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Kovax - If There Was Ever Any Doubt (2017)

Kovax began in late 2015 with Joe Phillips and Isaac Turner joining Pete Freeth to try out a collection of songs he had been writing over the previous months. The three were pleased with the sound of their initial rehearsals and eventually brought second guitarist Dan Hey into, which really fleshed out the groove based riffs the band is built on.

The newly formed four-piece then played two secret shows to friends and fellow musicians as a test run of the material, which was well received. This lead to the planning of the band's full launch, which included the release of debut single 'Godot' in January 2016, along with b-side 'Marigolds', and a four day run of shows, including gigs at The Parish, in Huddersfield, and headlining an Inutero Presents show in Leeds.

Kovax then released their follow up single 'Monkeys' in June 2016, which was played on BBC Radio Leeds and Sheffield and lead to the band being featured in Discovered Magazine's 'The North' issue. The release of 'Monkeys' coincided with two short summer tours, during which Kovax played alongside incredible British bands such as Youth Man, I Cried Wolf and Nova Hands and at events such as Live in Barnsley and Alt-Metal Fest in Manchester. 

Following this Kovax then took time to work on new material, which was put to the test live in November on an 8 date tour with Nova Hands. The new material went down well, encapsulating the raw aggression and groove based pop-sensibilities the band are known for. So, Kovax then went into the studio at the beginning of December 2016 to work on their anticipated debut EP, which is scheduled for release in May 2017.

The band are also still regularly playing shows, cementing their reputation as one of Leeds' loudest and most energetic bands.


Kreyskull - The Bird Of Bad Weather (2017)

Release date: March 30, 2017 (Europe) / July 23, 2017 (USA)
Sliptrick Records are proud to announce the forthcoming release by Kreyskull titled, The Bird Of Bad Weather. This is the third full-length album by the Karhula-based psychedelic doom sensations!

And what exactly are Kreyskull bringing to the table this time?

The new album brings together on one portentous album; doomy heaviness (Cosmic Scavenger, Flying God Machine), experimental groove metal (Spirit Train, Chemical Wizard, Return Of The Witch, Lord Of The Zorg), eerie progressive doom (Planet Zorg), a relaxed rocker (7th Chamber) and psychedelic intermission (The All-Seeing Watchers) into a strange but exciting listening experience. The band are unafraid to break the mold and you’ll hear keyboards, saxophone and violin adding extra layers to the cosmic sound.

After that crucial first spin of The Bird Of Bad Weather, you will be in no doubt that Kreyskull have, once again, made very organic sounding music with the raw and heavy sound of today. Some might say that this is specially for fans of Witchcraft, Cathedral and all the goodies from the 70’s but we think this should be heard by anyone with a fine taste in music and a lack of pretension for musical styles. Check out their recent video for Cosmic Scavenger below for just a taste of what’s in store.

The Bird Of Bad Weather | Released March 15th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Cosmic Scavenger | 02. Lord Of The Zorg | 03. Flying God Machine | 04. Return Of The Witch | 05. The All-Seeing Watchers | 06. Chemical Wizard | 07. 7th Chamber | 08. Spirit Train | 09. Planet Zorg

Kreyskull are:
Kari A. Kilgast – Vocals | Saku Hakuli – Guitar | Timo “Dee” Karvonen – Drums | Pasi Hakuli – Bass

Guest appearances:
Sanna Pekonen – Vocals | Jyri Vanhala – Saxophone | Juuso Elminen – Keyboards | Pinja Lintonen – Violin

Band links: Facebook | Soundcloud

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Mexican Chili Funeral Party - Mexican Warrior's Revenge (2017)

Release date: March 2017 (Europe) / July 23, 2017 (USA)
Mexican Chili Funeral Party was formed in the summer of 2009 in Milan utilizing influences such as Kyuss, Brant Bjork, Queens of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The four have developed over the years, crafting their own distinctive style by entering the stoner and hard rock realm. The band released their first self titled album in 2014 and have since built a strong reputation on the live circuit supporting such luminary’s as with Fu Manchu, The Shrine, Unida, Zu, Spirit Caravan, Nick Oliveri and God Is an Astronaut amongst others.
Recorded in 2016 at Anam studio by Marcello Mantovani and mixed at Bordello Studio by Marco Bonanomi, the new Mexican Chili Funeral Party album, Mexican Warriors’ Revenge is made up of eleven high-octane, energy-infused tracks that blend stoner rock, power rock and grunge influences. The album is nothing if not original. Each song has its own story and at the same time stands as a piece of the album’s conceptual puzzle: the journey and the exploration of distant lands, both real and imaginary, are the leitmotiv of the entire project.
Mexican Warriors’ Revenge stands out from the band’s previous work in as much as aside from being artistically more mature, the record’s instinctual component is perfectly blended with a more rational one in terms of selecting the best sounds and arrangements to realize their vision.
Mexican Warriors’ Revenge | Released Feb 15th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records.
Track Listing:
01. 01 | 02. Vespucci | 03. Power Of Love | 04. La Ballata Del Korkovihor Pt. II | 05. Ranger | 06. Waiting For The Sun | 07. 1605 | 08.Lu Curt | 09. Tomahawk | 10. 11 | 11. Seul B
Mexican Chili Funeral Party are:
Alessio Capatti – Vocals/guitar | Andrea Bressa – Guitar | Mr.Diniz – Guitar/synth | Andrea Rastelli – Drums | Carlo Perego – Bass
Band links: Official Website | Facebook

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Jared Mancuso - Superdope (2016)

Jared Mancuso makes his return as a solo artist with his new alternative rock album Superdope . His first solo release, A Very Pleasant Person (2012), is comprised of songs written over the course of a decade, and chronicles his growth as a songwriter and arranger. Just like Superdope, it features him on every instrument: drums, bass, guitar, keys, and vocals. Following the release of A Very Pleasant Person, Jared teamed up with friend and homonymous fellow songwriter Jared Bardugone to produce two albums as The Jared Project.
While on hiatus from TJP, Jared Mancuso has been spending a great deal of time spearheading another venture called Not Fade Away, a modernized tribute to the music of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, and their contemporaries.

The mid-century stylings of early rock & roll in Not Fade Away served as a great source of inspiration for Superdope.  Additionally, Jared took influence from the sunny beach-party vibes and musical intricacies of The Beach Boys, as well as elements from some of his modern musical role models: the catchiness of Weezer, the bluesy garage grittiness of Jack White, and the punchiness of The Black Keys.
These elements come together in Superdope, a sonically refreshing, in-your-face love letter to rock & roll mailed priority first-class from Jared Mancuso.


Stephanie Braganza - Chains of Silence (Single 2017)

Canadian singer songwriter Stephanie Braganza has released the official music video for her new rock single, ‘Chains of Silence.’ The animal rights-themed video’s release coincides with World Day for Farmed Animals (WDFA), which was founded in 1983.
The new single is a jaw-dropping story of an alien abduction with a surprising twist. The thought-provoking video houses a powerful message and promises to incite discussion amongst its viewers. ‘Chains of Silence’ also marks Braganza’s first foray into the rock genre.
The song was written by Braganza and her co-writer, Kolin Stewart. The track was co-produced with John Allen, the co-producer behind Braganza’s last hit single, ‘When We Last Kissed – ft. Drega.’ Chris Strikes, the director of Kardinal Offishall’s award-winning music video, ‘Turn It Up,’ was also brought on board to help envision the music video concept that Braganza and Stewart created.
“When Stephanie pitched the concept of the video to me,” Strikes detailed, “I immediately said, ‘let’s do it!’ It was an awesome idea and I was very excited to be on board.” For Strikes, one of the most important elements of approaching the project was creating thought-provoking visuals that also cause the viewer to take a moment and feel compassion toward animals.
To date, Braganza’s repertoire has been a blend of pop and dance music. Now, with rock holstered in her belt, the performer is continuing to prove her diverse musicality. The songstress’ resume includes a long list of performances as well, such as performing with rap artists Belly and Ginuwine at the Much Music Video Awards. Following that, she debuted the video premiere of her first two international singles, ‘2 Good 2 Be’ and ‘When We Last Kissed – ft. Drega,’ presented by V-MIX TV.
Braganza’s powerhouse vocals and experience on the stage helped her win the Toronto Independent Music Award for Best Live Artist. In fact, the vocalist has performed in a wide array of settings throughout her career, including a private event at the Art Gallery of Ontario which was attended by former president George W. Bush. Braganza has also performed at top festivals like Indie Music Week, DesiFest, and the Toronto VegFoodFest.
On top of all of that, Braganza has appeared at notable venues like Casino Rama, Casino Niagara, The Mod Club, The Canadian National Exhibition Center, and Yonge & Dundas Square. Her television appearances include Rogers TV ‘Daytime,’ ‘South Asian Focus,’ ‘TV-ONE Canada,’ and more.


Freudz Couch - Ego (EP 2017)

 Freudz Couch originiated in 1992 recording and touring through to 2003 before disbanding with 3 albums and multiple indie singles released during that time. In late 2016 the band reunited to record and release a new EP titled 'Ego' in the Spring 2017 with 3 new singles and videos already released for 'Martha' and 'Darkness' as well as the first time the band has recorded and released a cover song and video for the Phil Collins 80's hit 'I Don't Care Anymore'. The EP is being recorded and produced by world renowned engineer Nick Blagona whose credits include a wide range of artists from The Police and Deep Purple to Tom Jones and Cat Stevens.



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The Curtis Mayflower - Death Hoax (2017)

The Curtis Mayflower are pleased to announce the arrival of "Death Hoax". An album flush with stark lyricism, resolute musicality, thoughtfully balanced by the band's signature blend of Rock and Soul. While the 2013 debut "Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack" was a trove of one-take performances, "Death Hoax" is a more focused studio endeavor.
Recorded in January of 2016 at Wooly Mammoth Sound by David Westner, all members of The Curtis Mayflower brought their personal songwriting styles to the table. The result is a nine song vignette reflecting the gravitational tendencies of the human condition.

The band will tour the release of "Death Hoax" beginning in March for the foreseeable future and is busy putting the finishing touches on an EP of outtakes and improvisations.


Wayne Olivieri - Eclectic Mind (2017)

Wayne is a Jersey Boy born and bred!!
Wayne Olivieri (Wayne O) has been singing since the fourth grade when he joined the Saint Mary's Boys Choir from Plainfield NJ.He grew up singing at church every Sunday and performing concerts with the choir.
After 8th grade he started his first band and never looked back..............All through high school years he was singing in a band.......And at the age of 17 was playing full time in clubs in New York City like CBGB's, Max's Kansas City, The Lime Lite ,The Village Gate and more. Playing on the same bill as The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Blondie, and a plethora of others. He performed up and down the east coast and Moved to Asbury Park NJ where he performed at legendary clubs like The Stone Pony , The Fast Lane and others.
It was there where he met and became good friends with John Bongiovi (Jon Bon Jovi). Wayne and Jon stayed friends for over 17 years and performed many times next to Jon and the band. Opening shows etc…He became a regular at The Stone Pony ......one of the most famous rock Clubs in the world at the time(and still is) where he opened and headlined many times for acts like David Johansson, Huey Lewis, Southside Johnny , Cindy Lauper, Beaver Brown, Rick Derringer, Billy Idol and many more.

Wayne Continued to play in Europe and America over the years then took some time off to start a family and raise his daughter. After a long hiatus (and divorce) Wayne is happy to be back writing and recording with new found energy and creativity.
This album is his third release on Oneway Records which Wayne started in 2014.


Side Chain - Alchemy (2017)

Side Chain is a new and upcoming band inspired by 90's rock and metal mixed with modern production.

Formed in 2015 in Little Rock, Arkansas, Side Chain was initially created by Stephen Shatzer and Dustin Miller. Soon after John Kyzer and James Pennington joined the group. Utilizing some of their older songs they began creating their unique sound of hard rock and metal roots. They began recording their first album, Alchemy, in 2016. They quickly realized that they would need a second guitarist, so they asked Nathan Cameron to join in late 2016. The album is set for release in March of 2017.

Guitarist Dustin Miller and vocalist James Pennington had played together for years, as had drummer and recording engineer Stephen Shatzer and guitarist and bassist John Kyzer. Nathan Cameron had played in several bands as well, and each member has integrated their own style to create the Side Chain sound.

All the songs on their album Alchemy both recorded and self-produced by Side Chain and Stephen Shatzer.



Siren's Sky - Cosmic (2015)

Siren's Sky is Dutch songwriter/guitarist Herbert Kaptein working with various (studio) vocalists. Amongst them are Lydia Salnikova (US), Jessica Rasche (US) and Esther Bredius (NL). Their latest CD 'Cosmic' was released in January 2017. Other work comprises the CD "Forever" (Nov 2015) and the EP "Heal You" (August 2016).

Before starting Siren's Sky Kaptein was the main songwriter/guitar player in various New Wave/Alternative Rock Rotterdam based bands including "Eyes Are Blind" and "The Undertow". His guitar orientated music combines alt rock, classic rock, new wave, 80’s and 90’s, post punk  and Celtic influences. All albums are entirely written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kaptein himself.
Born and raised in Russia, Salnikova originally made her stand in the U.S. music scene as a lead vocalist and keyboard player for the Grammy-nominated band Bering Strait, which released 2 albums on Universal South Records and was featured in a “60 Minutes” episode, as well as a full-length documentary, “The Ballad Of Bering Strait”. The band extensively toured throughout the U.S.
Salnikova, being both a skilled singer and a classically trained pianist left Bering Strait in 2006 to start searching for her own voice, not that of a singer or a player in a band but that of a solo artist.

Since leaving Bering Strait, she has released 2 full-length solo albums: “Hallway” (2010) and “Valentine Circle” (2013). Salnikova’s most recent offering, a concept EP titled “New Heart”.
Since 2008, Rasche has recorded over 400+ vocal tracks for 100+ songs. From 2008-2012 she was the primary vocalist of Jeff Hamel's "Majestic" Project, releasing 4 CD's - "Arrival", "Clover Suite", "Ataraxia", and "Labyrinth". She also was the featured vocalist on the Proximal Distance project spearheaded by Jeff Hamel & Gregg Johns of Slychosis releasing 1 CD.
Mella Barnes is a Nashville based professional session singer, songwriter, and voiceover artist. She works with other songwriters, producers and musicians to help them complete their creative ideas.

Bredius was the lead singer of Kaptein's former Rotterdam / NL based band Alt. Rock / New Wave band "Eyes Are Blind". Currently she has her own voice-over studio Voice-E.


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Lichtgestalt - Tempus Fugit (2017)

Release: 26 May 2017

When the German NDH/Gothic/Metal band LICHTGESTALT from the Rhine Ruhr/ Münsterland area was founded at the end of the year 2013, it became rapidly clear that this group will start through in their scene immediately. Only a few months and steady rehearsals later, the self-titled debut EP “Lichtgestalt” was released in 2014 on the band’s own label Lichtgestalt Music. The EP marked a big success and charted straight away in the Top 30 of the German DJ Club Charts.
Their first full-length album „Motorenherz“ saw the light of day in April 2015 on the Danse Macabre label. The specialized press celebrated the record as, for instance, powermetal.de wrote that “the track ‘Tiefenrausch’ impressively demonstrates that only this band is able to the claim the rights on the crown of German, hard music…”, whilst Orkus magazine even attested that the quartet had created a  new musical genre:  “Theatrical, spaced out, different….Lichtgestalt with their debut album firsthand creates a new genre - “Neuen Harten Stream” (new, hard Steam)….”.
Since May 2015, the band around the charismatic singer Thomas C. Hertz regularly shows live that they’re also capable to transfer their energy from the studio onto stage. In the year 2015, LICHTGESTALT also successfully toured twice with the German NDH iconic band STAHLMANN and started to play first headline shows.
In line with their live activities, guitarist and song-writer Der Heizzer and singer and lyricist Thomas C. Hertz began the song-writing of their sophomore album “Tempus Fugit” which will be released on May 26th, 2017 on the Pride & Joy Music label with Edel distribution in their native country of Germany.
In the meantime, the group, which furthermore still consists of Lippman on bad guitar and Brukke on drums, finished more live shows during the year 2016 which included a performance at prestigious Gothic Castle Festival and some club shows. In February 2017, LICHTGESTALT hit the road together for a 14-day European tour together with the Metal bands ALMANAC & GLORYFUL and continue to play club shows and more festivals during the year to support the “Tempus Fugit” release.
The year 2017 will without any doubt the year of LICHTGESTALT!

Line-up: Thomas C. Hertz (vocals), Der Heizzer (guitar), Lippmann (bass), Brukke (drums)


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Black Dreams - My Hell (Single 2017)

Black Dreams was founded in the spring of 2015 at Rauma, Finland. They play a blues-driven heavy metal with some gothic and doom metal influences.

The band released their first single "Soul Stealer" in October 14th 2016 and it got an excellent feedback from media and fans.

Now it's time to release second single "My Hell". It also includes B-side named "You Are So Beautiful (When You Are Dead And Cold)  "

The single is released digitally May 10th 2017 by Inverse Records just before the band's Eastern European Tour:

?16.5- PL- Warszaw 2KO?A, Pub Motocyklowy
17.5- CZ- Ostrava CHLÍV
18.5- SK- Banska Bystrica Cult Club Banská Bystrica
19.5- SK- Roznava Rakwa Music Club
20.5- SK- Moldava nad Bodvou @Heaven Hell

Juha Kraapo - lead vocals
Jari Rippe Rantanen - drums
Jere Kalla - lead guitar, back vocals
Sami Räikkönen - guitar
Veli Laukkanen - bass, back vocals

Scars Of Tears - Just Dust (2017)

Greek band Scars Of Tears, create atmospheric rock/metal with a gothic edge. The sound of the band is characterized by the strong guitar riffs of Petros, the solid drumming style of Chris and the dynamic combination of the melodic voice of Charitini juxtaposed with the brutal vocals of Babis and Thanasis. The band have already recorded one album called Scars of Tears in 2014 and are now ready to release their latest work, the delicious new album Just Dust.
Just Dust bleeds with their influences from Rammstein to Paradise Lost through to Disturbed. The album describes the general situation and difficulties that are going throughout Greece. Without any hesitation, without outside assistance, without anything or anyone able to stop them, the band recorded their second album despite financial difficulties to prove that you can achieve your goals if you keep aiming, dreaming and chasing them. All of this is ingrained in the music and ideology of Scars Of Tears and gave the band the strength to realize their vision for the album. Now it’s time to unleash Just Dust on the world.
Just Dust | Released Feb 21st, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
1. Just Dust | 2. Darkest Hour | 3. Infeasible | 4. Slayer | 5. Icefall | 6. Love & Soul | 7. Wait (Maggie Reilly Cover) | 8. Here And Now | 9. Need To Fight | 10. We Are The Same | 11. Endless Sky | 12. Ashes Of A Draw
Just Dust was recorded and mixed in Voodoo Project Studio (Thessaloniki, Greece) by Alexandros Lykostratis during the summer of 2016 and produced by Scars of Tears.
Scars Of Tears are:
Charitini Anastasiadou – Vocals | Charalampos Tsopouridis – Guitar/Vocals | Petros Nikolaou – Guitar | Christos Polyzos – Drums | Thanasis Salagiannis – Bass
Band links: Facebook | Youtube

Echotime - Side (2017)

Release: 5 May 2017
Inspired by such bands as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Kamelot, Pain Of Salvation, italian five pieces act ECHOTIME are back with this brand new album called ‘Side’ after the acclaimed 2013’s ‘Genuine’ album. The band try to create a personal sound, different from metal and progressive clichè contaminated with jazz, pop, rock, latin and funk music, influenced by soundtracks from action and adventures movies with a unique attention to arrangements and sounds. With their music, strenght, energy, the costumes used to perform and create the catchy atmospheres of their live shows where the band try to involve the audience dragging them to Echotime world. 
‘Side’ is a concept album, a journey through the life of the major character called Lily. Corruption, violence, war are the main problems of this allegorical world where all the narrated lives are bended together by music which create different atmosphere story by story. 
‘Side’ is ECHOTIME's sophomore album 
For fans of: Evergrey, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Kamelot, Queensryche,Pain Of Salvation, Circus Maximus

ENDED - Five Eyes (2017)

Release date: April 10, 2017 (Europe) / July 23, 2017 (USA)

Ended – the ninth and final reincarnation, and the end of the road that brothers Lars and Björn Granat chose to explore together with drummer David Källberg more than a decade ago. With guitarist Peter Seger in the shotgun seat since 2003, members and visions have come and gone.

Δευτέρα 17 Απριλίου 2017

Secure - Awake (2017)

SECURE was formed in early 2015 by the vocalist of My Autumn, Pretender and Sharks.
In February 2015 our first EP dropped, our first single called Lost in the Routine of Our Days, laid the foundation for our debut album, the recording of the album which lasted nearly 2 years. We certainly gained a lot of experience and during this we finalised our line up, In 2017 the debut full-length album called Awake was released. During this time, the band managed to play several local concerts and also drove through Russia with our "Album release tour"
And our band is only just getting started! Our vision and belief is keep your head up and move forward following your dreams, we hope to surprise you and our fans with new releases, shows and videos

Band members:
- Gorbatov Pavel - vocals
- Petrov Vladimir - guitar
- Lakhov Andrey - bass
- Pleshakov Vlad - drums

Album release date - 2017.03.23

From The Dust Returned - Homecoming (2017)

Homecoming is the debut EP by the Italian progressive rock/metal band From The Dust Returned. Trying to blend the musical personality of each member of the band, the EP showcases the combination of elements such as heavy metal, hard rock, progressive and psychedelic music through the six songs that recall 70’ sounds from dark atmospheres to acoustic melodies.
The album’s themes focus on several inner problems like schizophrenia, clinophobia, depression, selfishness and fear to love. Each theme becomes the song’s main subject. However, the real focus of Homecoming is in the opposite duality represented by the contrasting elements in the band: two opposing voices, Alex’s clean voice and Marco’s growl, acoustic against distorted guitars. All providing constant changes of atmospheres within the music.
The EP’s title was chosen by Marco Del Bufalo and was inspired by a chapter of the fix-up fantasy novel, “From The Dust Returned” written by Ray Bradbury. The title refers to the meeting of the band members, who came from different and varied musical backgrounds. This variety gives the band it’s very particular identity.
Homecoming | Released March 30th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Harlequeen | 02. Homecoming | 03. Echoes Of Faces | 04. Glare | 05. Wipe Away The Rain | 06. Sleepless
The EP was recorded and produced by From The Dust Returned. All the songs were composed by Alex De Angelis and arranged by Alex with Miki Leandro Nini, the band’s bassist and Danilo Petrelli, keyboardist and sound engineer.
From The Dust Returned are:
Alex De Angelis – Vocals/Guitars | Marco Del Bufalo – Vocals | Miki Leandro Nini – Bass | Danilo Petrelli – Keyboards | Cristiano Ruggiero – Drums

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

Althea - Memories Have No Name (2017)

 During 2016, Italian Progressive Metal/Rock band Althea composed and recorded the songs that are part of their new concept album Memories Have No Name. Progressing from Progressive rock/metal to more experimental and reflective sections, Memories Have No Name is an emotional journey into our most intimate inner selves.
Memories Have No Name is a concept album, an introspective analysis of the impact of memories on one’s life through the eyes of two different characters. This story is reflected in the 16 musical chapters (tracks) of the album.
The album will be available on CD, Digital and streaming platforms through Sliptrick Records worldwide. Althea previously released the Eleven EP, in February 2014.
Note: Pre-sales for the album commence exclusively on Amazon from today.
Memories Have No Name | Released April 7th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Regression From Regrets | 02. Paralyzed | 03. A New Beginning | 04. Revenge | 05. Drag Me Down | 06. Halfway Of Me | 07. Intermediated pt. 1 | 08. I Can’t Control My Mind | 09. Intermediated pt. 2 | 10. Leave It For Tonight | 11. Memories Have No Name | 12. The Game | 13. Last Overwhelming Velvet Emotion (L.O.V.E) | 14. Take Me As I Am | 15. Anything We’ll Ever Be | 16. A Final Reflection
Memories Have No Name was recorded by Dario Bortot, mixed and mastered by Danilo Di Lorenzo at Moonhouse Studios.
Althea are:
Alessio Accardo – Vocals | Dario Bortot – Guitar, Synths, Effects | Sergio Sampietro – Drums | Fabrizio Zilio – Bass | Marco Zambardi – Keys, Synths

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

BASTIAN - Back To The Roots (2017)

The Bastian band/project was formally conceived in 2014 and the following year, an album written and produced by leader Sebastiano Conti was their first release .Entitled Among my Giants, it featured american singers Michael Vescera (ex Malmsteen, Loudness, Animetal Usa, Obsession) and Mark Boals (ex Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth, Ring of fire). On drums, the great Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Heaven and Hell), Thomas Lang (Paul Gilbert, Glenn Hughes, Stork), John Macaluso (ex Malmsteen, James LaBrie, TnT, Riot, J.Batten). This was followed by their second album Rock Of Daedalus which was released in March 2016.
After a great deal of touring with all entirely Italian line up, Bastian are now ready to release their brand new album Back To The Roots with the stripped down line-up of Sebastiano Conti on guitar, Vinny Appice on drums, the swedish singer Apollo Papathanasio and the indestructible Corrado Giardina on bass. The sound is a little bit different than the pure metal sound of their two predecessors containing more hard rock shades with ballads and some bluesy touches without losing sight of the harsh sound that has always characterized his works.
Back To The Roots | Released Feb 28th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
1. Goodbye To My Room | 2. Midsummer Night’s Dream | 3. Writing My Rock And Roll | 4. The Kite | 5. Jasmine & Sebastien | 6. Moth Woman | 7. Warrior Friend | 8. Dreamer | 9. Rock Age | 10. Little Angel | 11. Spirit With The Hatchet | 12. Poor Town | 13. The Demon Behind Me | 14. Jasmine & Sebastien (featuring Tracey Amos)
The album was recorded in Italy, Sweden and the United States and was mixed in Germany by the veteran engineer Eroc.
Bastian are:
Apollo Papathanasio – Vocals | Sebastiano Conti – Guitar | Vinny Appice – Drums | Corrado Giardina – Bass
Special guests:
Thomas Lang | Tracey Amos

Band links: Facebook | Youtube

Κυριακή 16 Απριλίου 2017

Crohm - Humanity (2017)

Release date: March 21, 2017 (Europe) / July 23, 2017 (USA)
 The powerful flow of Heavy Metal that exudes from the tracks of Humanity, the new album from Crohm, is a mixture of styles that interweaves music with the lyrics, mixing power and melody in order to create an aggressive base from which the voice of Sergio Fiorani can continuously launch messages that describe humanity. Humanity was in fact conceived as a journey into the human Psyche with the intention of exploring it, revealing it, discovering it and looking at it without fear and without mercy. “We want to look inside the human soul with a piercing and ruthless gaze” says Claudio Zac Zanchetta, Crohm’s lead guitar, “from the darkest and mysterious depths up to the highest and brightest peaks, bringing to the surface the powerful energies that are trapped in the inner worlds”.
The journey of Humanity starts deep down, in the depths where the energy lives that is described in the song Alien and it continues slowly into that area called The Dark Side until it finally receives a call, as Sergio sings in The Call, which is the powerful drive of Heavy Metal that pushes our consciousness towards an awakening because the keys to success or to failure are in the hands of humanity. The only disruptive energy that can break the chains of despair is an Internal Fire, enclosed in the motto KYDAH!, and this energy can be heard in The Noise of Silence. It also manifests itself in the battlefield of the track Fields Painted Red and it pushes the individual to fight with all his strength in Run for your Life (the Escape) for both an individual and a common redemption.
“KYDAH! Keep your Dragon Alive is our motto,” says Riccardo Taraglio, the bass player of the band, “it’s our cry to the world, our deepest expression, meant to shake consciences and awaken the dragon that is inside each one of us”.
Humanity | Released March 21st, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:
01. Alien | 02. The Call | 03. The Dark Side | 04. Nothing Else | 05. Insatiable | 06. Lost Soul | 07. Fields Painted Red | 08. The Noise Of Silence | 09. Run For Your life (The Escape) | 10. Town After Town
Humanity was recorded at the Music-Link studios under the supervision of Giulio Capone (Temperance).
Crohm are:
Sergio Fiorani – Vocals | Claudio ‘Zac’ Zanchetta – Guitar | Diego Zambon – Guitar | Fabio Cannatà – Drums | Riccardo ‘Rick’ Taraglio – Bass
Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

Σάββατο 15 Απριλίου 2017

Revenience - Daedalum (2017)

 Release date: February 27, 2017

The musical influences of Revenience on their album Daedalum; progressive, gothic, symphonic metal and also electronic are all present and correct, driving at the core of the album and helping to present their own unique take on rock music. Take a listen to the sampler below.
Note: Daedalum (Japanese Edition) includes a bonus track of a special re-working of Hope Leaves, originally made by legendary Swedish Metal heavy band Opeth.

HoneyBombs - Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales (2017)

Release date: April 13, 2017 (Europe) / July 23, 2017 (USA)
In their own words, “HoneyBombs are a pure fuckin’ Rock ‘n’ Roll band from Rome, Italy”. Although formed in 2012, it took until 2015 for the band to finally reach the classic HoneyBombs line-up of Andrew “The Eagle” Skid (Lead Vocals), Alex Rotten (Guitars, Backing Vocals), Helias Marson (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), SteelBlade (Bass, Backing Vocals) , Fabulous Fab (Drums). In 2016, the band entered the recording studio to record thier debut album titled Wet Girls And Other Funny Tales ready for a 2017 release.

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube


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