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GEMINI EYE - Murdered Arc Remains

Gemini Eye is the musical project of Gem, a musician, producer, performer and visual artist from Croydon, South London. 

A potted history of Gemini Eye: In 2012, Gem started recording music in the basement of the abandoned government building in central Croydon where they live dat the time. The project grew into a psychedelic lo-fi noise pop record, recorded in the basement (giving the entire record its distinctive roomy sound) during 2012-2013. At this time,Gem was also playing drums for doom quartet Mount, who rehearsed in the same space. 

The following years were spent working on larger collaborative musical projects including:
●Singer, co-writer, The Upper World
●Produced The Upper World's debut single, ​It's Hard To Operate A Zip When You're Burning​, one of Jim Cambo from Freshonthenet's 'best tracks of 2019'
●Musical director and arranger for an experimental opera, Anat Ben-David's Kairos​, performed internationally and at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
●Drums and piano on the Cannonball Statman record Playing Dead​ ,plus engineering and producing their subsequent, as yet unreleased album. 

In 2018, Gem started working as a studio assistant at a recording studio in central London, where--secretly, after closing hours--the majority of ​Murdered Arc Remains was recorded over an eight month period.

Gem is non-binary, but as with previous projects like The Upper World, the intention has never been to make the visibility of their queer identity a priority or a feature ."I definitely think my non-binary-ness is inherent in the work that I make. Particularly the new record...it's about how language is a structure that we depend upon but also are limited by . Like, there are always things between words that we can't express, which is why we have music and visual art and stuff. But we depend so much on language every day, and it gets us into trouble. This record is full of songs about people not being able to understand emails or letters for some reason, and being unable to communicate in all sorts of ways. It's a romanticisation, or even a glorification, of the struggle to even identify as a human, the problems our incredible complexity brings."

The record release has been preceded by two single releases:

The Devil
The Devil seems at first to be an innocuous folk ballad àla Fleet Foxes--an innocent melody carried along by baritone ukulele and gentle harmonies asks nakedly:"I can only see the good in you...do you believe there's good in me? "A cloud of voices forms as the defences one puts up against society are cautiously lowered; now we are "unembarrassed and de-stigmatised". We feel safe, comfortable, and ready to begin. And so it begins;a volte-face into a thrilling electro-acoustic tapes try that lays out the predominant concern of the entire record--the closer you examine the meaning of things, the further away their true meaning gets.

The opening track on said record, the warped and awesome​ Murdered Arc Remains​,it is an intricately constructed leap forward from the lo-fi chamber pop of Gemini Eye's 2013 debut album​ The Is Of Being​. Structured more closely to the beginnings of an acid trip than any traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus-fade, it explodes the components of a contemporary rock song, freezes them in mid-air, and zooms through the glittering fragments suspended in the fading autumn light. 

Lyrically, The Devil is a suitable overture for a record filled with vulnerable protagonists, plagued by dark spirits beyond their comprehension. As the beat drops, the humans in this track become possessed, doomed to struggle with the infinite meanings and implications of their smallest actions. In the chorus, they fumble around for an explanation for what they have brought up on them selves-- "You tore a new one in the long day's heart...you fractured meaning in a way that can't be saved". Nothing will ever be the same, and there is no going back. This is a song about people toying with powerful new forces, and with The Devil,Gemini Eye has crafted a song that summons those forces in exquisite, vibrant detail.

The Hierophant 
At a party, you see someone you know making new friends, and giving off the air of being more important than you know they actually are. The party gets going. Everyone’s getting into altered states.Your acquaintance is in the smoking are a holding forth to their new friends. They're talking nonsense. They're behaving like an idiot.You're drunk.You know you shouldn't say anything...The hierophant is traditionally a deeply holy figure, an interpreter of sacred mysteries.In a tarot deck, the hierophant card represents everything righteous ands acred, opportunities for learning, and the wisdom of tradition--characters the person in this song will never possess, no matter how hot they drink their Lucozade. But then, are you any better for confronting them? 

With its bright, fuzzed out guitars, sampled choirs and scuzzy kitchen sink percussion, this is a warped party track for people who struggle at parties. It heats up into a reverberant confrontation, only to sli pblissfully into a next ended piano funk outrowith fragments of our protagonist’s voice at its most shrill and accusatory flickering in and out of memory.

Instagram: ​@whoops_uhoh
Twitter: ​@whoops_uhoh
Bandcamp: ​https://geminieye.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: ​https://soundcloud.com/geminieye

Παρασκευή, 3 Απριλίου 2020

PHARMACOSE - Checked Out

Pharmacose has been around since late 2017, when Wes Jones, singer and rhythm guitarist, met Lu Rubino, their producer and bassist. Wes had some songs he wanted to record, and one of his friends recommended Lu Rubino. They recorded those songs under the name Digital Array. They ended up pulling that record and changing their name to Pharmacose. Lu had known Albert Cruz, their drummer, so they added him. Wes later met Kevin Horne, and he came aboard to play lead guitar. So they reworked some of those songs and wrote some new ones.

Checked Out is Pharmacose's latest single.Wes Jones says: "It's about how I felt during that time in my life when I was recovering from a manic episode that I had been through a few months prior. My medication regimen hadn’t been optimized, so I wasn’t feeling bad, but I wasn’t feeling very good either. It’s is about escapism, be it through video games or social media, and avoiding the real world. And that’s kind of what I did during the early days after that episode."


Τετάρτη, 1 Απριλίου 2020

GOLDENBLOOM - (Great) Britain

Formed back in May 2019, goldenbloom is made up of the howling vocals of Jordan Walker strung out over the wailing guitar of Will Young and hard-hitting drums of Justas Pugaciauskas. The band have been grinding out songs in Will’s home studio in North West London. 

Following the release debut LP LOVE and the addition of bassist Johnny Brock, goldenbloom have been hard at work on their follow-up single ‘(Great) Britain.’ A song loosely tiptoeing around the idea of a post-Brexit Britain, mocking how clueless and disillusioned the country has become. A furiously stompy and fist clenching belter, (Great) Britain proves that goldenbloom aren’t a one-trick-pony and have more tricks up their sleeve.

Following the success of the title track LOVE, after being featured on Spotify’s New Punk Tracks playlist, the London band have gained 13k streams since its release: and the band are booking gigs in Cambridge and Brighton ready to take their music out to the rest of (Great) Britain.


Τρίτη, 31 Μαρτίου 2020

REISM - Dysthymia

Reism are a Norwegian metal band that has evolved over the years from a studio project to a full band. They are known for their down-tuned brooding energy, with melancholic melodies and heart-wrenching vocal lines. Kirsten Jørgensen’s powerful voice dominates the dark soundscape of metal riffs blended with industrial noise, catchy choruses and soaring melodies. 

Dysthymia is a mood disorder consisting of the same cognitive and physical problems as depression, with less severe but longer-lasting symptoms. Reism felt this title reflected the feel and lyrical content of this album with songs that focus on theme’s such as betrayal, depression, and self identity. 

This album refines all the elements the band have previously combined. Interweaving them seamlessly in an intricate web of organised chaos.

“Tight as the screws in Frankenstein’s neck. Somewhere slightly similar to Evanescence in line up and Within Temptation for theatrics, Reism have something that most others bands don't, they're intriguing.” AJJ - Glasswork.co.uk

“It's dark, it's sexy, with an energetic thirst that keeps you engaged. This isn't background music.This is brilliantly sequenced, moody and dynamic.” SA - Devolution Magazine #15

“Reism blew me away! They look like a well-oiled V8, pounding along the motorway at 9,000 rpm’s. The mixture of powerful drumming, menacing guitars, dark synth lines and Kirsten’s angelic vocals create a maelstrom of chaotic, yet well orchestrated fury. I thoroughly enjoyed this gig and can’t wait or more.” Paul Reay - Digital Noise Magazine #23

Band Members:
Tom Poole - Kerr - Guitar, Programming
Kirsten Jørgensen - Vocals
Wolfgang Ognøy - Drums
Stein Sjurseth - Guitar
Kim Lund - Bass

Κυριακή, 29 Μαρτίου 2020


Catalina Skies’ edgy brand of indie pop makes them impossible not to dance to. And their catchy choruses make them impossible to forget.

Their sound is jam packed with stick-in-your-head guitar riffs, rolling drum solos and touches of keys through a synthesizer. Combined this with strong, gritty vocals, enticing harmonies and unique lyrics, Catalina Skies mixes musical story telling with fun beats and high energy melodies. 

It all started when Craig met Chris at the media agency they worked. A disagreement started over work drinks about a claim that the lyrics within ‘Ice Cream’ by Australian band Muscles are the greatest lyrics written, uncovered their joint love of music’s incredible narrative power. Joined by Sean on the way, and inspired by artists like Enter Shikari, Foo Fighters and The Strokes, Cataline Skies quickly developed their own sound.

Fear King Kong is their latest release.. It is an emotionally charged track about despair and feelings of anxiety turning into feelings of hope. If you enjoy music from Nothing but Thieves and The Cure, you’ll love Catalina Skies.

Band Members:
Craig Surace (lead vocals and guitar)
Chris Macmorland (lead guitar)
Sean Hanrahan (drums) and 
Liam Priestnall (bass)


Σάββατο, 28 Μαρτίου 2020

Lyena - Headlines

The band formed in late 2018 after being introduced to each other at mutual friend's show. Having quickly realised they all had a passion for fast, energetic music - they decided to hire a practice room the next day.

Lyena channel the views of angsty millennials, and tell stories about everything from social media and gender divide to homelessness, self-entitlement and loss. Their strong messages are presented in a playful, tongue in cheek manner, and see each song as part of a wider storytelling universe that they create, with characters and narratives intertwining.

Headlines is Lyena’s second single and reflects modern society’s relationship with clickbait news and meaningless headlines, all told from the perspective of a narrator who feels disconnected from the world around him. Lyena use sarcasm and dry wit blended with powerful hooks in an angst-driven, tongue-in-cheek track oozing with slick riffs and raw energy.

Having made a name for themselves on London's underground scene, Lyena have played shows throughout the UK and Ireland. The band have a string of dates coming up, including a show at the basement in Chelmsford on the 11th of April, the Unicorn in Camden on the 15th of April, and Paper Dress Vintage in London on the 12th of June.


Παρασκευή, 27 Μαρτίου 2020


THE JAMÓNS are a Los Angeles-based rock and roll group made up of longtime friends, Brandt Shandera, Chris Glaab, Nicholas Romero, and Kennedy (aka Jack Kennedy Herkel). Their influences come  from rock and roll, punk, blues, garage, and ska, combining a masterful instrumentation with playful lyrics.

They have just released their new single "Mommy Long Legs" , which is about a beautiful woman with very long legs, who is greedy for material things. In this track you can find all  the energy that the band has become famous for while performing live. This song makes you wanna dance endlesly. The sound production is great too.

THE JAMÓNS are releasing two more singles over the next few weeks, and then they’ll be working on more new material. They’ll also have some live shows coming up this year. Their all-out live show has best been described as “a slam-bang rock and roll party!”


THE GRENADINES - Band On The Radio (2020)

The Grenadines is ready with their second full-length record ‘Band on The Radio’ on CD & LP.

In the 3,5 years since releasing their debut album, The Grenadines have been writing and recording new material. On the debut album there were two dogmas: Do not say no to ideas, and let the recordings and songwriting happen quick and instantly. The dogmas has been put aside and the band have worked in depth with song and text writing and experimented with the recordings until the right sound was there. The result is a more detailed and mature album.

On this new release, the Copenhagen based band is leaning towards the big rock and folk heroes such as Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler among others.
The lyrics’ point of departure is the calm and resilient man in the midst of the changing and uncertain time in the world. Directed at an indisputable and universal truth: we live in a tiny fraction of eternity. Therefore, according to The Grenadines, you owe world to reflect on things that are bigger than yourself and more than now and here.

The music is grounded and straightforward, and the mix of ballads, highway hymns and late summer tunes sends references across the history of rock music. The listener of classical rock will undoubtedly be drawn in by The Grenadines' aesthetics.

Together with bassist Dennis Debannic and guitarist / producer Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt, the band with the two lead singers Laurits Emanuel and Morten Fillipsen has made an album as a unified band - an album made for the car radio driving 70 mph on the highway.



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