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Woody, an articulate player with an 'axe' to grind, grew up in the Orillia area playing guitar from an early age. He has been a member of many popular bands including Rock Dogs from which he has become the consumate professional both on stage and in studio. For many years he has been working on his songwriting skills and can be found most nights in his basement studio, Coldroom Recording. Lance began playing bass in his teens, playing with trio's and foursome's at resorts and local bars. Through the years, playing many different styles of music, he found and perfected 'his' sound. He now brings this sound to SHOOT the MOON!. Phil started playing the drumkit with the High School band and was eager to learn as many songs and be in as many different musical groups as possible. His drumming has backed up bands such as The Dif'rence and Dogs of War on stage Don was played with numerous groups in and around the Thunder Bay area. Opening up for major touring act.


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Ravage Rose


Ravage Rose is a Scandinavian Rock band which is based in Trondheim, Norway. 
The band was started in the Spring of 2013, by songwriter Halvor «Lucky» Lökketangen. Most of the members are from the Trondheim area, except for band leader «Lucky», who moved in from the South a few years earlier. 
Since the startup, the band has focused most of their energy on writing new songs. Nevertheless, during the past 18 months, they’ve managed to do more than 40 live shows, though mostly in and around the Trondheim area. 
In April, 2014, Ravage Rose released their first out of three singles that year.
Some well conducted campaigns with these first releases gave the band considerable attention locally, and also generated numerous gigs, including a few nice support spots in Trondheim. 
The bands musical influences ranges from classic pop to modern rock, as well as some 80’s heavy metal. 
But the core of the music is melodic rock, that revolves around the soulful and crystal clear vocals of Miriam Labreche.
Ravage Rose is a brilliant live act, with a classic five member rock band line-up. Despite the modern hard rock sound, there’s also room for both piano and acoustic guitars when the band enters the stage.
«We’re not so concerned with music style and genre», Lucky says. «When
we’re on stage, it’s first of all about recreating some of the magic from the
songwriting process as well as the energy from the rehearsal space. It’s all
about the natural dynamics of each song». 
Ravage Rose’s fourth single was released on May 23. This is the first out of three single-releases planned for 2015. 
The new song «Fighting Fire With Fire», is an up-tempo vocal based love song with all the elements you’d expect from Ravage Rose
The song is also a little bit faster and a bit heavier compared to the band's previous release «Lovers & Losers» from October, 2014. 
The song was recorded and mixed locally in Skarp studio, Trondheim, with producer Jon Tore Dombu. The track was mastered at Sterling Sound Studios, NY, by Joe Laporta.


The Unravelling

Described by Pure Grain Audio as “overflowing with a bloodthirsty passion,” The Unravelling’s blend of industrial and hard rock reflects the infectious intensity of its creators. Suite 101 calls The Unravelling "a band who can combine the alternative stylings of Tool with the adventurousness, ambition, and refusal to compromise of The Dillinger Escape Plan.”

The band’s debut full-length, the psychoanalytic concept album 13 Arcane Hymns, was listed in Suite 101's Top Heavy Metal Albums of 2010. Metalunderground.com called the release "a surprising firebomb of an album,” while Pitch Black Magazine called it "a 13-track emotional and industrial-infused metal masterpiece.”

The Unravelling have since opened for acts such as Helmet and Bison BC, topped the CJSW Metal charts, and been nominated for three 2010 Alberta Metal Awards, winning in the Best Album Production category. Their music video for "Move Forward Until You Are Dead," directed by Doug Cook, was given a worldwide exclusive on the popular website Metalsucks.net.

Lead vocalist Steve Moore was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. He was forced to spend the next year and a half in surgery and recovery, thus sending his collaborative partnership with the project's founder and instrumentalist, Gustavo De Beauville, into a hiatus.
Anyone familiar with the two men behind The Unravelling might have known that Moore’s troubling diagnosis would merely delay the duo’s progress. During this time, De Beauville honed his production skills on a wealth of soundtrack work and solo material. He released Volume 1 in February of 2014, and was soon featured in Guitar World.

Following Moore’s recent recovery from cancer, The Unravelling are now back and more focused than ever. It is fitting that the newest song from Calgary’s heavy rock heroes is called “Revolt.” According to Moore, "the song was the first piece of new material Gus sent me, and it immediately struck me on a very deep level. It seems suitable that we're releasing it now.”

Having experienced more than their share of physical challenges over the past few years, Moore and De Beauville are now much more aware of their inner health. Moore explains: “The lyrics to “Revolt” convey a rejection of the false and a need for inner change. This is an inner revolt that we are talking about."


Witchskull formed in early 2014 when old school friends Marcus De Pasquale (Looking Glass) and 
Joel Green (Armoured Angel) joined forces with Tony McMahon to create a blues based doom outfit. 
More a brotherhood than a band, Witchskull unleash a stripped back, groove driven primal sound 
that reveals the bones of their rock/metal lineage.
After writing and demoing songs in mid 2014, Witchskull played shows in Canberra and joined the  
Sydney leg of the Doomsday Festival with Windhand and Beastwars.  Live, the  band is both aurally 
and visually affronting, with an onstage presence that is raw, relentless and destined to cut a swathe 
through the live scene over the coming months.
Witchskull have recently recorded their debut album with Jason Fuller (Blood Duster, Dern Rutlidge) 
At Goatsound Studios, Melbourne. 
Witchskull are now looking to release the album and have a 3 track sampler available to stream  or 
purchase on Bandcamp or grab one at one of their upcoming shows.


ABSENTH - one of the most famous industrial/cyber metal bands of the Russian stage. Contemporary music hits and more technical performance is not just marked by positive reviews from music critics all over the world. Almost 10 years the band has an active concert life in Russia and CIS countries.



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Zombie Death Stench

Zombified horror metal unlike any other! A bloody aural mutation of death, black and thrash metal spliced with horror film soundtracks.
Zombie Death Stench doesn't fit into any one specific genre of metal, instead playing what they like to call "horror metal." Mixed within and between their aural assaults are cold analog keyboard sounds that are evocative of Horror and Sci-Fi films of the late 70's and 80's. Their music is cold, dark, violent and ugly. There is nothing flashy, nothing pretty and nothing about it is clean. It is metal in its purest rotting undead form. Nothing is sacred to them...only the undead.

Formed in 2007, and after many line-up changes, the band has found their sound with the current four core members. Jason Rossetti on lead guitar, Sean Walusko on rhythm guitar and death vocals, Matt Howe on bass and black metal vocals and Mark Burkett a legally blind drummer. With four albums, (Here I Die...Zombified, The Redeadening, The Coming Bloodbath, and soon to be released "Infected") under their belt, they are weaving their way into the metal mainstream with much more to come in the future.


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Manala is a metal band from Kuopio, Finland. The band in its current state was formed in 2014 but they have a long history together. Their musical influences are vast but they like their music pretty straight forward. 

Members :

Vocals - Anni Koskinen
Drums - Matias Nerdrum
Guitar - Jussi Roininen
Bass - Jukka Holopainen


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Blue Dawn

BLUEDAWN was conceived in the early 2009 by Enrico (bass guitar) and Andrea (Drums) joined shortly after by Monica (vocals) and Paolo (guitar).
Gifted with far different musical feelings, they try to create a single musical flavour starting from 70's english hard rock and dark sound through modern rock and metal.
After a year of rehearsals on eight songs based on ideas Lanciaprima have been working on for years, the band entered Nadir Studios, assisted by Tommy Talamanca. Two more short instrumentals were added and the final product was ready at the end of 2010, showcasing a varied musical effort,with gothic/doom metal sounds and progressive song structures. The album has been released by Black Widow records worldwide in late february 2011.
BLUEDAWN are on the road...
In november 2012 the band did a succesfull Uk tour. In the beginning of the new year Cruschelli had to relocate in another part of the country, forcing the band to hiore a new guitar player, experienced musician Luigi Milanese. In march the band will enter Nadir studios to record their second album, to be released in december.
The new album, titled Cycle of pain, has been released on Black Widow Records last december, a limited edition on vinyl will be released in april. After helping the band to arrange, produce and record the new songs, Milanese decides to moving to America, Blue Dawn have now recruited new, permanent guitar player Martyr, he will be introduced to public on upcoming live dates in late summer/autumn.


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Moxy and The Influence

High energy Rock and Roll, best when played at full volume.  With ages ranging from just 16 to 22, Moxy and The Influence are four young Southern California rockers who bring it with power and drive to every performance.  Their original female-fronted sound is a modern mix of all that was great in the 80’s hard rock scene, and all that continues to move audiences today.

Bursting onto the Southern California rock scene in late 2013, this young band surprised audiences with hit-worthy original rock songs combined with a high-energy stage performance complete with headbanging and crowd interaction.  Catchy lyrics infused with a message of individualism span generations and touch minds and hearts, inspiring to greater things.  

Their face-melting performances have been witnessed at such iconic venues as The Whisky A Go-Go, The House of Blues Anaheim, The Orange County Fair, The Coach House, M15, Silverlake Lounge, and Chain Reaction.


Moxy and The Influence received an early industry nod even before their first gig with an HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award) nomination in 2013 and an OC Music Awards nomination in early 2014.

On December 31, 2013, the band was notified that they had won a $100,000 fully-produced music video from BigAndFamous.com.  That video (ME4ME) was released in summer 2014.  Their next music video for the hit song, ALIVE, was directed by C.G. Ryche and recorded and released in late 2014/early 2015.

The end of 2014 brought more accolades.  Moxy and The Influence received the HMMA award for the 2014 Rock Song of the Year for their song Vampire Valentine, won an Indie Battle Of The Bands competition shortly after their 1-year anniversary, and Music Connection Magazine named the band to their annual Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists list.  Their song, Alive, was nominated for another HMMA award in 2015.  They have been played on dozens of online and live radio broadcasts all over the world and are swiftly gaining momentum in the local and national music scene. 

http://Instagram: MoxyAndTheInfluence

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Kyrie Ellison

A storytelling power metal project primarily based in upstate New York (Albany, NY.) Formed in 1988, by the trio musician/songwriting team of; Mark G David, Chuck Woodard, and Paul G Warrior. Kyrie Ellison's sound was cut from the mid-1980 progressive metal movement cloth. Influenced heavily by artist like Fates Warning, Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Hittman, Savatage, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, NWOBHM, and thrash/speed metal bands of the 80s. The band spent three years warming up national metal acts locally and never made it passed the demo phase. As metal surrendered to grunge in the early 90s; Kyrie Ellison disbanded in November 1991. Co-founding member, Mark G David teamed up with guitar virtuoso: Mike Campese. Mike’s rock fusion style was a nice fit for Mark’s busy basslines and the two have been performing live together since 1999. Chuck kept musically active in various projects (most notably: vocals for Kid Bludo’s debut release, ‘Up & Away.’) 2013, brought Mark, Chuck, and Paul together again for the sole purpose of completing a long overdue Kyrie Ellison debut album. Recorded in various locations throughout 2014, Kyrie Ellison – Untold Stories: The Scriptures Of Sadness will be released in January 2015. Demo songs were reworked from the original 1990 demo and new songs written to complete the 10 song record. Vocals were handled by session vocalist: Chad Wagner (Born2Rule.) Drums tracks were provided by (long-time friend) Jason Bittner (Flotsam and Jetsam, Toxik, and Shadows Fall) and Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord, and Chroma Key.) Guitar solos were also added from guitar virtuosos: Mike Campese and Chris Caffery (Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.)
What’s in the name? Nothing, it’s based on the fictional story of a 17th century fortune-teller. The name was created or deranged from the Fates Warning song “Kyrie Eleison” by Paul “Warrior” Joseph and etched in the Kyrie Ellison song (Foreseen Destiny) lyrics and story by Mark G David. Metal bands need a haunting cover/image and a good story for writing future lyrics around, so why not create your own!


Δευτέρα 1 Ιουνίου 2015

Al Namrood

Al Namrood A Middle Eastern Black Metal band. Al Namrood main objective is to create a furious oriental black metal that is not a compelling middle eastern influence by definition but also a grandeur metallic Art.


Mephisto: Guitars/Bass
Ostron: Middle Eastern Instruments
Humbaba: Vocal



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