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Xander Demos

Xander Demos is one of today’s premier shred metal guitarists. Based in Pittsburgh, PA, he currently fronts his own band, XDB and has performed as a member of national tribute act, James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath, has played in Rivera’s solo band and in top Pittsburgh cover band, Into The Arena.  Xander is active in recording collaborations with artists all over the world. Xander plays guitars from Suhr, McNaught, Brian Moore and Conklin, with whom he has endorsement deals.  His endorsement from these guitar companies is a testament to his impressive skills and his deep commitment to playing the best guitars in the world.

Xander's style ranges from the beautifully melodic to the jaw-droppingly insane. His playing encompasses much of what he has learned and absorbed from other players over the years; artists like Shawn Lane, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, Neal Schon, Michael Romeo and John Sykes. One constant in his music is a focus on strong guitar melodies. In 2012, Xander released his debut solo CD, Guitarcadia. Mixed by CJ Snare of Firehouse, the album was named among the Best Albums of 2012 by Hair Metal Mansion.

Recently, Xander has been making quite the name for himself and his solo band by appearing as support for acts like Symphony X, Stryper, Metal Church, Adrenaline Mob, Buckethead, UFO, Lizzy Borden, Kip Winger, Neil Zaza and Dio Disciples, as well as performing at Rock Harvest II, Wolf Fest, Skull Fest I and II and NAMM Metal Jam, alongside members of Anthrax, Whitesnake, King Diamond, Dio, Queensryche, Alice Cooper, and many other metal greats.  Named the 2013 AND 2014 Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards Guitarist of the Year, Xander’s playing appears on several releases from other artists: Ged Rylands (Ten, Tygers of Pan Tang,) Derek Buddemeyer (Down Boys Records) Modern Superstar and Liberty ‘N’ Justice’s long awaited “Cigar Chronicles,” also featuring George Lynch (Dokken) Jeff Labar (Cinderella) and Jerry Dixon (Warrant.) He was included on “Guitar Feast” a compilation of international guitarists.   His latest single release, “Dancing Through Daggers” was mixed by JK Northrup of King Kobra/XYZ fame, and it was featured on the Guitar Wizards compilation CD with members of KISS, Poison, Guns N Roses, Whitesnake, Dio and more.  Xander was also nominated for 3 awards at the 2nd Annual International Music and Entertainment Association Awards in 2014. He was recently awarded Pop/Rock Male Artist and Pop/Rock Song of the Year, at the 2015 CMG Global Radio Awards.

In addition to these accomplishments, Xander is an avid animal lover.  Always looking for projects that will aid these beautiful creatures, Xander is donating a portion of his album sales to the ASPCA.

Xander plays: V-Picks, the Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra as well as Hughes and Kettner amps, Matrix Amplification, Mission pedals, ISP Guitar Systems and Suhr Guitars, Amps & Effects, McNaught Guitars, who completed production of the first Xander Demos Signature Guitar, Conklin Guitars and John Dixon Cases. Many of Xander's guitars are outfitted with EMG pickups and accessories. He exclusively uses the FloydUpgrades tremolos or the GraphTech LB-63 piezo-equipped Floyd tremolo.  He also is endorsed with Rock-N-Roll GangStar Apparel, Lampifier Microphones, JH Audio In-ear monitors, and INTEX Cables. 


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Nick Caster

The talented musician and songwriter, Nick Caster was born on July 10th 1983 in Detroit, Michigan. At 14 Nick picked up a guitar with influences of Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, 3 Doors Down, and Chris Daughtry.

After years of writing, composing, singing and struggling, he blasted the Reverbnation Charts in November 2014 with his debut hit song “The Way I Am.” It reached #1 Nationally in Rock and #4 globally. In addition, he was added to the Top Hits of iHeartRADIO in June 2015.

Keeping with his humble belief to remain “who he is” and for the LOVE of music, Nick decided to hit the road and seek out the most talented musicians to join his team. Once Nick's band came together they began taking their music to the next level. Shows have been selling out, with record-breaking attendance at some venues. Nick's fans are begging for more, and these guys are bringing it. Without a doubt, Nick Caster will take his music career to the top, the sky's the limit!

OFFICIAL website http://www.nickcaster.com/
Facebook www.facebook.com/nickcastermusic
Twitter https://twitter.com/NickCasterMusic
soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/nickcaster

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Dissfigured started as a fun project with no intent to ever release anything.

The idea was just to write a bunch of music and play it as a hobby.
Several of the songs are actually rehashed versions of songs written in the early 00's back when we were a trio called "Twisted Coil".
What a horrible name but there was a good story behind it and and we had a bunch of internet radio play so we used it for awhile.

thousand yard stare is the first disc as Dissfigured but a second is already in the works.

This set of tracks was recorded mostly in home studios and mastered in Kraljevo Serbia of all places at a studio called AB Sound Production.

The driving force behind the home studio / outsourcing model was money but in the end, it works.
It is less refined and there are little quirks here nad there that most musicians would have punched in and refactored but leaving them in makes everything a bit more real.

Stepping away from the world of airbrushed people in magazines, we see that everyone is a little Dissfigured in real life.
(That made me cringe)
Same with music though. No over processed, auto tuned, sampled, ultra polished thing that cannot be recreated. Just the music.


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A&L is the melding of Anthony Casuccio and Lana Marie. Anthony is a 20 year music veteran whose production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards, been featured in major music publications and topped the music charts. Lana is an award winning vocalist who has been a long-time force on the WNY music scene and voice to many jingles on radio and television. They have released 2 single to great reviews The 3rd song Hot mess spent 6 weeks on the European PICA charts before being released in the USA.


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After Alice

Steven Fennell has been in the music business on and off for 30 years and his versatility, vocal arrangements, production and personality has allowed him to put his first solo project " After Alice " together that is getting noticed in the industry. He has played everything from rock to musicals and every genre in-between. He worked on several projects with Jeff and John Murphy from " Shoes " and Herb Eimerman " Britannica's " and the production structure of layered vocals, harmonies and guitars was a template of his style over the years and the main stay of " After Alice ".

Towards the end of 2013, he met Jason Crowden, He is extremely talented and gifted musician with an outstanding voice. He had everything that Steven was looking for that had been missing from the project. Jason was the perfect fit because their goals were identical and have the same vision and solid work ethic plus a great personality. After Alice has a distinct sound, great production, out standing vocals, marketability and has a good solid fan base. 

Steven Fennell

Jason Crowden


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Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley is a songwriter/guitarist from Wales in the UK. He first picked up a guitar in the
1970s, playing clubs and bars. Over time, he found himself in studio sessions, house bands and
writing music for TV and film soundtracks. With influences like Snowy White, David Gilmour, Mick
Ronson, Alvin Lee, Leslie West and Gary Moore, Foxley released his own debut EP entitled I'll try
'till I die" in July 2015. An eclectic collection of original blistering blues rock guitar and soft acoustic
and piano tracks, written over the years. Foxley says "Every track on this album means so much
and every note is from my very soul".
"If you’ve never heard of Phillip Foxley then you should seek out his music, turn up the volume and
zone out. It reflects the maturity so loved and appreciated in the great blues rock players. His song
collection has all the right stuff; edgy blues to classically styled rock to soft acoustic and piano
tunes. It’s like listening to three generations of blues-rock on one album". Jamsphere Magazine.


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Latest Additions on Station's Playlist 9/1/2016

These are the new songs that have been added to Eat This ! Rock & Metal Webradio playlist from 3/1 to 9/1/2016

Salvator - The Ariser
Armor Of God - Beneath The Gates Of Splendor
Second Rate Angels - Godspeed
Odyssea Project - No Compromise
Infection of the Broken - False Impressions
Whitehall - Surrender
Alien Sex Queen - Just A Sign
Centipede -  The Unspoken
The Grand Astoria - Masterplan
Waxpanel - Dying Inside
Worth Dying For - Lost In Brightness

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The new project of ex-Centvrion lead singer,GERMANO QUINTABA'.

Germano Quintabà - Vocal
Randy Rush - Lead & Rythm Guitar
Dave Damian - Bass
Johnny Pezzola - Drums


Cherry Grind

Cherry Grind are a hard rock band writing truly original, modern music with a distinct groove.
Their song writing is imaginative and fresh, exhibiting scope that belies their years, with each member contributing equally to their huge sound. The reintroduction of vocal harmonies into a hard rock setting has been long overdue and adds to the depth of their sound. Combine that with bone rattling riffs and an unrelenting groove and you have a band with a lot to offer.
Cherry Grind enjoy what they do and it shows. Their raucous energy onstage is fuelled directly by the music which is heavy but soulful. Though they’re in their early 20s, between them they have the combined experience of 40 years playing pubs and clubs in various successful bands.
Lead singer Sam Patsouris is the ideal front man for the outfit with his commanding presence and friendly demeanour onstage, he invites the crowd in. Lead guitarist Jack Stevenson's dynamic playing confidently leads the band through many landscapes, weaving and cavorting with Sam's melodies. Peter Cerlienco's robust basslines are the key to the band's huge sound, providing an expert low-end counterpoint to Jack and Sam’s explorations. Zach West is the glue that holds the outfit together, directing and driving the music, holding the groove and maintaining the pulse. Together they have chemistry on stage that is usually exuded by seasoned professionals.

Bandcamp page:

Cherry Grind's YouTube channel:

Cherry Grind on Twitter:

Cherry Grind on Instagram:


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The Grand Astoria

The Grand Astoria is an experimental heavy psychedelic unit from St.Petersburg (Russia) under command of primal singer/songwriter Kamille Sharapodinov. The band have been very prolific since it's formation in April 2009 and already released five full-lenth albums, lots of EPs and splits (both on vinyls and CDs), toured with no rest across Europe and Russia (more than 300 shows had been played) and constantly stretched their sound boundaries which include elements of heavy metal, classic prog, space rock, fuzz grunge and even acoustic folk carefully mixed with great taste.


2009 - I (CD) Flower Punk
2010 - II (CD) Flower Punk
2011 - Omnipresence (CD) Flower Punk
2011 - Caesar Enters The Palace Of Doom (7'') Setalight
2012 - To Whom It May Concern (12'' split with US Christmas) Setalight
2013 - Then You Win (7'') Setalight
2013 - Punkadelia Supreme (CD and 2LP) Setalight
2013 - Deathmarch EP (CD) Flower Punk
2014 - Who's In Charge? (CD) Flower Punk
2014 - The Body Limits (CD split with Montenegro) Flower Punk
2014 - The Process Of Weeding Out (CD) Flower Punk
2014 - La Belle Epoque (CD and LP) Setalight
2014 - Blessed, Cursed and Crucified (7'' split with Mother Mars) Desert Highways
2015 - Kobaia Express (10'' split with Samavayo) Setalight
2015 - The Mighty Few (CD and LP) Vincebus Eruptum
2015 - Soft Focus EP (CD) Flower Punk Records



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