Τρίτη 31 Μαΐου 2016

Fin Bulgaria

 Fin Bulgaria is Bulgarian a thrash metal band founded by Stoian Kaev in the summer of 2013 years . Originally the band was headed by two people in consequences Stoian became owner of Fin Bulgaria . The style of music is often associated Comedy the texts are tragicomic and positive parodies. Shortly after the release of their debut album Karatecnica was announced the band and label Psihar Records. For 5 months band is working hard on the third studio album Cookbook which was released in early 2016. In new album songs are fast and rhythmic short and without force in the instrumental emphasis on speed rhymes and singing on Stoian Kaev .


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Σάββατο 21 Μαΐου 2016

Isrike - Among Sheep EP (2016)

The Swedish band Isrike have just released their 2nd EP "Among Sheep".

Track Listing:

1. New World Order
2. Werwolf Kommando
3. Awakened Hearts
4. Welcome To Your Paradise

Listen to Werwolf Kommando on Youtube: https://youtu.be/is37YLGweCM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Isrike

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Παρασκευή 13 Μαΐου 2016

Lunar Woods

The works of young Russian band, "Lunar Woods," is a sound-expressed personal life experience of musicians which are robed into a caustic, sarcastic form with very honest lyrics. Warm memories, mistakes and disappointments of the past,.. reflections, revelations, discoveries of today’s life,.. new dreams and thoughts about the future… these are all important emotional experiences of Lunar Woods members  that are expressed in their music.

The sound of Lunar Woods can be described as a mix of Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge, Stoner and many other genres. However, musicians don't like to be limited to any particular style;  they experiment with sound a lot which allows them to define their music into wider concepts.  Works of the band have very different atmosphere, style, emotions and genres - though their songs always have that characteristic sound of Lunar Woods - unique and recognizable.

Lunar Woods was formed by two friends, Ilya Fokin and Aleksey Trefilov, who had, earlier, played in a different band together.  Within a year the band was working on new material and had few releases in 2013. Each EP-album contains one outstanding cover-version, made in the unique style of Lunar Woods - whether the original is from the legendary Beatles and Pink Floyd or from modern eccentric bands as Slipknot and Rage Against The Machine.

As of now, the band is working over the following release - full-length album. Guys will present some more releases. Lunar Woods can be described as very productive band because musicians are constantly working on new material (about thirty songs that are in progress now... a number that is certainly increasing).

Before, Lunar Woods was currently a studio project, and was focused on new song composition and recording. Recently, the band with new drummer Igor Ketov started to play live shows, inside and outside of their native country.


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Τρίτη 10 Μαΐου 2016

Between the Void

Between the Void are a four piece alt rock band formed in 2013 in Bournemouth on the south coast of the UK. They come from a diverse set of musical backgrounds and the tastes of each member help to create a unique sound. Their aim is to blend their favourite elements of metal, funk, blues rock, grunge, punk, dubstep and post-hardcore in to make the kind of music that they would want to listen to.
John Eales (vocals/guitar) and Oli Frame (Lead Guitar) are long standing friends and were in a band together before Oli moved to London and then to Tanzania to live and work. On his return they hatched a plan to form a new band, the name to be decided, with the aim of making song driven alt-rock that also took account of their other influences. Pippa Gillingham was next to join. Her life in academia (ask her anything about beetles!) had moved her all around the UK, from Hampshire, to Oxford, to York and finally to Bournemouth. Her musical life had seen her playing across genres from world music, drum and bass to rock, funk and metal when she turned up in Bournemouth looking for a new musical project. After a few failed auditions and false starts, Marc Canning finally showed up to complete the band and Between the Void were formed. The debut album, written and recorded in 2014, was released in August 2015.
Between the Void having fun playing gigs whilst writing new material.

"Between the Void is an aural assault on the senses. With a rhythm section that hits hard (courtesy of Marc Canning’s powerful drumming and Pippa Gillingham’s nimble bass work) Between the Void creates a sound felt as much as heard. Adding to this all-engrossing sound is the righteous fury of the guitar work made possible by Oli Frame. Above all this chaos are the vocals of John Eales. Between the Void refuse to let up as the energy persists for the entirety of the album with nary a single break. At times their dense all-encompassing sound is reminiscent of Superunknown-era Soundgarden as their attention to detail is incredible with every sound honed to perfection. 
After a short “Intro” they dive into the thick of things with “Forget to Live” a song that demands to be played as loud as possible. Stunning in execution is the rush of “Relax”. From the insistent rhythm to the nimble guitar playing, everything simply works. Towards the end the guitar positively destroys showing off Oli Frame’s impressive commanding chops. Veering between the gentle and the overwhelming is the beautiful “Gone”. Tribal in delivery is the percussion-led heavy work of “Recover”. Ending things on a strong note is the blistering work of “Innuendo” whose riffs and rhythm are giant waves of sound. 
Between the Void have created a incredible album one that requires total surrender. It is the answer to so much watered-down rock. On Between the Void nothing is watered down everything is raw, like good rock should be."

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Σάββατο 7 Μαΐου 2016

After Alice

After Alice is an Alternative/Indie/Power Pop/Rock/ band that is taking the music industry to a new level with there outstanding lead vocals, blended harmonies, classic guitars, addictive melody's with a unique driving force and edge that adds a new dimension to the industry's multi genre sound.

Steven Fennell has been in the music business on and off for 30 years and his versatility, vocal arrangements, production and personality has allowed him to put his first solo project " After Alice " together that is getting noticed in the industry. He has played everything from rock to musicals and every genre in-between. He worked on several projects with Jeff and John Murphy from " Shoes " and Herb Eimerman " Britannica's " and the production structure of layered vocals, harmonies and guitars was a template of his style over the years and the main stay of " After Alice ". 

Towards the end of 2013, he met Jason Crowden, He is extremely talented and gifted musician with an outstanding voice. He had everything that Steven was looking for that had been missing from the project. Jason was the perfect fit because their goals were identical and have the same vision and solid work ethic plus a great personality. After Alice has a distinct sound, great production, out standing vocals, marketability and has a good solid fan base. 

Afteralice has been rated in the top 50 bands both nationally and globally by Reverb Nation. Their social media network is growing daily along with their fan base. Afteralice has tens of thousands of fans through out the network and hundreds of thousands of listeners through out the radio promotion.

Steven Fennell

Jason Crowden

This video's was shot by the DJ in the club while our song was playing, the dj comments:
":Love it" killed the Dance floor... The party was in California... DJ review: "It's good to have back such awesome Rock songs to integrate with other genres in the nightclubs! That song is a dance floor killer!"....

This video's was shot by the DJ in the club while our song was playing, the dj comments:
Yo Mama did hit it last night in a super gig, the reaction was awesome with it.

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