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Δευτέρα, 16 Μαρτίου 2015

Tijuana Bullfight - Southern California (2014)

Already finding the radar with their debut, the SoCal Sludge
rockers Tijuana Bullfight are back with sophomore release
"Southern California."
Born out of Los Angeles, California (SoCal), Tijuana Bullfight
captures the loud, fast, free, sun burnt spirit of west coast rock.
Originating their Southern California Sludge with influences
from beachside punk and LA underground Alt/Rock, they fuse
the rumble and fuzz of cranked-up MesaBoogies, and drums
tuned down to a thunderous low.
For "Southern California," the band split studio time between
Scott Weiland's Lavish Studios and the iconic Entourage
Studios. The record was produced by the band, along with the
late legendary Mike Shipley, who worked feverishly to achieve
the signature SLUDGE sound for which the band is known.
Mix was handled by Rae Dileo.

Advice for fans of Nirvana, Rage, Soundgarden or QOTSA –
pile into the old Camaro, crank up the stereo and head to the
beach... Just make sure you do it with some Tijuana Bullfight
blasting! Check it out - HERE


Κυριακή, 15 Μαρτίου 2015

Misconducters - Boundless (2015)

The Misconducters started in early 2008 in England, where Den, its founder, lived for almost 10 years, recently returning to live in Brazil, where he got together with local musicians for a new incarnation of the power trio.
The idea has always been to make a sound free from fashions or trends. The lyrics cover a wide range of topics on human (mis) behaviour and play a fundamental role in Misconducters’ music.
They played extensively in the UK including support to bands like Discharge and Midway Still plus many other top notch underground bands of different genres.
The discography comprises 4 EPs and 3 albums, "Boundless" being the latest. The official release date was 17th February 2015 thanks to the collective efforts of the following labels/distros: Terceiro Mundo Chaos, Metal Reunion, Bagaça Records and Denfire Records.
Further info: 

Σάββατο, 14 Μαρτίου 2015

Anthology - The Prophecy (2014)

First musical resonance from Slovak band has started already in year 2008. At very beginning of Anthology there was nobody else than the main representative – composer and guitarist – Majo “Mathias” Gonda with assistance of former member – bass guitarist Ján Ki?in. There was no lack of young boldness and determination even in beginnings, with the only difference that Anthology was able to gradually contract into their ranks real player quality. Due to their age it abounded with the immense talent. 
First stable lineup of Anthology has signed to birth of demo "Exitus"and contained these names: Alexandra Hírešová – vocal, Majo “Mathias” Gonda – guitar, Miro “Morety” Grman – guitar, Ján Ki?in – bass, Martin “Maarty” Solárik – keyboards and Peter “Pepo” Pleva – drums. Song “Exitus” already in that time pointed on clear facts: great melody, nicely sounding guitar lines, rhythmic accuracy but mostly it was big promise for future years. Sound was handled by Vladimír Povala. The ultimate in this piece “Exitus” was band’s participation in one of the biggest Slovak festivals – Terchovský Budzogá?, where Anthology played support for Czechoslovak fixed stars Olympic and Desmod.
The band, with some kind of inertia, played local concerts, which was good but not enough to move forward. It needed to write material with more global importance. After extremely hard times and lot of personal turbulences between 2012 and 2013, where singer Alexandra has returned twice to band, she was replaced with charming Raylyn Shayde in 2013. During this year Anthology wanted to bring lot of elements to their work through new album, which would help to stop Anthology being considered as young starting band. 

Project of emerging album "The Prophecy" directly established concept, which was based on specific strategy and that was determined by quality of single songs. Lineup to “The Prophecy” : Raylyn Shayde – vocal, Majo „Mathias“ Gonda – guitar, Miro „Morety“ Grman – guitar, Marek „Marc“ Štech – bass/ screamo, Martin „Maarty“ Solárik - keyboards a Peter „Pepo“ Pleva – drums. „The Prophecy” was considered as breakthrough album from the beginning. This piece welded single members together; production was handled by Vladimír Povala and mainly Michal Jankuliak (EagleHeart). Mix was undertaken by well-known Roland Grapow (ex.Helloween, Masterplan).
After unofficial release, publicity with global meaning has started to revolve around Anthology. “The Prophecy” scores partial achievements not only in local fan base but also in Japan, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic and in countries of Latin America. Half year after release of this album, Anthology integrates into accepted musical ensembles in their home country in sympho-power metal genre with an ambition to succeed not only in Slovakia…


Δευτέρα, 2 Μαρτίου 2015

The Remnants - The Remnants (2014)

Since 2009, the Remnants have been a growing force in the music industry, each member influenced by a different musical genre and brought together by their continued love of performing. The Remnants are four year Gathering of the Vibes veterans and have also taken the stage at venues such as the 2013 and 2014 Woodstock Reunion at Yasgur’s Farm and the Legendary Toad's Place. In 2014 the band recorded and released their debut album, simply titled “The Remnants”. The band’s mix of original material along with their unique take on cover material provides an unforgettable and exciting experience at every show.

Josh Lopez: Bass/Vocals
Jeremiah Regimbald: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Jeffrey Summa: Guitar/Vocals
Jason Smith: Saxophone
Gordon Smith: Percussion
Jason Hoyt: Drums


Κυριακή, 1 Μαρτίου 2015

Ravages Of Time (R.O.T.)


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