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The band started as an idea between Ricky and Mashana back in 2017. Rick and Mashana knew each other but they didn't call each friends back then. That was until they were put in the group tasked with completing a final year project. During this time working together, they became very good friends and they discovered that they were IN LOVE with the same band: Knuckle Puck. Their adoration for this band and their "Copacetic" Record made them toy around with the idea of jamming together once they had finished their final year project. Then, life happened. They graduated, moved back to their homes and they got jobs and responsibilities. A couple months later, Mashana hit Ricky up, told him about the songs and sent a couple. He was impressed and they decided to meet to talk it through. Fast forward to a couple months later, they recorded their first single called "Miraculous". That song attracted the attention of their drummer Oliver who slid into their dms and asked to audition and became a part of the band. They've gone on to release 3 more singles after that and record a full length LP scheduled to be released in May 17.

The bands collective influences are Knuckle Puck, the Story So Far, Tiny Moving Parts, Say Anything, Mallory Knox, Touche Amore, Gold Route. They've played small gigs around London from 2018 to 2019. Their single "Miraculous" has been featured on BBC introducing and other independent Radio shows.

Their new single Fog was recorded in the bedroom of their talented producer and close friend Takahide George. He mixed, mastered and engineered the whole thing. It's a triumphant sounding rock anthem about overcoming negativity and self doubt. The song was sparked Ricky's (guitarist) feelings of frustration at people's lack of positivity towards his passion for music and for the band. This lack positivity was taking a toll on him and he wanted to write a song that would fight back against that lack of positivity.

Band Members:
Mashana Malowa (Lead Vocalist)
Ricky Thompson (Lead Guitaris)
Oliver Cartwright (Drummer)


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TOKYO AND ROSE - Troublemaker

The three band members met at university in London. While Jamie (vocals/bass) is British, guitarist Mahnoor and drummer Pitt are Pakistani and Thai respectively. They moved to London, a city with one of the best music scenes in the world, to fulfill their dreams of creating music in a way they wouldn't have been able to in their home countries. After forming Tokyo and Rose in late 2017, the band set about on focusing their similar-yet-diverse musical tastes which allowed them to spread their wings creatively. Their original, electrifying music is embodied by not only their latest single Troublemaker, but also their other nine songs that make up their debut album, which is to be released in late 2020.

Their main influences are bands like Muse, Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood.The band have played gigs across many notable venues including Camden Assembly and Notting Hill Arts Club. They will also be going on a UK support tour in October with American rock band Enuff Z'nuff.

Troublemaker is a synth-heavy, bass-driven track with crunchy guitar lines and melodic vocals that combine together to form anultra-modern rock banger. The lyrics are about fitting in to a new social environment while also trying to maintain relationships fromthe past.It's a song born from the earliest Tokyo and Rose jam sessions. After the band set out to refine their ideas, the result produced a catchy, synth-heavy, alt-rock banger 

Band Members:
Jamie Fabian-Hunt - Vocals and Bass
Mahnoor Pirzada - Guitar
Pitt Vitheethum - Drums


EMERALD DREAM - Acheron Galaxy

Emerald Dream is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Athens, Greece, formed in 2016.

Their first demo EP Emerald Dream was released this year and brings to the table a sound which is pretty diverse due to the different musical background and influences of each band member, ranging from 70s classic rock bands like Black Sabbath and Scorpions to metal bands like Iron Maiden, Blind Guardian and even Opeth or Therion, among others.

All these influences combined together resulted in their first demo EP which contains songs with a strong rock/metal backbone and enriched with elements from blues, classical, jazz or other genres.Their songs cover a plethora of subjects, often containing fantasy elements with underlying meanings about the human nature or the current state of society.

Band Members:
Panos - Vocals, 
Chris - Guitar, 
Christina - Piano, 
Lefteris - Bass, 
Alex - Drums



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SAUCE - All Of Us

Sauce formed in Salford in 2016 via founder members George Stead and Henry Lewis, and previous member Sean McKay. Bassist Lewis Rushton joined not long after. After a year of gigging Sean left and current lead singer Dean Molyneux joined after they found him on a website looking to join a band. The band's main influences are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and The Doors.

They have played two gigs to France, one in Paris in an empty basement of a pizza restaurant, and then a full sell out show in a bar as part of God Save Clermont.They appeared in festivals such as YNOT, Kendal Calling 2017,Highest Point and Bingley Weekender 2019. They’ve supported some top bands including Tempesst, Kev, Jonny Brown and the Twisted Wheel. In Manchester they’re working their way through the venues and have headlined (and sold out) Eagle Inn, Jimmys, YES Basement and Night and Day. Soup Kitchen is next. Their new single All of Us premiered on local Manchester station XS Manchester, played out to the breakfast show, they have also appeared on BBC Introducing Lancashire and Rochdale Revolution Radio. 

All of Us was recorded in Macclesfield with Jake Evans and it took them 3 days. All Of Us is about coming together in desperate times, when everything seems to be falling down around you. It's all about escapism , both lyrically and in its music video, which is an animated blockbuster that depicts the band being sent on a wild ride to the moon in a rock(et) powered car.

Band Members:
Dean Molyneux (vocals)
Henry Lewis (lead guitar)
George Stead (drums)
Lewis Rushton (Bass)


Πέμπτη 23 Απριλίου 2020


Sweet Tooth is a San Diego-bred high energy three-piece pop-rock soon-to-be disco-punk experience. An equal threeway collaboration between Jacob Schrimpf, Kevin Bingham and Trevor Barber, where the music and the show come first.

Here is an interview with the band, about their work and their new single Wind Me Up. 

Who are the band members and what do they play? 
Jacob plays the cheetar, Trevor plays the base, Kevin bangs on pigskins 

How and where did you get together? 
High school detention enemies 

What are the band's main influences?
Filling empty spaces in our souls, learning, creating future classic, 1960s vintage cars and lingerie, steamy cocoa

Have you played any notable gigs, festivals or other events? Likewise radio or TV appearances? 
Kaaboo Del Mar, NBC/Universal SoundDiego TV Segement, Radio: 91x, ALT949, ROCK1053 iHeartRadio interviews and plays. 

Are there any other interesting or amusing happenings – no matter how small – that the band have been involved withthat would be of interest to those who like your music? 
Well there's this one local bagel shop in our hometown, and the owner is really funny. He calls his shop a dictatorship and you have to follow the rules. Once we saw him kick people out because they were taking too long to order and he was busy (2 minutes). He doesn't do anything for anyone (other than provide amazing high quality bagels). But he's an OG. Well... one time he let us hang a poster in his window. That's love. 

Do you have any favourable quotes from previous reviews of the band that you'd be happy to share?
They said Kevin sounds like John Bonham, which we don't bring up cause Kev definitely loved that. Also, they said Jacob sounds like "smooth transcedence." Oh, actually, one place called us derivative. Most people wouldn't find that favourable, but I like the word. Also, our biggest following outside CA is in the UK: Birmingham, Gloucester, Essex, Manchester, Sheffield. At least that's what Spotify and Apple Music say... and out instaGROM following too.

Where was the single recorded and who was involved in its production?
Recorded in an underground studio called Ronin Studios by Sonic. You won't find it online because it's illegal. They dug and built itin an area they didn't own and have to walk through a tunnel to get into it. Can't tell you his name either or you might reveal critical details to sources that don't care about his existence. Also, our friend Gabe did some vocals and guitar on this record. Gabe's in a band called Digital Lizards of Doom. He's got a sweet afro.

Is there a particular ethos behind the single or any particular music styles or events that inspired it?
Prying pirates, liquid gold.

Can you briefly describe what the song is about?
It's about a girl, lads, c'mon.

Were there any notable or amusing happenings surrounding the recording/production of the single? As above, list whatever might be of relevance.
Erm, hmm. We met a lot of girls and boys because of it. People are sweet to meet.

Please provide a one or two-line personal quote that can be attributed to a band member, about either the band themselves or the release.
Obviously the more eye-catching this is the better.Jacob likes to say I'm as soft as a square of downy supreme.

Sweet Tooth is just a band that wantsto get on stage and rock it.


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LIVING DEAD STARS - Living Dead Stars

Originally founded by M.Nox in London in 2016, now based in Southern California after joining forces with guitarist Spencer Conley, Living Dead Stars is a Melodic Hard Rock band citing influence from Avenged Sevenfold, System Of a Down, Five Finger Death Punch, and Stone Sour, as well as elements of film score style orchestrations and Linkin Park style electronica. Living Dead Stars is a perfect union of heavy aggressive guitars and drums with grooving bass, melodic vocals, and symphonic synths.

After completing a tour in the U.S. Southwest in 2017 the band took a break to focus on finishing a full length album and took on some new members including former drummer of Benediction Ashley Guest, bassist Jon Blackwell and lead guitarist Michael Zamora. Now with the band revamped and rebooted and their self-titled debut album they head out to Europe for a 2020 tour! 

Through determination, a love for life and music, and a hunger for success, Living Dead Stars have grabbed the attention of fans and industry worldwide resulting in the signing to Metal Music Bookings, Red Lion, and Pavement Entertainment!

On the 6th March Living Dead Stars released brand new video "In Pieces" which is taken off the bands self-titled upcoming album. Living Dead Stars brand new album is released April 3rd 2020 under record label Pavement Entertainment.

Band Links:


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Pennan Brae is a songwriter who combines music and visuals to create involving albums, unique music videos and independent films. His 7th album, ‘2 Below 0’, accompanies the feature-length film of the same name which Pennan wrote, acted in and scored. The album of 12 songs is influenced by classic rock stylings of the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Lead single ‘Synergy’ is a blistering rocker which bursts out of the gate with a guitar riff that doesn’t let up until the very last beat. The corresponding lyric music video illustrates the meaning of the song.

2 Below 0’ follows ‘The Astronot’ film and soundtrack. The space-themed film received recognition at over 200 film festivals in its run and streams on Amazon Prime. ‘The Astronot’ yielded 4 albums with lead singles ‘Walk With Me’, ‘Crashland’ and ‘Strut’. The 1st pair feature legendary drummer Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) and bassist Garry Gary Beers (INXS). ‘Crashland’ was co-written with Grammy-nominated composer Eric Alexandrakis and the album mastered by Grammy-winning engineer Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios. ‘Strut-1980s’ is an Eighties-inspired remix of ‘Strut’ by producers Kirk Kelsey and Alexandrakis off ’Gravity’. Pennan filmed a music video for the song with director Tim Cash which won a number of awards on the film festival circuit.


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After receiving support from BBC Radio Wales & New Noise Magazine, Mortimer Jackson returns with new single ‘Feel The Roar’.

Born in the Big Smoke (somewhere near Camden). Raised listening to Bob Dylan & Chuck Berry in the foothills of Glastonbury, it was here that Mortimer Jackson landed his second ever gig - his Britpop inspired school band having been hand-picked by Michael Eavis to play the now infamous Pilton Party supporting the Lightning Seeds and Gomez. The following year going on the play the festival itself.

At Uni Jackson found himself in a new band, with appearances on Soccer AM, MTV and Radio 1 to name but a few, touring with The Hold Steady, and even getting invited to play XFM’s 10-year anniversary party supporting The Stereophonics, until disaster struck and Kelly Jones hurt his arm fighting with a bouncer, their pinnacle gig was cancelled!

After Uni, Jackson moved to Fremantle, Western Australia, where he wrote material for his next project. Inspired by Merseybeat, he returned to London and assembled a new band, which was well received by the likes of Gary Crowley, also earning a slot at the Isle of Wight festival.

Since the birth of his son, Jackson has decided to go solo, honing the sounds and influences he has acquired over the years, his first few tracks have earned support from new Noise Magazine and BBC Radio Wales.

His latest single 'Feel The Roar' is set to release on April 20th and features trippy dubby guitars with trombones inspired by The Specials in the Verses and driving guitars with big vocal harmonies in the Choruses. Feel The Roar is about being lost in a mystical surreal haze then suddenly waking up in reality.


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DEVILS KISS - At Least You Tried, Kid!

Devils Kiss produces a sound that can only be categorized by almost not categorizing it at all. They’re a concoction of melody metal and rock music with a hint of nostalgic grunge undertones. Both seductive and raw their music branches into radio quality whilst maintaining an underground footing.

The band formed in 2018 when Paul Louis Villani and Christopher John initially started by jamming in Pauls studio as a way to relax. Already friends, it wasn’t a stretch to see them playing along side one other and after a couple of sessions, they felt there was something in the music they were creating that had the potential to be great and with that, they went on the hunt for some more members. Paul Louis Villani had been looking for a female lead singer to join them when he asked Elle Bates to come in an have go at it, meanwhile Christopher John asked Sean Watson to do the same and in one sure as all hell night, the creativity and chemistry that came from it all was undeniable. Between Paul “The Beast” and Chris “The Joker”, it took only moments before Sean Watson (Who would come be known as “The Baby Face” and Elle Bates “The Mad Hatter” to hit it off creating a crazy left of field like family vibe. The last piece of the puzzle was the drummer. When the talented and deviant-yet-innocent Darren Gough thrashed upon his kit, the band looked at him as the perfect fit. Being the only one to be so polite, the rest of the band believed he must be a demon in disguise, and as such Dazza “Demon D” “The Quiet Devil” was now one of them, and Devils Kiss the band had begun, but would be yet to hit the stage when the Devils Kiss Family introduced the first DK Baby “Griffin” the child of Sean Watson and his loverly wife. Fatherhood took Sean by the heart and he had to leave Devils Kiss to give his child the love he deserved, and with that came the new bassist, “The Alchemist” AKA Amie JD! The manic mixer of elixir type bass notes! Before even releasing any tracks, Devils Kiss found themselves SOLD OUT for September 2018, when they would launch their sound for the world to hear!

The name Devils Kiss came from the first jam/audition session. With a handful of tunes between Paul and Chris, when Elle Bates came in with lyrics jotted down for two songs and the third began to play, naturally, she began making it up. The song which is now known as “Devils Kiss” was the result of the on-the-fly jam they did. As the band progressed from finding members to finding a band name, they couldn’t help but keep falling back on Devils Kiss. “It felt natural to us, as natural as when we tried that song for the first time and came out with a completed track, it made sense. We were Devils Kiss

Settled into Anubis Studios in Melbourne, Victoria, the band began writing more songs together. The muffled sounds that escaped the rehearsal studio were praised for sounding powerful and compelling even leading other band members from their rooms over for a better listen. “It was pretty epic at the time, we were like, hell, if they like how we sound now– whilst we’re just building the bones, imagine once we’ve added the meat.” A grin, as the band also carries a charming childish manner as well.

Each band member comes from a different musically inspired background and because of this, the possibilities for sound has never been limited to one genre going hand in hand with not being limited in lyrical content or structure. Within 6 weeks the band had written 10 tracks, most of them on the fly whilst in rehearsals and between tracks. The natural flow of energy between them pumped out tune after tune with no signs of slowing down. Inspired by the diversity of each band member, they create a complex blend of sounds that somehow fit together in perfect harmony. “When you look at our music, and you take the vocals out and drums etc. and perhaps focus solely on guitars, you’d hear heavy metal, but then you bring in bass and drums, and you get this other element that takes it into heavy rock, then you have these vocals that take it completely out of both those genres and into something else entirely. A nostalgic throwback grunge and melodic tonality comes in and sort of binds it all back together in an enchanting sort of inspired way”

When Christopher John was married, life became something else for him, and he chose to spend his time with his newly formed family. Though sad to say goodbye, Paul Louis Villani and all his experience was able to bring to life the filling needed since the man can basically play two guitars at once! So as Devils Kiss sends their love and fare well to Sean Watson and Christopher John, Devils Kiss remains stronger than ever, producing music with the famous four! The Mad Hatter, The Beast, The Alchemist and newly named “Feathers” for his hair and spirit.

Having been itching to get out and play, their onstage performances never leave a room feeling small, instead filling it brightly. A concert like arena performance is carried with them into any location. Contributed to this, is their practice time in a 5 x 8 practice space where they played for the thousands in their minds. An extremely tight show with charismatic banter makes you feel like you didn’t just watch a band perform a gig, you watched a show, from start to end, because that’s what they are; a show, a concert, an event.

Reeving up to record their first album after the release of their first and second singles, Devils Kiss is hitting all the iconic venues of Melbourne, whilst also gearing up for their first East & Central Australian Tours. All updates on their movements can be found on their site, as well as their social media outlets.

Devils Kiss - Debut Single and Video - At Least You Tried, Kid!

Going straight for an artery instrumentally and lyrically, Devil's Kiss are an open book.
Describing the overall style as 'melodic hard rock, metal', Devil's Kiss intrepidly draw on metal, blues, punk and rock, their tracks tackling the inevitable conflicts between freedom and failure, integrity and chaos, hope and loss.
Elle Bates' incisively candid vocals are engaging, highly versatile and dynamic, with all vocals sung clean but emotional rawness reminiscent of PJ Harvey and Johnnetta Napolitano.
The rhythm section of Amie JD on bass and Darren Gough on drums is tight and unified while still being warmly resonant, bold and articulate. With bombastic grit and firm swagger throughout the tracks, Paul Villani's guitars are versatile and sensitive, delivering both cheekiness and forlorn melodic picking to support the tracks' changing moods.
With their darkly introspective yet voraciously glass-half-full style and their decisively irresistible live presence, Devil's Kiss will take you further out to sea than you may have planned to travel, but you will be glad you came aboard.


Τρίτη 14 Απριλίου 2020


Wax Heart Sodality are an organisation that has existed for thousands of years, dating as far back as Roman times. A secret society that operates below the surface of civilisation with one simple aim, to light the way for those lost within the darkness of despair. Throughout history, they have taken individuals from the precipice of oblivion and raised them up to various glories. If you think back to the ‘from rags to riches’ tales you read about in the newspaper and the historical stories of those who have achieved greatness you learned at school, there’s a good chance that most of them will have been a result of the Wax Heart Sodality.

In November 2019 the sodality made their presence known in the music world and took the form of a simple garage band to instil freshness into a life that had stagnated with the dankness of modern existence. The music that resulted from this intervention manifested itself as their debut single, Alphas, which received plays from the likes of BBC Introducing in The North East, BBC Introducing on Radio Tees and Amazing Radio, as well as plenty of written coverage from both local and national press.

Since it’s release the band have been honing their stagecraft with performances around the North-East of England and inturn exposing those who stumble across it to their raw and theatrical live performances.

Alongside their musical pursuits, Wax Heart Sodality continued in their eternal quest to actualise the hopes and dreams of those who wanted to contribute good to society but, alas, they were thwarted in their attempts and in December their homeland became a bleak and isolated dystopia with chilling parallels to societies predicted in the sci-fi novels of yesteryear. Their impotence was reflected upon and it was soon realised that the desire for a better future that has echoed throughout history by prophets and social reformers has been usurped by a delirious darkness, fuelled by the propaganda, misinformation and manipulation of those who seek to control us.

In their weakened state, the organisation have lashed out through the only voice that hasn’t been nullified, their musical one, and released their second single, Hoodwinked, on 1st April (April Fools Day).

Their second single , like their first, recorded by friend and ally Steven Bardgett (singer/guitarist of the band, Mouses). It takes a more sinister and incendiary tone than their previous single, Alphas, and lashes out at the people they feel have been blindly misled due to not questioning the sources that shape their opinion. However, despite the provocation in the verses and anger in the choruses, the lyrics demonstrate a hesitance to fully chastise the target of their frustration. A reluctance brought about by the fear of condescending, intellectual elitism that can make a person second guess the validity of their argument, despite the conviction that it is just.

For those who care little about the meaning, the song’s murky, grunge-tinged bass riff and razor-sharp snare lead you to a turbulent trail of hypnotic stoner rock chants, punky cries of despair and texturising guitar that alternates between post-punk ambience and ferocious blues blasts.

Facebook: ​http://bit.ly/FB-WHS
Twitter: ​http://bit.ly/TW-WHS
Instagram: ​http://bit.ly/IG-WHS
Spotify: ​http://bit.ly/spotifywhs 

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LIFE AS MARY - Biker Boy

Life As Mary is a talented artist with a passion for pop-punk, and indie rock.Hailing from Atlanta, GA, this charismatic singer, and songwriter manages to combine stunning melodies with infectious grooves and great beats, in order tocreate a catchy, yet direct and edgy sound.

“Biker Boy” is Life As Mary’s second release of 2020 and a fun nod to biker bar grunginess with its focus on electric guitar riffs and an underlying punk beat.

Fans of female-fronted indie rock will certainly connect with Life As Mary, and her unique sound!


Πέμπτη 9 Απριλίου 2020

K.LINA - Good Things (Don't Happen To Us)

K.LINA is a singer/songwriter based in London, United Kingdom. She describes her sound as a fusion between acoustic pop and classic rock taking influences from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, Lana Del Rey and James Bay. Her dreamy piano sound accentuates the honesty of her lyrics, while the powerful guitar solos and catchy bass lines bring out her attitude and love for rock ‘n’ roll. 

Growing up in Sofia, Bulgaria, K.LINA moved to the UK in 2017 and formed her international band of young British and Italian musicians. Having released two singles with music videos, she has already headlined some legendary London venues such as The Half Moon Putney and The Dublin Castle Camdenon stages that artists like The Rolling Stones and Amy Winehouse have performed on.

‘Good Things (Don’t Happen To Us)’ is the second single from her debut EP ‘00:00 Sanity’ coming April 2020. Mastered at Metropolis Studios, the song is all about losing faith in love after the first real heartbreak. Lyrically, it is portrayed in a rather direct way, while sonically the development is gradual, yet explosive. 

“K.LINA is an excellent storyteller who effortlessly conveys deep emotion to the listener.” FV Music Blog

“K.LINA is one of a kind. Her music creates new waves.” Lefuturewave


Κυριακή 5 Απριλίου 2020

GEMINI EYE - Murdered Arc Remains

Gemini Eye is the musical project of Gem, a musician, producer, performer and visual artist from Croydon, South London. 

A potted history of Gemini Eye: In 2012, Gem started recording music in the basement of the abandoned government building in central Croydon where they live dat the time. The project grew into a psychedelic lo-fi noise pop record, recorded in the basement (giving the entire record its distinctive roomy sound) during 2012-2013. At this time,Gem was also playing drums for doom quartet Mount, who rehearsed in the same space. 

The following years were spent working on larger collaborative musical projects including:
●Singer, co-writer, The Upper World
●Produced The Upper World's debut single, ​It's Hard To Operate A Zip When You're Burning​, one of Jim Cambo from Freshonthenet's 'best tracks of 2019'
●Musical director and arranger for an experimental opera, Anat Ben-David's Kairos​, performed internationally and at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
●Drums and piano on the Cannonball Statman record Playing Dead​ ,plus engineering and producing their subsequent, as yet unreleased album. 

In 2018, Gem started working as a studio assistant at a recording studio in central London, where--secretly, after closing hours--the majority of ​Murdered Arc Remains was recorded over an eight month period.

Gem is non-binary, but as with previous projects like The Upper World, the intention has never been to make the visibility of their queer identity a priority or a feature ."I definitely think my non-binary-ness is inherent in the work that I make. Particularly the new record...it's about how language is a structure that we depend upon but also are limited by . Like, there are always things between words that we can't express, which is why we have music and visual art and stuff. But we depend so much on language every day, and it gets us into trouble. This record is full of songs about people not being able to understand emails or letters for some reason, and being unable to communicate in all sorts of ways. It's a romanticisation, or even a glorification, of the struggle to even identify as a human, the problems our incredible complexity brings."

The record release has been preceded by two single releases:

The Devil
The Devil seems at first to be an innocuous folk ballad àla Fleet Foxes--an innocent melody carried along by baritone ukulele and gentle harmonies asks nakedly:"I can only see the good in you...do you believe there's good in me? "A cloud of voices forms as the defences one puts up against society are cautiously lowered; now we are "unembarrassed and de-stigmatised". We feel safe, comfortable, and ready to begin. And so it begins;a volte-face into a thrilling electro-acoustic tapes try that lays out the predominant concern of the entire record--the closer you examine the meaning of things, the further away their true meaning gets.

The opening track on said record, the warped and awesome​ Murdered Arc Remains​,it is an intricately constructed leap forward from the lo-fi chamber pop of Gemini Eye's 2013 debut album​ The Is Of Being​. Structured more closely to the beginnings of an acid trip than any traditional verse-chorus-verse-chorus-fade, it explodes the components of a contemporary rock song, freezes them in mid-air, and zooms through the glittering fragments suspended in the fading autumn light. 

Lyrically, The Devil is a suitable overture for a record filled with vulnerable protagonists, plagued by dark spirits beyond their comprehension. As the beat drops, the humans in this track become possessed, doomed to struggle with the infinite meanings and implications of their smallest actions. In the chorus, they fumble around for an explanation for what they have brought up on them selves-- "You tore a new one in the long day's heart...you fractured meaning in a way that can't be saved". Nothing will ever be the same, and there is no going back. This is a song about people toying with powerful new forces, and with The Devil,Gemini Eye has crafted a song that summons those forces in exquisite, vibrant detail.

The Hierophant 
At a party, you see someone you know making new friends, and giving off the air of being more important than you know they actually are. The party gets going. Everyone’s getting into altered states.Your acquaintance is in the smoking are a holding forth to their new friends. They're talking nonsense. They're behaving like an idiot.You're drunk.You know you shouldn't say anything...The hierophant is traditionally a deeply holy figure, an interpreter of sacred mysteries.In a tarot deck, the hierophant card represents everything righteous ands acred, opportunities for learning, and the wisdom of tradition--characters the person in this song will never possess, no matter how hot they drink their Lucozade. But then, are you any better for confronting them? 

With its bright, fuzzed out guitars, sampled choirs and scuzzy kitchen sink percussion, this is a warped party track for people who struggle at parties. It heats up into a reverberant confrontation, only to sli pblissfully into a next ended piano funk outrowith fragments of our protagonist’s voice at its most shrill and accusatory flickering in and out of memory.

Instagram: ​@whoops_uhoh
Twitter: ​@whoops_uhoh
Bandcamp: ​https://geminieye.bandcamp.com
Soundcloud: ​https://soundcloud.com/geminieye

Παρασκευή 3 Απριλίου 2020

PHARMACOSE - Checked Out

Pharmacose has been around since late 2017, when Wes Jones, singer and rhythm guitarist, met Lu Rubino, their producer and bassist. Wes had some songs he wanted to record, and one of his friends recommended Lu Rubino. They recorded those songs under the name Digital Array. They ended up pulling that record and changing their name to Pharmacose. Lu had known Albert Cruz, their drummer, so they added him. Wes later met Kevin Horne, and he came aboard to play lead guitar. So they reworked some of those songs and wrote some new ones.

Checked Out is Pharmacose's latest single.Wes Jones says: "It's about how I felt during that time in my life when I was recovering from a manic episode that I had been through a few months prior. My medication regimen hadn’t been optimized, so I wasn’t feeling bad, but I wasn’t feeling very good either. It’s is about escapism, be it through video games or social media, and avoiding the real world. And that’s kind of what I did during the early days after that episode."


Τετάρτη 1 Απριλίου 2020

GOLDENBLOOM - (Great) Britain

Formed back in May 2019, goldenbloom is made up of the howling vocals of Jordan Walker strung out over the wailing guitar of Will Young and hard-hitting drums of Justas Pugaciauskas. The band have been grinding out songs in Will’s home studio in North West London. 

Following the release debut LP LOVE and the addition of bassist Johnny Brock, goldenbloom have been hard at work on their follow-up single ‘(Great) Britain.’ A song loosely tiptoeing around the idea of a post-Brexit Britain, mocking how clueless and disillusioned the country has become. A furiously stompy and fist clenching belter, (Great) Britain proves that goldenbloom aren’t a one-trick-pony and have more tricks up their sleeve.

Following the success of the title track LOVE, after being featured on Spotify’s New Punk Tracks playlist, the London band have gained 13k streams since its release: and the band are booking gigs in Cambridge and Brighton ready to take their music out to the rest of (Great) Britain.



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