Τρίτη 31 Μαρτίου 2020

REISM - Dysthymia

Reism are a Norwegian metal band that has evolved over the years from a studio project to a full band. They are known for their down-tuned brooding energy, with melancholic melodies and heart-wrenching vocal lines. Kirsten Jørgensen’s powerful voice dominates the dark soundscape of metal riffs blended with industrial noise, catchy choruses and soaring melodies. 

Dysthymia is a mood disorder consisting of the same cognitive and physical problems as depression, with less severe but longer-lasting symptoms. Reism felt this title reflected the feel and lyrical content of this album with songs that focus on theme’s such as betrayal, depression, and self identity. 

This album refines all the elements the band have previously combined. Interweaving them seamlessly in an intricate web of organised chaos.

“Tight as the screws in Frankenstein’s neck. Somewhere slightly similar to Evanescence in line up and Within Temptation for theatrics, Reism have something that most others bands don't, they're intriguing.” AJJ - Glasswork.co.uk

“It's dark, it's sexy, with an energetic thirst that keeps you engaged. This isn't background music.This is brilliantly sequenced, moody and dynamic.” SA - Devolution Magazine #15

“Reism blew me away! They look like a well-oiled V8, pounding along the motorway at 9,000 rpm’s. The mixture of powerful drumming, menacing guitars, dark synth lines and Kirsten’s angelic vocals create a maelstrom of chaotic, yet well orchestrated fury. I thoroughly enjoyed this gig and can’t wait or more.” Paul Reay - Digital Noise Magazine #23

Band Members:
Tom Poole - Kerr - Guitar, Programming
Kirsten Jørgensen - Vocals
Wolfgang Ognøy - Drums
Stein Sjurseth - Guitar
Kim Lund - Bass

Κυριακή 29 Μαρτίου 2020


Catalina Skies’ edgy brand of indie pop makes them impossible not to dance to. And their catchy choruses make them impossible to forget.

Their sound is jam packed with stick-in-your-head guitar riffs, rolling drum solos and touches of keys through a synthesizer. Combined this with strong, gritty vocals, enticing harmonies and unique lyrics, Catalina Skies mixes musical story telling with fun beats and high energy melodies. 

It all started when Craig met Chris at the media agency they worked. A disagreement started over work drinks about a claim that the lyrics within ‘Ice Cream’ by Australian band Muscles are the greatest lyrics written, uncovered their joint love of music’s incredible narrative power. Joined by Sean on the way, and inspired by artists like Enter Shikari, Foo Fighters and The Strokes, Cataline Skies quickly developed their own sound.

Fear King Kong is their latest release.. It is an emotionally charged track about despair and feelings of anxiety turning into feelings of hope. If you enjoy music from Nothing but Thieves and The Cure, you’ll love Catalina Skies.

Band Members:
Craig Surace (lead vocals and guitar)
Chris Macmorland (lead guitar)
Sean Hanrahan (drums) and 
Liam Priestnall (bass)


Σάββατο 28 Μαρτίου 2020

Lyena - Headlines

The band formed in late 2018 after being introduced to each other at mutual friend's show. Having quickly realised they all had a passion for fast, energetic music - they decided to hire a practice room the next day.

Lyena channel the views of angsty millennials, and tell stories about everything from social media and gender divide to homelessness, self-entitlement and loss. Their strong messages are presented in a playful, tongue in cheek manner, and see each song as part of a wider storytelling universe that they create, with characters and narratives intertwining.

Headlines is Lyena’s second single and reflects modern society’s relationship with clickbait news and meaningless headlines, all told from the perspective of a narrator who feels disconnected from the world around him. Lyena use sarcasm and dry wit blended with powerful hooks in an angst-driven, tongue-in-cheek track oozing with slick riffs and raw energy.

Having made a name for themselves on London's underground scene, Lyena have played shows throughout the UK and Ireland. The band have a string of dates coming up, including a show at the basement in Chelmsford on the 11th of April, the Unicorn in Camden on the 15th of April, and Paper Dress Vintage in London on the 12th of June.


Παρασκευή 27 Μαρτίου 2020


THE JAMÓNS are a Los Angeles-based rock and roll group made up of longtime friends, Brandt Shandera, Chris Glaab, Nicholas Romero, and Kennedy (aka Jack Kennedy Herkel). Their influences come  from rock and roll, punk, blues, garage, and ska, combining a masterful instrumentation with playful lyrics.

They have just released their new single "Mommy Long Legs" , which is about a beautiful woman with very long legs, who is greedy for material things. In this track you can find all  the energy that the band has become famous for while performing live. This song makes you wanna dance endlesly. The sound production is great too.

THE JAMÓNS are releasing two more singles over the next few weeks, and then they’ll be working on more new material. They’ll also have some live shows coming up this year. Their all-out live show has best been described as “a slam-bang rock and roll party!”


THE GRENADINES - Band On The Radio (2020)

The Grenadines is ready with their second full-length record ‘Band on The Radio’ on CD & LP.

In the 3,5 years since releasing their debut album, The Grenadines have been writing and recording new material. On the debut album there were two dogmas: Do not say no to ideas, and let the recordings and songwriting happen quick and instantly. The dogmas has been put aside and the band have worked in depth with song and text writing and experimented with the recordings until the right sound was there. The result is a more detailed and mature album.

On this new release, the Copenhagen based band is leaning towards the big rock and folk heroes such as Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler among others.
The lyrics’ point of departure is the calm and resilient man in the midst of the changing and uncertain time in the world. Directed at an indisputable and universal truth: we live in a tiny fraction of eternity. Therefore, according to The Grenadines, you owe world to reflect on things that are bigger than yourself and more than now and here.

The music is grounded and straightforward, and the mix of ballads, highway hymns and late summer tunes sends references across the history of rock music. The listener of classical rock will undoubtedly be drawn in by The Grenadines' aesthetics.

Together with bassist Dennis Debannic and guitarist / producer Kasper Ejlerskov Leonhardt, the band with the two lead singers Laurits Emanuel and Morten Fillipsen has made an album as a unified band - an album made for the car radio driving 70 mph on the highway.


JUSTIFY REBELLION - The Ends Justify The Means (2020)

The Ends Justify The Means...

...such is the name of the brand new heavy metal album by Denmark’s hard hitting heavy metal band Justify Rebellion. The rebellion is here to stay, proven by this monstrosity of a heavy metal album, which takes its inspiration from several metal genres. With this album you can easily tell that the kids from the first album “Unleashing The Beast’ have grown into testosterone-filled heavy metal hailers. Their new album is mainly centered on the darker aspects of humanity and society, with the topics on the record varying from greed, war, lust and drugs to vulnerability and self-realization.

The riffs are heavier, the solos are faster, the drums are punchier, and the bass is rumbling its way to mayhem. Never has Justify Rebellion felt so strong and powerful! With this masterpiece of a track list, nothing can take these guys down. Justify Rebellion has turned up the pace, but also made room for some thunderous and slower anthems for fans to break their necks to.

The album is, as “Unleashing The Beast”, recorded and produced in CB Studios in Jutland by Christian Bonde, who also provides guest vocals on the track “Throne Of Greed” - the longest track by the rebellion to date.

Hailing from Slagelse in Denmark, the four-piece has carved a name for themselves with their old-school sound and a lot on heart, culminating in their albums “Unleashing The Beast” and “The Ends Justify The Means”. These records grab you be the collar and deliver a solid right hook to the jaw, while the collective voice of the band roars in your face, like a lion stepping on a LEGO!

Guitar/Vocals: Lukas Rautenberg
Lead Guitar: Nikolaj Madsen
Bass: Stephen Torpe Andersen
Drums: Nikolaj Ersbøll Ross



Τετάρτη 25 Μαρτίου 2020

ORBO - Smoke & Mirrors

«Smoke & Mirrors» is a brand new single and the title track from Ole Reinert Berg Olsen's upcoming album, set for release later this spring. Grainne Duffy is a soul/blues singer and songwriter from Ireland. She is known for her exceptional voice inspired by the wellsprings of Memphis but it also reflects the rich undercurrents of her Irish Celtic roots. 

Orbo is an award winning singer-songwriter. He was born in May, 1982 and started playing guitar when he was 6 years old. Influenced by Bob Dylan, Warren Zevon, John Lennon, Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, Orbo represents a modern style of pop/rock similar to that of Ed Sheeran. Orbo grew up near the composer Edvard Grieg's house and music was always in his family and surroundings. His music has been described as genuine, handmade rock'n'roll. Orbo has also won awards with his band Orbo & the Longshots.


Δευτέρα 23 Μαρτίου 2020

DELEO - Unfair

There are those for whom the planets suddenly align, and when this magic ends up reaching us we call them stars. We have the impression that it is sudden, but who knows what path they’ve taken to get there? They may have had to go through several lives before arriving in this form.

There is no doubting this has been the case for Deleo and the band’s songwriter and mastermind Denis Navarro. While Deleo’s singer is young, the music sublime and the production as polished as if it dropped from the heavens, behind it all is Denis, who is no Gen Z newcomer. This native of Montpellier in the south of France grew up with Depeche Mode, the Cure, Joy Division and David Bowie – indie music is in his DNA.

But how to explain the grandeur of what they have created? How did this five-member band (Emy Eris, Denis Navarro, Nicolas Gaeremynck, Romain Viguier and Robin Olivier) that has never previously released anything succeed on the first try at the miraculous debut album ?

Listening to these tracks produced by James Sanger (the artist, producer, arranger and sound engineer with 67 million album sales to his name worldwide) you are carried away by the intelligence of the composition and the lushness of the sound. It acts like a filter that you have never heard before and yet ... with its irresistible melodies and indefinable trace of ethereal sadness, this symbiosis of folk, rock and electro invites you into the tidal flow of life that defines great songs: you don’t discover them, you recognise them. They speak to something already in us. Unresolved.

With the charisma of now silent voices from the past, the talented singer Emy Eris takes up the timeless challenge and wins us over with her fitting vocals, at once familiar yet one of a kind, sometimes smoothly silky, sometimes punchy. From Audioslave to Taylor Swift. There is even a touch of intoxicating soft club for chilling out from midnight dancefloors.

There are those for whom the planets suddenly align. When this magic all at once reaches us, we call them – at the end of the story – stars. And they really are. They shine. But isn’t that also the destiny of all of us who accept the invitation they extend?

Deleo’s first EP Unfair will be released in May 2020, with their album to follow. 

Article writen by : @sylvain.fesson, music journalist


Σάββατο 21 Μαρτίου 2020

THE DUDE - One In A Million

'The Dude' is a solo project formed by Gaël De Temmerman in 2020 in Brussels, Belgium.

Although all songs are written, recorded and produced by Gaël, 'The Dude' features many different musicians including guitarists, keyboard players and singers. In fact, 'The Dude' never uses the same singer twice. That is why the band's catalog is so diverse, ranging from ballads to heavy-metal. 

So far, the group has released 3 singles: 'Broken Promises', written about the loss of Gaël's newborn child in 2019. It features a Belgian singer, Nicholas Brynin, as well as a Greek lead guitarist only known as 'Jimmy'. 'The Witch', which very much reminds of Black album-era Metallica features a Nashville singer by the name of Joel Jorgensen and 'One In A Million', the project's latest release which is an uptempo Panic At The Disco meets Blink-182 type of song, features Ukrainian Sergey on lead vocal.

A 6-track E.P. called 'Psychosis of The Liver' is set to be released on April 15th of this year. Meanwhile, 'The Dude' tries to post a new song on their Facebook page every week. (They have a 100+ song back catalog to choose from, recorded over the last 10 years). Their name was borrowed from the 1980 song by Quincy Jones. Be on the lookout, because 'The Dude' s coming for you!


Παρασκευή 20 Μαρτίου 2020

IVORY BLUE - Elite Dreamland

A singer songwriter whose music is a passionate fusion of full-bodied rock with a dash of pop hooks and a healthy dose of swagger, IVORY BLUE, formerly known as IVORY BLACK until a name change in 2018, is an artist dedicated to breaking down barriers and defying staid conventions. Ivory lived a nomadic existence until settling in Kansas City MO and becoming part of the local musical community. After winning a nationwide talent contest in 2017, Ivory was championed as grand prize winner and was dealt a one-year recording contract with BMLG and mega international radio play.

Ivory experienced a great deal of emotional turmoil as a child. Was put up for adoption at the age of 4 and lived with several foster families until adopted at the age of 9. At a very young age, picked up the guitar and began writing songs by use of a tape player to layer sounds that added to an acoustic song production. At the age of 15, and after experiencing much turmoil in life, Ivory ran away from home and traveled across the country, playing acoustic shows in coffee shops or wherever the opportunity presented itself.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Ivory began refining their performance style, using digital looping pedals to stack harmonies and guitar parts live on stage, giving their solo shows the feel of a full band. In 2011, Ivory settled in Kansas City, MO and quickly began attracting an intense regional following for their strong vocals and incisive, deeply personal lyrics.

By 2013, Ivory was playing regularly in and around Kansas City and the first EP “Ready Get Set” was released in 2015. While the EP helped spread the word and got much attention from regional radio and TV stations, a big break would come in 2017, when entering NeXt2Rock, a nationwide talent search to find fresh and promising rock artists. Over 1800 national bands entered to win. Ivory was among the top 5 local bands and won regional to move on to the top 5 national bands who battled it off for the win in Los Angeles CA at the legendary Viper Room. Ivory Blue won over the judges, Scott Borchetta, John Varvatos, Chris Lord-Alge, Desmond Child, Steve Jones and Gavin Rossdale and became the grand prize winner! landing a year record deal with BMLG who re-released the song Ready Get Set from the 2015 EP. Ivory’s 2018 re-release of Ready Get Set undauntedly received National and International airplay within weeks.

In February and after years studying the craft of recording and self-producing, this amazing singer-songwriter with soaring vocals, passionate love for everyone struggling through, released “Elite Dreamland”. There are no words to describe the incredible artistry behind this song , a single that hits your heart about understanding how it feels to be misunderstood in a world of people that seem to know what they are doing.

Scott Borchetta: “You exude artistry from the minute you step on that stage
John Varvatos: “You’re a true artist
Desmond Child: “I love everything about you, you sing what you live, you’re fantastic
Chris Lord-Alge: “Giving us the diamond in the rough we can only dream of, the foundation that’s built underneath it, that’s what music is made from
Steve Jones: “You got a lot of potential

Official Site: https://www.ivorybluemusic.com 
FB Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/IVORYBLUEMUSIC/  
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ivorybluemusic 
YouTube music video of Elite Dreamland: https://youtu.be/b854itsIqj4

Πέμπτη 19 Μαρτίου 2020

SAINTS - Principle Fighter

Saints are a four-piece indie-alternative band formed in south London. There are three core members: Chris Mason the frontman; Louis Woodward the lead guitarist and Pitt Vitheethum the drummer. The band writes and performs original music that takes influence from all manner of genres from britpop and new wave to alternative rock. The music generally has an uptight nature stemming from influences such as Talking Heads. The sound is structured around complex basslines with jangly guitar riffs and melodic hooks draped over the top. Vocals are often high-pitched and characteristically british, ranging from soft and introspective to aggressive and punky. Overall the songs generally form high energy melodic pieces which serve as the perfect antidote to modern day lo-fi bedroom soft rock.

Lyrically, songs like ‘Principle Fighter’ outline the hardships of student life in London detailing the inequality and hypocrisy of a large number of London students’ experiences. Conversely songs like ‘Psychopath Tango’ or ‘Chaos In the Bathhouse’ create a story in which the character adventures through surreal landscapes. Fundamentally the lyrics focus on witty cynicism with a tendency for introspection.

The band has been consistently gigging in London for the last two years and have played a wide number of venues all over London such as the Amersham Arms, the Notting Hill Arts Club and even the nightclub Proud Embankment. The band focuses on mastery of the live performance always thinking up new ways to vary set for their regularly attending fanbase. With studio experience as well, in the form of a 5 track EP (4 songs of which are currently released on streaming services), this band shows huge promise for the future.

Their latest single Principle Fighter is a searing slice of Indie Punk chronicling our experience of London’s social inequality. The lyrics take the listener on a surreal tour of the city, from the riches of overly privileged students and West-End oligarchs, down to mud dwelling submarines in the Thames and bedraggled foxes in the south. Musically, the song starts with a simple, haunting guitar line, evolving into a paranoid stop-start verse and knife-edge guitar riff into a soaring outro.


PYRAMID PARK - Never Let Me Down

Singer-songwriter-producer Pyramid Park makes his return with his masterful new single ‘Never Let Me Down’. Encompassing an indie-pop sound, Pyramid Park delivers a relatable story of the pressures and confusion of growing up, pulling inspiration from Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Jack Garratt.

Pyramid Park, also known as Pete McAllen, kick started his music career at the age of 15, after the loss of his father. This sudden loss helped carve McAllen’s music career. Making music and writing songs made him feel close to his father again, so he decided to help other people with their struggles by putting everything into his art.

Speaking on the track Pyramid Park stated: "Never Let Me Down was written in January 2018. I was determined to get my act together, and hit the ground running, with three months of intense
songwriting. I had a heart to heart about music, fears and dreams. I had recently taken the plunge to work full time as an indie artist. I felt vulnerable and unsure, so we began to pen the lyrics 'I think I’m drifting between the head and the heart…’ an honest summary of my mindset."

Having toured the UK, Germany, and The Netherlands, on that back of the debut album ‘Vulnerability’ and bagging 30 festival slots in the last two years, Pyramid Park is set to release his second album ‘Not an Island’ in April 2020.

About his new album Pyramid Park says: “Three years ago I was overwhelmed with a decision that I knew would massively impact me. I was working flat out in a job, while finishing off my first album and I couldn’t juggle it any more. These songs came from the fallout of that decision when life didn’t look ideal. Somewhere in that crazy decision, I found peace pouring my heart into these new songs.”


Τετάρτη 18 Μαρτίου 2020

LOUNGER - Contact Sports

Contact Sports is an alternative pop song which takes influence from Talking Heads, Nirvana and Blur. The lyrics are about what it means to be a man and the so called ‘good old days’. The song is short, at 2:41, but there is still time for an over the top guitar solo.

Lounger are Tom (bass/vocals) Don (guitar) and Sheldon (drums). Based in London, they have been playing together for a year. This year they plan to gig more and record a further 5 tracks for an E.P.


Κυριακή 15 Μαρτίου 2020


Temperature Falls is a trip-hop/alternative rock duo from Oslo, Norway that blends influences including Bjork, Portishead and Pearl Jam into a brilliantly atmospheric and original new sound. Comprised of vocalist/lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J.Ward, Temperature Falls released its debut album, Temperature Falls, in 2019 as well as a single, a cover of the Deftones’ “Knife Party.” Zuzu’s Petals will be first single from upcoming EP.

Temperature Falls uses music to create moods and tangible feelings that resonate deeply with its listeners. The songs are contemporary and classic at once and instantly pull you into their deliciously hypnotic worlds. The project began with a chance meeting between Camilla and Ward that led the pair into Ward’s studio, where they discovered their magic. Having no choice but to continue, the two spent every possible moment of 2018 creating Temperature Falls. The music mixes the glorious euphoria of trip-hop with the backbone of alternative rock in a way that compels you to keep listening.

Camilla and Ward make this music because it’s what they feel and love. Both are motivated artists with uncompromising creative visions. Together, they’re fire and ice at the same time and, as Temperatures Falls, they are releasing some of the most important and vital music of modern times. Anyone seeking new music with both headspace and energy needs to start listening.


Παρασκευή 13 Μαρτίου 2020

CONNY BLOOM - Game! Set! Bloom! (2020)

He’s got an unmistakable and natural rock star swagger, yet at the same time he’s a salt of the earth kind of guy. That’s Conny Bloom, one of the most charismatic frontman in Swedish rock music.

As a teenager Bloom, born Ulf Conny Blomqvist in Stockholm 1964, learned his trade in bands such as Road Rats and Neon Rose but found success and fame in the late 80s as the centre of attention influential groove rock combo Electric Boys, with whom he got intense MTV play, hit the Billboard charts and reached # 1 on the Swedish sales charts with the latest album “The Ghost Ward Diaries”. Conny was also catapulted to success in the 00s, when he played guitar for the Finnish rock legends Hanoi Rocks for 4 1/2 years. However, as a solo artist he’s doing something completely different.

On his two latest albums, he’s singing in Swedish. Musically and lyrically you could put him in the tradition of, say, Pugh Rogefeldt and Stefan Sundström, storytelling folk rock with traces of psychedelia, funk and 60s pop.

As a songwriter, Conny Bloom moves between seriousness and humour. He has a unique way with words, he sings the way he talks and there’s no reason to doubt him since that swagger of his means he always walk the talk.


Πέμπτη 12 Μαρτίου 2020

ZELAH - Static

ZELAH are an atmospheric, alt-pop duo from London. Encapsulating a blend of dark, raw and electronic soundscapes with soulful vocals, that take influence from the likes of BANKS, London Grammar, and Lorde.

Hailing from Bristol and Cambridge, the two met by chance whilst studying in the South West and instantly formed a connection over a shared love of dark sounds and somber lyrics. The pair wasted minimal time in moving to London to pursue music where they officially formed the band. At the start of 2019 lead vocalist Zelah Van-Gowler received the opportunity to feature for the established dance act Matrix & Futurebound for their single ‘Got You There’ in February, which gained support from Radio 1, Heart FM, and Spotify with features on New Music Friday UK and US. Following this the band recorded their own stripped back version of the track which has accumulated nearly 25000 plays on Spotify. The band then self-released two singles ‘Save Me’ and ‘Adrenaline’, the former supported with a sold-out launch show in London.

With their debut EP due for release on May 1st, 2020, the duo have been working hard with producer Jake Murray at Strongroom Studios in London and released their next single ‘Static’ (first from the EP) on February 7th, 2020. 

ZELAH’s brand new single ‘Static’ simmers and burns with the unyielding desire from another person; someone with whom you share an inexplicable connection. The track is direct and passionate built upon atmospheric sustained keys, dreamy guitars, minimalist electronic beats, pretty synth melodies and magnetic lead vocals.

Elements of electronica and dream-pop all interweave to relay ZELAH’s singular message - “I want you”.

Speaking about the writing of the track singer Zelah Van-Gowler speaks of the magic behind love connections:

It’s like that unspoken magnetism towards a person that just completely captivates you for a certain time, and you can’t quite pinpoint what it is about them. You’re left wondering if they felt that same thing or maybe it’s all in your own head (and sometimes it is), but there’s just something extremely magical about it."

There’s very little in the way of frills when it comes to ZELAH’s music, something that you’ll come to discover with each new song in the run up to their debut EP this Spring.

Here Zelah Van-Gowler further illuminates the creative process behind ‘Static’:

"My mindset when I sat down to write ‘Static’ was that I just wanted to convey the message in the simplest of ways. There’s no uncertainty or unnecessary complexity, which sometimes I think we grasp on to as writers, arguably believing it’s the only way to validate our work being good. I love keeping things more interpretive in the lyrics of certain songs we’ve written, however I had such a clear feeling that I could only write it down that way.

Following an epic support show for Ásgeir at Shepherds Bush Empire on February 12th, ZELAH will play their headline EP launch show on April 30th, 2020 at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters.



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