female Fronted Power Metal band with plain European influences and an epic, unique and catchy sound. The band was founded in Malaga, Spain in 2008.
In 2012 the first album, “The Fall of Salanthine”, was released and gained a lot of great feedback from the media. Several live shows with known Spanish bands followed.
Since then, the six-piece hasn't stopped improving their live shows and song-writing skills, and continued to release new singles and EP's which gained Eternal Dream a solid fan base.
“Daementia” is the name of the second Eternal Dream full-length album which will be released on Pride & Joy Music on December 7th, 2018. It offers a full concept in which artwork, music and lyrics are parts of a whole.
The spectre of emotions and feelings in a human being transport us to her psyche using C. Lewis work “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There”, it’s sociocultural context, different versions (TV, movies, video games…) to give the band’s work it’s own identity and lore. “Daementia” connects the listener with different feelings and evokes memories.
The compositions developed and now have a more smashing and direct power metal sound. Each song represents a feeling or a mental state, identifying characters or paragraphs created by C. Lewis, leading into a different atmosphere for each song. This results in a journey through mind guided by the music, drawings and literature. The artwork designed by singer Ana Moronta completes its perception.
“Daementia” was mixed and mastered by one of the best Spanish producers, Dani G, in Dynamita Studios (Asturias) who’s best known for his work with bands such as Darksun and Last Days Of Eden.

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Buckets Rebel Heart - 20 Good Summers (2018)

Buckets_Rebel_Heart-20_Good_Summers 3000x3000.jpg

Buckets Rebel Heart is the new band formed by ex Bad Company and Humble Pie guitarist Dave "Bucket" Colwell, along with former 720 & New Torpedoes drummer, Paul "Taff" Edwards. The line-up is completed by lead vocalist Jim Stapley and bass player Dave "Boycie" Boyce, previously of The Quireboys.

December 7th, 2018 sees the release of the band’s debut album 20 GOOD SUMMERS via Pride & Joy Music, showcasing 12 songs written by Colwell and Edwards. Mixed in Nashville, by Grammy Award Winner Ben Fowler, the album also features vocal contributions from Mollie Marriott and Rick "Georgia Satellites" Richards, among others. Hit the Song tab to hear three songs from the album.

The band made their live debut in June, going down a storm at the SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL 2018 – go to Youtube to see some great footage from the show, plus the official video for the song "Rebel Heart".

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Born Again - True Heavy Nation (2018)

BORN AGAIN - True Heavy Nation_3000x3000px.jpg

BORN AGAIN is a French Heavy Metal band which originally was formed in 2016, set on creating a melodic and heavy sound enlivened by a strong vocal performance.
The result is a mix between 1970’s and 1980’s bands like Motörhead, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath. Their first album “Strike With Power” received very good feedback all around the world.
The sophomore release “True Heavy Nation” now is the first album on Pride & Joy Music and will be released on December 7th, 2018.
Stan W. Decker (Primal Fear, Ross The Boss, Stryper) designed the artwork. The mix was handled by Pierre-Emmanuel Péllison at Studio PE in Besancon, France.
Line-up: Chris (guitars), Thierry (vocals), Pich (drums), Christopher (bass)

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March In Arms - March In Arms (2018)

Self Titled Art.jpg

Sioux Falls, South Dakota's MARCH IN ARMS will reissue their self-titled debut album on CD with two live bonus tracks on November 20. The band's "thrashy military power metal" is riff-centric and infused with impeccable melodic sensibility. Enormous riff crunch, soaring leads, and a tight, driving rhythm section join sonorous lead vocals in creating songs that hit like a battering ram and leave a lasting a impression with hooks galore!

It's no surprise then that MARCH IN ARMS lists the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Pantera, and Judas Priest as influences in creating first class modern American metal.


Ryan Knutson-Vocals, guitar
Scott McGuire-Bass, vocals
Jon Parker-Guitar
Phil Mueller-Drums
Sheldon Swan-Guitar



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Circle Creek - Past presents Future (2018)

Just in time for the 35th anniversary of the band and also on the occasion of their september 2018 Balkan tour, CIRCLE CREEK are offering their first appetizer for the upcoming re-release of the 2013 released album "ANGER" and the long awaited new CD "The World Is On Fire" . Both will be available in all stores very soon. "Past presents Future "combines all the qualities of CIRCLE CREEK as a mixture of Stoner, Hard'n Heavy, Grunge etc. and shows once again that you can not assign the band to a single drawer either in the past or in their new material what simply makes the charm of each song. Already the Opener "Creatures" awakens with its fastforward heavy rock and high spirits. Lyrically Circle Creek get it to the point. The thought-provoking midtempo number killing factories is a clear admonition, thematically geared to dealing with resources and animal welfare." D.R.U.G.S" ironically rejects any kind of drug abuse and sounds like a blend of modern heavy metal and traditional hard rock. The lyrics speak for themselves. With the midtempo rocker Going Nowhere, the situation of hereditary guilt is discussed, from which our protagonist is able to break out. Fast, sometimes moderate, but always energetic, "Past presents Future" is a powerful statement of where and what CIRCLE CREEK stands for in 2018.

Founded in 1983 by the twins Chris and Didier Zirkelbach, CIRCLE CREEK quickly gained national recognition. As support for Status Quo, Scorpions, Blackfoot etc. the band soon got well known in the hard rock and metal scene. Legendary is their appearance at the 1985 event Opus & Friends. In the 1990s, Circle Creek released various demos and EPs with changing lineups, which unfortunately are all out of print today. After quieter times, the Graz twins returned in 2013, a new beginning and Chris took over from this point the job of the lead singer. The resulting album ANGER as well as the video were mostly received favorably by the press and fans. There followed countless concerts all over Europe. In 2015 Hannes Ritl took over the management of the band As a result of this collaboration, CIRCLE CREEK signed a long-term record deal with the German label NRTRecords. The foundation for this cooperation was laid by the single "Going Nowhere" 2018, a new take on the classic. Orpheus Blade frontwoman Adi Bitran can be heard here as a special guest. Preparing for the upcoming album "The World Is On Fire" and a re-issue of "Anger", NRT-Records publishes the EP "Past presents Future" on time for the 35th anniversary of the band on the 5th of October.


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Bad Bullet - Use The Energy (2018)

BAD BULLET unleashes with their debut a heavy load of Alternative Rock, which is quite divers, but also fun. With the new album "Use the Energy" the young Austrians present a well-made thunderstorm, beginning with hot power rock, which runs down as powerful grunge again and again. Many tracks invite you to follow the catchy melodies and passionate singing. Whether power ballad anthem or simple and pure tunes, BAD BULLET has a lot to offer. The band holds on to a classic rock instrumentation. However, the wheel is not reinvented here, and the guys from Styria will cheer fans of the genre. "Use the Energy" was produced by Nino Margrave, on 08.06.2018 on NRT records show.

BAD BULLET was founded 2017 by lead guitarist and songwriter Gernot Neumann, as well as the guitarist and singer Manuel Schlögl founded the Band in Styra Austria. After some initial difficulties the sheet turned with drummer Steven Scherr and bassist Michael Jursche. A harder sound, new rehearsal room and new contacts were helpful for exciting performances in their home country. At the end, it was the convincing performance in the Audio Assault Studios, that the newcomers signed a record contract with the committed German independent label NRT-Records.
The debut album "Use the Energy" serves a satisfying symbiosis of the work of various legends of rock music. Right at the beginning with "Never Give Up" and "free" Nickelback as an influence shines through. "Judgment Day" and "Use the Energy" show parallels to Metallica and by "Follow Your Dream" should please fans of the Foo Fighters. "Use the Energy" also provides optimism to direct that the mood for summer on the right track.

The intros of Gernot Neumann pushes the listener forward right into Manuel Schlögl’s screaming voice.


This feeling extends over the first four songs before the band for the first time, turns out to their versatility. With "Judgment Day", "Kill the boss" and "Last Chance" it’s getting harsh, dark but also a bit quieter. With this variety the album holds a certain tension without, however, losing balance.
As the title of the album "Use the Energy" already suggests, the band would regularly create motivating appeals to the listener, to believe in himself and to follow his dreams. The best example is the song "Never Give Up", which the guys name their band anthem, not for nothing. The powerful chrods of guitarist and bassist Michael Jursche Gernot Neumann are pushing the track extremely forward, while Manuel Schlögl with his energetic vocals drives up the number of Watts. Similar power arises in the title track, which is articulated very aggressiv. The from time to time rising summer-feeling is getting near short. For example, in the dystopian "Judgment Day", the rebellious "Kill The Boss" or "poison in the organic world" BAD BULLET shows the critical view on things that went wrong in this world. Otherwise with the evocation of values like freedom, environmental awareness and friendship an optimistic impression prevails.

BAD BULLET shows a solid base on their debut album "Use the Energy”. Even if you don't expect it,this young band jumps out from shadows of their idols, especially at live performances. A positive trend for the future. The boosting Alternative Rock with many good possibilities to sing along, as well as a pinch of darkness, reveals a high potential, not only in their home-country.


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The KRP (Keith Reid Project) - In My Head (2018)

RV-KR-002 Frontcover.jpg

Keith Reid & Gary Brooker founded Procol Harum in 1967. In the same year A Whiter Shade Of Pale became a world hit. While Gary was the rockstar, the voice & face of Procol Harum, Keith was the poet and artworker who preferred to hide in the dark. At most, he flitted over a video clip for a few seconds. Soon he decided to stay off stage and wasn't seen there for some decades. Quite a unique phenomenon in the rock scene. Anyway the band's classics, their musical, lyrical and artistic entirety – such as Homburg, A Salty Dog or Grand Hotel - would be unthinkable without Keith Reid.
„In My Head“ is released under the banner "The KRP" (Keith Reid Project). It is Keith's second solo album after „The Common Thread“ (2009). The album contains a fine collection of soulful songs that Keith composed together with Anders Widmark, Rob Wassermann, Anthony Krizan, Matt Noble, John Waite (famous for „Missing You“) and Steve Booker (writer of Duffy's 2008 hit „Mercy“). Six singers are featured on the Album: John Waite, Steve Booker, Anthony Krizan, Jeff Young, Chris Merola & last but not least on four songs, the young and talented Maya Saxell.
For appetizers, check out „Ten More Shows“ or In „My Head“.

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Dominoe - The Lost Radio Show (2018)

 Dominoe - The Lost Radio Show 1500x1500.jpg

The Past

1988. The debut single from a previously unknown Hard Rock band dominates the singles charts for many weeks. The track is called “Here I Am” and well-known from a Renault-5 TV commercial. Many TV show performances and intense touring all over Europe followed for the band DOMINOE.

The Present

2018. DOMINOE now since 30 years have been producing new albums every now and then – whenever they had fun to enter the studio again. The forces behind are mastermind Robert Papst on guitars and singer Jörg Sieber. “The Lost Radio Show“ now will be released in November and is the 6th album by this group. The content: the long lost studio live session recordings for a radio show from 2008. The „Tapes“

Originally recorded for a British radio show in 2008, parts of these recordings got lost at the time because of a hard disk crash. The planned radio show never happened and the incomplete „tapes“ ended up in the archives. By surprise, Robert Papst discovered these “tapes” again in the year 2018. Most of the tracks were used and only the really lost tracks now have been newly recorded. The result: The Lost Radio ShowThe Music

Guitars. Keyboards. Bass. Drums. A lot of great voices. And the classic instruments of the Mainstream Rock genre. Former band members and longtime musical friends helped to complete the recordings. The new release covers the atmosphere from the original sessions and offers a state of the art production, too. The 15 tracks cover songs from all five Dominoe albums and will take you onto a journey back to the year 2008. Grammy winner Gavin Lurssen, L.A. handled the mastering. Line-up: Jörg Sieber – Lead Vocals; Robert Papst – Guitars; Günter Skitschak – Guitars; Christian Birawsky - Drums, Backing Vocals; Henner Malecha - Bass ; Eddie Daum – Keyboards; Ed Straker – Keyboards; Janina Dietz – Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals; Grazia Satler – Backing Vocals; Jane Bogaert – Backing Vocals; Timo Kresslein –Backing Vocals, Percussions

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Dominoe-148090385238394/


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