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Δευτέρα, 17 Απριλίου 2017

Secure - Awake (2017)

SECURE was formed in early 2015 by the vocalist of My Autumn, Pretender and Sharks.
In February 2015 our first EP dropped, our first single called Lost in the Routine of Our Days, laid the foundation for our debut album, the recording of the album which lasted nearly 2 years. We certainly gained a lot of experience and during this we finalised our line up, In 2017 the debut full-length album called Awake was released. During this time, the band managed to play several local concerts and also drove through Russia with our "Album release tour"
And our band is only just getting started! Our vision and belief is keep your head up and move forward following your dreams, we hope to surprise you and our fans with new releases, shows and videos

Band members:
- Gorbatov Pavel - vocals
- Petrov Vladimir - guitar
- Lakhov Andrey - bass
- Pleshakov Vlad - drums

Album release date - 2017.03.23

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