Παρασκευή 29 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Metalite - Afterlife (Single 2017)

Metalite was formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 2015 when Edwin Premberg [guitar] met Emma Bensing [vocals]. He presented his musical ideas and vision to her, and she agreed to join the band. The goal was to write and record melodic and memorable metal songs with a modern and fresh sound.

Edwin and Emma started to co-operate with the Danish producer Jacob Hansen [Volbeat, Evergrey, Amaranthe] and songs started to take shape. During 2016 Metalite found three experienced musicians that agreed to join the band: Lea Larsson [drums], Robert Örnesved [guitar] and Robert Majd [bass].

A deal was signed with the Swedish label Inner Wound Recordings, and the Metalite debut album "Heroes In Time" is scheduled to be released in October 2017.

"Afterlife", the first single from the album showcase the Metalite sound in a perfect way, but other songs from the album like "Nightmare", "Heroes In Time" or "Purpose of Life" are just as likely to become fan favorites.

"Heroes In Time" is an impressive debut album filled with melodic and memorable songs, crowned with the strong and emotional vocals by vocalist Emma Bensing as well as a powerful production by Jacob Hansen. The album should be perfect for fans of bands like Beyond The Black, Dynazty and Amaranthe!

The artwork was created by Jan Yrlund [Apocalyptica, Leah, Korpiklaani] and guest appearances on the album includes Fraser Edwards [Ascension] and Jakob Svensson [Wigelius].


Metalite line-up:
Emma Bensing - Vocals
Edwin Premberg - Guitar
Robert Örnesved - Guitar
Robert Majd - Bass
Lea Larsson - Drums

 Metalite onlineFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/metalitemetal

Πέμπτη 28 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Licence - Licence 2 Rock (2017)

Release: 27 October 2017

LICENCE, the band from Ludwigsburg/Germany is the brainchild of local guitar hero and songwriter Steam Thiess. After a break for a few years he decided he has too much musical creativity to let it go and he wants to get back into business.

In May 2014 he founded LICENCE and was looking for musicians who'd fit into the band. To find the singer was easy, his daughter Jacky had just what he was looking for! With an amazing presence and rocking voice the first piece to the puzzle was solved. With bassist Pappe and drummer Sammy Sin they recruited the two perfect missing links.

They soon played shows with bands like TERRANA, STORMWITCH, PRAYING MANTIS, STOP STOP, TRI STATE CORNER & TWENTYDARKSEVEN, followed by festivals alongside SAXON, THE POODLES and many more.

The pre-production in 2016 ended in recordings for their debut album „Licence 2 Rock“, which was mixed and mastered by none other than Achim Köhler, known for his work with PRIMAL FEAR, BRAINSTORM and many others. The record shows the whole facettes of the LICENCE sound. Back to the 80s without sounding outdated. Heavy, melodic and always keeping you on the edge of your seat. Once you hear the songs they will remain stuck in your head.

You can't buy the licence to rock, you need to own it. LICENCE does!!!


Jacky Coke – vocals
Steam Thiess – guitar
Pappe – bass
Sammy Sin – drums

Licence 2 Rock (2017)

Web: https://www.licence-band.com

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Angel Nation - Burn The Witch (Single 2017)

Angel Nation is a melodic metal band founded by the classically trained Finnish singer Elina Siirala who moved to London in 2008 and fell in love with the power of rock and metal.

Their debut album [released under the name EnkeliNation] "Tears of Lust" was received with glowing reviews all over the world. The release in 2014 was followed by shows at Bloodstock Open Air, shows in Finland amongst others.
In 2016 Elina also joined Leaves' Eyes as their new vocalist.

Angel Nation's second album "Aeon" continues the musical diversity that Elina likes to express in her songwriting. The unique blend of retro and modern sounds is developed even further with this album. The power of metal and rock combined with Elina's ethereal yet strong and emotional vocals create the perfect platform for stories of both earthly and otherworldly she likes to create with her lyrics.

Guest appearances on the album includes Jukka Pelkonen [Omnium Gatherum] on vocals, and Elina's mother Merit Palas on violin.

Get ready for it all: Heavy, rocking and epic tunes from this highly anticipated album with tons of character!


Angel Nation line-up:
Elina Siirala - Vocals
Julia B Cadau - Bass
Lucas Williamson - Drums
Sonny Antoniou - Guitar

Track listing
01. Burn The Witch
02. Blood Is On Your Hands
03. Breathe Again
04. Wonder Who You Are
05. Farewell
06. Free
07. Enough Is Enough
08. Music Plays
09. Fireflies
10. Destination

Angel Nation online
Website: http://www.angelnationofficial.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/angelnationmusic

Τρίτη 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Wait Hell in Pain - Wrong Desire (2017)

The Wait Hell in Pain project was born in 2011 when guitarist Stefano Prejanò and singer Kate Sale met. They both had in mind to start a band and play a mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music. Starting from October 2012 they had many live gigs in the area of Rome.
After some changes, the final lineup was completed in 2016 and included Stefano Rossi (drums – ex Fifht Season, Ushas), Marco Novello (keyboards ex Fifth Season, Ozzman Cometh), Alfonso Pascarella (bass – ex Aurion, Astarte Syriaca) and the band’s sound has evolved into a modern and experimental kind of metal. The band members have bonded even more and improved their skills also in terms of stage presence.
During the first half of 2016, the band wrote its first album “Wrong Desire” composed of 10 songs: 9 of them unreleased and a bonus track cover song of a famous dance hit, revisited in Wait Hell in Pain’s style.
On November 2016, the band started recording in Kick Recording Studio and collaborating with Marco “Cinghio” Mastrobuono (Hour of Penance, Buffalo Grillz), Matteo Gabbianelli (Kutso) (recording sessions and production), Giorgio Lorito singer of Ushas (vocal arrangements’ supervisor) and Cecilia Iacomini (strings).
On September 2017, Wait Hell in Pain will release "Wrong Desire" with the label Revalve Records.
Kate "Hekate" Sale Vocals
Stefano Prejano All Guitars
Alfonso Pascarella Bass
Marco Novello Keyboards
Stefano Rossi Drums

Δευτέρα 25 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Into The Unknown - Out Of The Shadows (2017)

October 20th 2017 sees the release of the debut album from the band Into The Unknown through Vigilante Records.  Entitled Out of the Shadows it showcases 11 songs ranging from the acoustic Breaking My Heart through the anthemic Monsters to the hard rocking Why Me?” and Once.  Throw into the mix an interesting choice of covers - Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball and Chris de Burghs’ Don’t Pay the Ferryman”- and you have a diverse album full of catchy choruses, soaring vocals and raucous riffs.

The core of the band is vocalist Lucie Hölzlová, with Guitarist Ryan Atkins and bassist/producer Rupert Withers.   Together they have penned all the original songs on the album.
Lucie and Ryan met Rupert when he produced a song for their previous band. Shortly after Ryan did a session for him on a recording.  The chemistry between them worked and they decided to record more material, inviting Lucie to provide the vocals.  From here songs were written and an album evolved. As they moved forward to create music, things started organically slotting into place and Into The Unknown was born.  A mix of influences, from Nightwish, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC and Halestorm right through to Adele, have contributed to the sound of Into The Unknown, and blended together to create their own powerful rock sound.


Fast forward to 2017, the album is ready, recorded at Vigilante Studios in Buckinghamshire.  Live shows and acoustic sessions are being planned for the release period so watch this space.

Out of the Shadows”  
Out  on Vigilante Records, via Nova/Universal and H'art as physical distributors; and The Orchard as digital distributor, on October 20th 2017

Κυριακή 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Stella Lost - Figures (2017)

Rising from the great state of Texas. Stella Lost was formed December of 2012, by co-founding members Rudy Martinez and Mike Gutierrez. The band line up is completed by Ram Salas (lead guitar), Daniel Duran (drums) and Joe Morales (bass).  The band is inspired by various types of genres ranging from Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, and Grunge. Stella Lost continues to push the limits by re- defining the rules of all rock genres.      
After establishing a local presence with their fast paced shows and fresh song lists in 2012, the band battled to victory and cemented themselves as a serious showcase of talented musicians. Stella Lost went to release their first album Everything Old Is New Again via Pavement Entertainment November 2015, and the band continues to evolve. Stella Lost went into the studio to record their second album titled Figures teaming up with Dead Room Recordings based out of San Antonio, TX. The highly anticipated sophomore album will be released Summer of 2017.


Passion, fear, and an unknown future inspired their second album. So they invite you to come get lost in the music.Their first single off the album is titled "Figures".


Τρίτη 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

The Fame

Combing a brilliant blend of Beatlesque melodies with the blood, sweat, and tears passion of 90's alternative rock, The Fame are breathing new life into modern day Rock 'N Roll. Their high energy, riff driven sound is one of the most unique and identifiable in rock music today.

The four piece band from Toronto, CA display a powerful performance full of energy at every one of their live shows. The band continues to tour, release new music, and grow in the music world.

They are releasing the song " It's Alright" as our debut single in a few days. Right now they have a preview of it on our SoundCloud. The full song will be up in a few days, on their SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.


Brandon Samuel - Lead Vocals/Guitar

Yusuke Miyazaki - Lead Guitar

Andrew Spurio - Bass Guitar

Lee Rosensweet - Drums


Πέμπτη 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Midnite City - Midnite City (2017)

Release: 20 October 2017

MIDNITE CITY were formed in January 2017 by current Tigertailz front-man (and former Vega, Steevi Jaimz and Teenage Casket Company member and songwriter) Rob Wylde.

Armed with an album's worth of material written under the working title of MIDNITE CITY, Wylde approached friend Pete Newdeck (Newman/ Eden's Curse, Blood Red Saints) to produce three songs forhim to shop to record labels.

Wylde sang, played guitar and bass on the recordings whilst Newdeck played drums, provided backing vocals and took care of the production. Wylde also brought in newcomer guitarist Miles Meakin who played  guitar solos on the recordings and former band mate James Martin (Vega) who laid down keyboards on the tracks. After being mixed by Newdeck, the songs were sent to Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) who mastered them at his studio in Canada.

The songs 'Nothing's Like Losing You', 'Summer Of Our Lives' and 'Think About You' were then sent out to labels and garnered considerable interest across the board, resulting in a deal being inked with German label AOR Heaven.

With a record deal in place, Newdeck officially joined the band as drummer in the Spring of 2017, alongside Miles Meakin on guitar and Shawn Charvette on keyboards.With the line up now in place, the band began work on their debut album at PNP Productions in Tewkesbury UK, completing the recordings in June 2017.

With a sound that the band describes as 'Timeless, melodic rock/ hair metal', MIDNITE CITY cover all bases when it comes to this much loved genre of music. From ultimate feel good, party rock anthems, to brooding melodic rock monsters, to spine tingling power ballads, they are all here in abundance, and then some.

With an album release being planned for October20th,  2017, MIDNITE CITY will be taking their explosive live show out on the road throughout the UK, Europe and the USA in late 2017/ 2018.


Τετάρτη 13 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Code Red - Incendiary (2017)

Lead singer Ulrick Lönnqvist initially started out with the band Sahara who released a self-titled album in 2001 on AOR Heaven. Since then he has mainly been working as a song-writer and co-writer for different bands all around Sweden, i.e. with Hal Marabel (Bad Habit), Morgan Jensen (Swedish Erotica), Jake E (Amaranthe), Michael Palace (Palace) and Andreas Gullstrand (Creye) to name a few. So the seed to the new project and band CODE RED was planted many years ago in fact, when colleagues and partners became close friends.

During 2016 while Lönnqvist was co-writing songs for the new albums with Jim Jidhed, Creye, Mad Invasion and Find Me, producer Daniel Flores (The Murder Of My Sweet, Find Me) approached to him and suggested that he really should record an album of his own. It was never Lönnqvist's ambition to be a solo artist, but Flores convinced him and wanted to produce the album. The singer teamed up with co-writers Morgan Jensen (Swedish Erotica) and Michael Palace (Palace, Big Time), and along with lead guitarist Oscar Bromvall (Palace, Erika) and keyboard player Kaspar Dahlqvist (Shadowquest, Dionysus) the line-up was complete. CODE RED was born.


It felt like a natural step to approach Georg Siegl at AOR Heaven, and he believed in the songs and CODE RED right from the start. The band recorded their debut album during the spring of 2017 at Sound vs. Science in Stockholm under the direction of producer Daniel Flores and Ulrick Lönnqvist. It was a pure labor of love, resulting in the melodic rock album titled “Incendiary”.

Ulrick Lönnqvist - Lead and backing vocals, Acoustic guitars
Morgan Jensen - Electric guitars
Oscar Bromvall - Lead guitars
Michael Palace - Bass and backing vocals
Kaspar Dahlqvist - Keyboards
Daniel Flores – Drums

Cover design and artwork by Ken Sandin, SinProd. Photography: Anders Fästader, Trailermade Productions. For any further info and news. Visit AOR Heaven’s website: www.metalheaven.net, or Code Red Sweden on Facebook.

The Radio Sun - Unstoppable (2017)

Release: 20 October 2017

Australian melodic hard rock band The Radio Sun will release their fourth full-length album “Unstoppable” on October 20th, 2017. Vocalist Jase Old and guitarist Stevie Janevski have written a bunch of new catchy, well constructed melodic rock songs with the guidance of producer Paul Laine (solo, Dark Horse, The Defiants). Lush vocals and soaring solos are a big part of the band’s sound, further enhanced by bassist Anthony Wong and drummer Gilbert Annese.

Andy Shanahan of Australian AOR favourites Roxus is a special guest on the forthcoming new album 'Unstoppable'. The Radio Sun guitar player Stevie Janevski goes on to say, "it's awesome to have Andy play keyboards on the song “ and be a part of our new album. Roxus were by far the best AOR band Australia has had - a real honour!"
The Radio Sunwill launch the new album with touring right around the world. The boys head to Japan in November and back to Europe in March 2018 with shows at HRH AOR Fest amongst others.

“Unstoppable” was mixed by Paul Laine. More shows for Germany, the UK and Greece are currently being booked.

Web: www.facebook.com/theradiosun, instagram: theradiosun

Secret Rule - The Key To The World (2017)

Release: 10 November 2017

SECRET RULEwas formed in the beginning of 2014 with the intention to create a special sound with powerful rhythms and catchy melodies. The band is fronted by the powerful voice of Angela Di Vincenzo (Kyla Moyl), masterminded by lead guitarist Andy Menario (Martiria) who has worked with big names such as Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner), and Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot). The line-up is completed by bassist Michele Raspanti (Graal) and drummer Nicola Corrente (Enemynside, Stick it out, Starkiller Sound).
In February 2015, the group released their debut Transposed Emotions’ (Rocksector Records) - a concept, a mixture of facts and tales which analyse our society with a look at a post apocalyptic era. The album was recorded in 2014; produced, mixed and mastered at Antfam Studios in Denmark by Tue Madsen (Halford The Haunted, Mnemic, Hatesphere, Ektomorf), while the artwork was created by Simona Speedy Saccoccia. After some gigs in Italy, the band went on tour in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and the UK, taking part in some festivals such as the SOS Fest in the UK and the WIZZ FEST in Belgium.
In October 2015, SECRET RULE started recording their second album “Machination”. The line-up for the new long player also included Sander Zoer (ex Delain, Leah) on drums, Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) on keyboards and other special guests such as Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation), Timo Somers (Delain), Fabio D’Amore (Serenity) and Janneke De Rooy (Paper Doll Decay). This release again was produced, mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Antfarm Studio) and the artwork created by Simona Speedy Saccoccia.
The CD got a release on June 24th, 2016 on Scarlet Records with two tours to follow in July and August covering Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic, the UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. On 7 October in Wetzicon at the Hall of Fame venue, the Italians supported Serenity and on 29 January, they opened for Delain.

Early in 2017 SECRET RULE supported Blaze Bayley for some gigs and then started to work on new material. The new album “The Key to the World” will be released by Pride & Joy Music on November 10th,  2017. Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) and two new guests on this new CD, Henning Basse (Firewind and MaYan) and Ailyn Giménez (ex Sirenia), also appear on this third release of the band. It again was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen (Antfarm Studio- Denmark); Fabio D’amore (Serenity) handled the pre-production and Simona Speedy Saccoccia took  care of the artwork again. In addition, music videos for the tracks “Twin Flames”, “The Song Of The Universe” & “Imaginary World” feat. all three guests will be released in advance to the album release.  The band has already scheduled some gigs for next months. In November, they will be direct support for Kobra and the Lotus.

Live dates:16.11.17, I-Rome, Traffic Live Club*; 17.11.17 I-Rozzano, Circolo Svolta*, 18.11.17 CH-Wetzikon, Hall Of Fame*, 31.03.18 UK-Hartford (Hertfordshire), The Rock Den
*= as support for Kobra And The Lotus

Τρίτη 12 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Enzo And The Glory Ensemble - In The Name Of The Son (2017)

Release: 29 September 2017

“In The Name Of The Son” is the sophomore album of Enzo Donnarumma’s project and confirms the stellar line-up “THE GLORY ENSEMBLE” of the first record, including Marty Friedman, Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land), Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear), Mark Zonder (Fates Warning, Warlord, Graham Bonnet Band), Gary Wehrkamp & Brian Ashland (Shadow Gallery), David Brown (Metatrone) and many more.
Enzo Donnarumma‘s sound explores and unifies different genres: prog metal, classical music, symphonic soundtrack, musical, ethnic music, world music. The new concept “In the Name of the Son” delivers a GOSPEL METAL sound thanks to the “Weza Moza Gospel Choir” from Congo, and follows up the critically acclaimed “In The Name of The Father” by pursuing the “sign of the cross” chronology.

“In the Name of the Son”, produced by Enzo Donnarumma and Gary Wehrkamp, mastered bySimone Mularoni with the addition of the impressive cover art by Nello Dell’Omo (Art For Music), is set to be released in Europe on September 29, 2017 via Rockshots Records on all the major record and digital stores and will mark another important milestone in the band’s career.

The Glory Ensemble:

Marty Friedman (Cacophony, Megadeth)

Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear)

Kobi Farhi (Orphaned Land)

Mark Zonder (Fates Warning)

Gary Wehrkamp (Shadow Gallery)

Brian Ashland (Shadow Gallery)

Nicholas Leptos (Warlord)

Amulyn (Whisper from Heaven)

Derek (Whisper from Heaven)

Tina Gagliotta (Poemisia)

Don Davide Bruno (Metatrone)

Alessandro Battini (Dark Horizon)

Giacomo Manfredi (S91)

Weza Moza Gospel Choir

01 - Waiting for the Son (featuring Marty Friedman)
02 - The Tower of Babel (featuring Mark Zonder)
03 - Luke 1,28 (featuring Brian Ashland, Mark Zonder)
04 - Psalm 8 Feat. Alex Battini (Ghost City e Dark Horizon)
05 - Glory to God (Feat. Amulyn, Mark Zonder, backing vocals Kobi Farhi)
06 - Psalm 133 (feat. Kobi Farhi)
07 - Magnificat (Feat. Amulyn, Tina Gagliotta, Marty Friedman)
08 - Isaiah 53 Feat. Gary Wehrkamp.
09 - Matthew 11,25 Amulyn, Mark Zonder, Giacomo Manfredi, Alexein Megas.
10 - The Trial (Feat. Brian Ashland, Gary, Nicholas Leptos (Warlord), Amulyn, Derek Corzine, David Brown, Kobi Farhi.
11 - Eternal Rest (Feat. Marty Friedman, backing vocals Kobi Farhi and Enzo)
12 - Te Deum (feat. Ralf Scheepers Nicholas Leptos)
13 - If Not You (feat. Amulyn, Gary Werkhamp, Nicholas Leptos, Brian Ashland, Ralf Scheepers, Mark Zonder)

Enzo Donnarumma official website http://www.enzodonnarumma.com/

American Wrecking Company - Everything and Nothing (2017)

American Wrecking Company is a fusion of many influences from Metal, Punk, Rock and everything in between. The camaraderie and mutual love for making music, AWC lays down infectious rhythms, choruses and face-pounding verses. The music combined with a stage presence seldom matched, American Wrecking Company leaves fans with an insatiable appetite for more.

The band is comprised of founder Jeff Bloomfield, who is endorsed by Spector and considered one of the "heaviest bassists" around. Randy Bebich (rhythm guitar) and Ben Reynard (rhythm & lead) are both endorsed by DBZ Guitars and Diamond Amps. The duo is known for their highly creative approach and excellent twin-guitar attack. Drummer Dylan Hickey brings an intense and positive energy to the mix. Vocalist T.J. Cornelius rounds out the lineup with a voice that calls upon the legends of metal who came before him.

The band has opened shows for Hatebreed, Fear Factory, Motorgrater, Act of Defiance and Mushroomhead; and has toured extensively across the western portion of the U.S.

American Wrecking Company is a machine that delivers an entertaining and "can't be missed" live performance.

CHILDRENN - International Exit (2017)

Release: 20 October 2017

CHILDRENN are back, International Exit is their second album, produced by Randall Dunn.

“A musical venture into the dim depths of mankind and the fear mongering of modern day politics”.

CHILDRENN who consist of members who have played with well-known Danish acts such as Sort Sol, Psyched Up Janis, Kloster, and Baby Woodrose followed up their debut album, working with one of the most respected producers in modern alternative music, Randall Dunn.
Dunn has produced albums for such diverse acts as SunnO))), Earth, Wolves In The Throne Room, Six Organs Of Admittance, and Marissa Nadler .

After mixing CHILDRENN’s first album, this time, Randall Dunn flew to Copenhagen and recorded and produced the album in full, at Black Tornado Studios, Copenhagen, mixing it at Avast! Studios, Seattle.

The result is 10 tracks of fiery and glum rock music with influences from 70’s psychedelic rock, kraut rock, black metal, 60’s folk and so much more.

The lyrics, are inspired by the current state of the world, seemingly going down the drain, which is
also reflected in the almost apocalyptic title: “International Exit”.

Vocalist and lyricist Jakob Brixen explains:

“When we wrote the songs for International Exit, Manoj and I were both filled with a mood of demise, which I think emanated from some tendencies and scaremongering in the current zeitgeist that has affected us a lot.
A feeling that everything could fall apart around us. A feeling of anxiety on a personal level and on a political and global level. This is also reflected in the lyrics that revolve around an underlying theme of collapse with elements of decadence, profane madness, self-destruction, denial, anger, deep darkness and longing for deliverance.”

Their debut album “Animale” was released in 2016, and was critically acclaimed, internationally and domestically.  The band has performed at festivals such as Roskilde, Northside and Copenhagen Psych Festival in addition to a bunch of more intimate live shows.

CHILDRENN also performed at the Danish showcase: Spot Festival, where Rolling Stone Magazine legend David Fricke watched their blistering show and had them on his personal top 5 for that festival.

“International Exit” will be released on Mighty Music on October 20th 2017 on CD, LP and digital


Δευτέρα 11 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Martina Edoff - We Will Align (2017)

Release: 22 September 2017

The self-titled MARTINA EDOFF album was released in 2014, and nearly a year later, the second record called “Unity” took her and her band on a successful North American tour in September 2015.
She soon went to Argentina and performed for 6000 new fans as an opening act for Tarja Turunen. The tour went on to share the stage with The Winery Dogs on their European tour in early 2016. The UK audience welcomed her the same year for a mini tour and she later returned to the Rockingham Festival to perform.
Now she's back with the third record “We Will Align” which will be released on AOR Heaven on September 22nd, 2017.

Amongst the already acquired fans is the respected English rock journalist Dave Ling, who discovered MARTINA EDOFF’s eponymous titled solo debut, celebrated her with a full page article in Classic Rock AOR Magazine and put her album on his playlist, describing it as ”Stirring, confident melodies from an unashamed Swedish rock chick!” The great reviews kept on coming in from all over the world.

Together with her former co-producer and co-writer Jona Tee (H.E.A.T), Martina decided to work with him on the third album. In late 2016 the artist started to write on some new songs and found more co-writers who completed the music in the way she was looking for, such as Jonas Törnqvist (Deathriders, Bleed The Hunger, TreasureLland), Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, Nordic Union, W.E.T), Benny Jansson (Ride The Sky), Billy Sheehan (Mr Big, The Winery Dogs), Jona Tee (H.E.A.T).

Release: 22 September 2017

“We Will Align” is a melodic hard rock album with a bluesy note along with powerful pieces and it goes back to the roots where EDOFF has got her influences. The strong melodies are always there such as her powerful voice. The musicians are the best to find and they are by her side in the studio as well on stage, i.e. Björn Höglund (drums), Nalle Påhlsson (bass), Stefan Bergström (guitar) and Jona Tee (keyboard/ hammond and production). The mixing went through the hands of the legendary Tobias Lindell.

Discography: Martina Edoff (2014), Unity (2015), We Will Align (2017)


THE HATE COLONY - Ascending (2017)

Release: 20 October 2017
This melodic metalcore quintet is bringing a brutal new album heading your way, by the name Ascending. As a result of being influenced by bands like Pantera, Lamb of God, White chapel, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Gojira, The Black Dahlia Murder, Meshuggah and In Flames. Our third full length album, a record made solely on what the members thinks sound awesome and not confined within any genre limitations.
The album Ascending was made purely out of joy and to finally find the musicians within ourselves. Meaning that we made parts that we thought sounded hard, epic or interesting without trying to copy other acts or let other bands be the law of what we could do or could not do. This album is a transparent wall to see right in to our true animal of music and the lyrics are a full disclosure of simple things in life and also deep concerns within. There is nothing here that is not true and the content of this record is truly genuine.
The beginning: There were two rock hard METAL bands disturbing the peace and quiet in the city of Trondheim. In the south corner of the city, dressed in black and white, Malice were playing their pitch black drop A-tuned riffs with deep devotion. On the other side of the city, black and black-dressed dark ass-kickin' black metal psychos were digging up the secret of getting the crowd to dance to their beat. They were Vantro. 
As time went by and music were made and played, these warrior kids needed to borrow blood from Malice. Malice responded to this request by sending a warrior of their Colony. They sent T-Bag Joe on a mission to help Vantro in the battle to reach the heart of the industry. A year went by and the fight kept escalating and more people came to support, but with no results in sight, they needed a revolution. The warrior from Malice and the allied Vantro-warrior El Nigardo teamed up with the intension of forming a colony with the most vicious and hate filled warriors the city had to offer.
The search: First we needed a thug who could master the technique of fry vocal, we sent for Lord Mordor a respected member of the Malice Colony, He accepted his fate and stepped up to his pedestal. Next we needed a master of low frequency sound waves, Sars The Virus. Sars were an old friend of the Malice Colony and had fought with them before. This was a sure thing, he was in. 
Another gunman was needed, but after searching Trondheim vigilantly, none was found. As fate would have it, we stumbled upon a formidable force. A black, mirthless warrior. Big Truck from the Celebratum colony. The Celebratum colony where highly respected black warriors from the city core, and we needed Big Truck's unmatchable skill. Big Truck solemnly accepted our offer. The time was right. We had the crew. The will. And we had the plans to build our own recording fortress. In seven days the fortress was raised and THE HATE COLONY was formed.

Newman - Aerial (2017)

Release: 22 September 2017

In 1997 Singer, songwriter Steve Newman formed the bandNewman and since 1998 has been producing consistently high quality albums filled with hook laden songs and thought provoking lyrics and released 10 studio albums and one best of compilation up to today. The previous release, "The Elegance Machine", was released  in 2015 and the band returned to the road with shows in Europe and their first UK headline tour.
Steve Newmancontinued to write throughout 2016, songs, of which some have featured on various artists releases, and some which are still to come. It was within this writing process that Newman started to piece together the ideas which would become his latest release, and 11th studio album.
"Aerial" now  features 12 tracks that return to the huge chorus's, maintaining the high quality production values that have been prevalent  over the last albums. But this record, above all, is all about the songs, you could say it's an unashamed AOR/Melodic Rock record and follows that rule across all 12 songs to give the listener a very consistent album. Once again Steve Newman has teamed up with Rob McEwen (drummer for the last nine Newman albums), the album also features long time friend Mark Thompson-Smith lending his vocals to "Fear Of Flying" and " Two Sides". Finally the mastering was taken care of by none other than Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) at H Bomb Mastering.

Κυριακή 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

EGONAUT - The Omega(2017)

Formed in 2006 and reformed again with new vocalist Emil Kyrk in 2016 Egonaut return with their fourth full-length album “The Omega”, out on Mighty Music in November 2017.

The band was formed by Fredrik and Markus in 2006 and have over the years developed from being a straight to the point bastard between punk, stoner and hard rock into a supersonic Doom N Roll institution. Through the ages Egonaut has time and time again proven themselves a worthy live band during countless club-gigs in Sweden, several European runs and in performances on most of the major Swedish festivals such as Sweden Rock, Peace and Love, Putte i Parken, Metallsvenskan among many others.

After finishing off the touring cycle for the album “Deluminati” Egonaut realized that they had pushed themselves as far as the current line-up could take it and that some change needed to be done; enter new vocalist Emil Kyrk. With Fredrik liberated from vocal-duties he could now fully concentrate on the song writing and production side for a new album and in November 2016 the band entered Nordic Sound Lab to begin the creation of the new album, “The Omega”. Picking up where Egonaut left off “The Omega” takes the same doomy sound that the band utilized on their sophomore album “Deluminati” incorporating heavy doom elements, hard rock influences, ethereal synthesizers and catchy hooks to form a heavy ground for Emil to sing over.

The Omega is the first concept album from Egonaut and it tells the story of a seeker, trying to find his place in the modern world and what transpires when he finally finds it.

The recordings of “The Omega” took place in several different studios, all to achieve the best possible sonic image to match the songs and the lyrics and the album was once again mixed and co-produced by MRG Produktion. The artwork was provided by Adrian Baxter and the new logo by Costin Chioreanu, perfectly framing the release.

“The Omega” is out on November 3rd 2017 on Mighty Music

Electric, 2011
Mount Egonaut, 2013
Deluminati, 2015
The Omega, 2017

Line Up:
Emil Kyrk – Vocals
Fredrik Jordanius – Guitars
Dennis Zielinski – Organs, mellotrons, synthesizers
Mikael Bielinski – Bass
Markus Johansson - Drums



Debbie Ray - Slave To The System (2017)

Release: 29 September 2017

In 2005, Reine, Andreas and Manx decided to start a band that would pick up where their previous band had stopped. H-Can was contacted to keep pace behind the drums. Everything felt right from the beginning and Debbie Ray was a fact.

For several years, the band recorded a variety of songs and played extensively around the country. But it took until 2009 before the first album "Artificial Misery" was released on the American company “Demon Doll Records”. As it was released in physical form only in the United States and was hard to get hands on for the rest of the world, it was re-released worldwide the next year both digital and physical. This time on the Swedish company “Core Shot Production”.
Around the same time in 2010 bass player Manx decided to leave the band and Martin Söderquist took over the job. The gigging continued around the country and in 2012 Debbie Ray released a three track EP called "Rock n Roll Widow". And at the end of the same year different wills and current family situations made the band to take the decision to take a "break" for an indefinite period. And it was long unclear whether there would be any more of the band ...


But in early 2014 the appetite for rock n roll came back. The band rapidly wrote many new songs. In 2016 the deal with METALAPOLIS RECORDS was signed and now “Slave To The System” will see the light of day!!! Inspired by classic bands like Mötley Crüe, Skid Row, Guns n Roses, Backyard Babies and Pantera, it was more than clear in which direction to take their sound, but with a modern touch.


FORSAKEN - Pentateuch (2017)

Mighty Music are proud to welcome Forsaken from Malta to the family. Forsaken was formed in 1990 and is considered one of the true survivors of the epic doom metal genre. "Pentateuch"  is the comeback album and first album in six years of Forsaken

Albert Bell, founder, lyricist and bass player of Forsaken  "Signing with Michael and Mighty Music is a crucial step forward for the band. I have personally known Michael since the earliest days of the band. He is both a fan and a close friend of the band. His support and friendship are two important qualities that tipped the scale in Mighty's favor in the process of deciding on a new home for Forsaken. Moreover, from a business perspective, Mighty possesses all the requisite qualities we were looking for this time round.  Mighty Music has grown considerably in stature and reputation and hosts some really awesome bands, and we are all really elated to be in such great company.  Fans can expect our first full-length release with Mighty Music this fall. "Pentateuch" has all the ingredients epic doom maniacs have come to expect from the band - killer songs laced with soaring, passionate vocals from Leo, raging, fret-shredding solos from Sean, and head crushing riffs built on a very solid rhythm section. Combining with Simeon to build this foundation for the band is something that comes natural to us and is always a real pleasure.  I am also really happy with the lyrics for this album....I really poured my soul into them. Every band member left no stone unturned into making this release a most worthy addition to our long history and discography.  It has really been a long time coming, but the wait will be worth it and we are really chuffed that a label of Mighty Music's calibre has taken Forsaken and our new spawn "Pentateuch" on board, with the prospect of further releases in the future as our alliance with Mighty continues to grow".
Michael H. Andersen, Mighty Music "Ever since I visited Albert Bell on Malta back in 1996, I regret not having signed Forsaken to my label earlier. I've been a huge fan of the band since I heard the doom cult classic "Where Angels Have Fallen" for the first time in 1992-1993. The fact that Forsaken now is a part of my family, makes my old doom heart so proud".

"Pentateuch" will be released on the 13th of October on LP, CD and digital. A release concert is held in Malta on the 14th of October in a new venue called The Garage in Zebbug and afterwards the band will be heading on European tour.

Requiem. Demo. Self-released 1991.
“Virtues of Sanctity” 7” Ep. Arkham Productions (France). 1993.
“Evermore”. CD. Storm Records (Malta) 1996.
Demo 2002. CD. Self Released.
“Iconoclast”. MD. Golden Lake Productions (Scotland, UK). 2002.
“Anima Mundi” CD. Golden Lake Productions (Scotland, UK). 2004.
“Anima Mundi/Iconoclast” DLP. Immortal Vinyl Records (Germany). 2005.
“Evermore”. Re-Mastered, re-release. CD. Golden Lake Productions (UK). 2005.
“Dominaeon”. CD. Golden Lake Productions (Scotland, UK), 2005.
“Evermore”, DLP. Immortal Vinyl Records (Germany). 2005.
“Dominaeon”. DLP. Immortal Vinyl Records (Germany). 2006
“After the Fall”,. CD. I Hate Records (Sweden). 2009.
“Tales of Doom and Woe”. Split 12” Ep. I Hate Records (Sweden). 2010.
“After the Fall”,. DLP. I Hate Records (Sweden). 2011.

Leo Stivala - Vocals.
Albert Bell -  Bass
Sean Vukovic - Guitars
Simeon Gatt - Drums


Σάββατο 9 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

FYRECROSS - Burn Them To The Ground (2017)

Most metalheads know by now that the Hellenic Metal scene is brimming with talented bands and these guys are no exception! Four guys, mostly influenced by NWOBHM got together in Athens in late 2013 with just one thing on their minds, to play classic Heavy Metal with a massive dose of melody, catchiness and speed! Traditional high pitched vocals naturally were part of the tried and true formula! As a lot of bands do these days they made a very limited run of 150 hand numbered CDR copies of their first output, "Burn Them To The Ground". In a relative short time these were sold out, heading to countries around the world! German label Witches Brew, who's owner was already a huge fan of the band, jumped at the chance to work with them and gave that brilliant debut the silver CD treatment!

Giorgos Skourtaniotis: Vocals (backing), Guitars (lead)
Matt Kliszka: Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Charis Kambitsis: Drums, Vocals (backing)
Raff Kritoulis: Vocals
Theo Karageorgos: Bass

1. Fyrecross 04:54
2. Widow's Revenge 04:19
3. Dance of the Witch 02:55
4. Heavy Metal Battles  05:17


Παρασκευή 8 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Moonlight Desires - Just The Hits: 1981-1985 (2017)

Moonlight Desires might only play 80s cover songs, but you’d be wrong to dismiss them as just another cover band. Formed by long-time Hamilton, ON musician Trevor Ziebarth (Actor/Writer/Composer on Teletoon’s adult comedy series Sons of Butcher), Moonlight Desires is his ode to the raunchy romances and youthful misadventures of summer’s past. By re-working synth laden pop hits of the 1980s, Ziebarth manages to turn familiar guilty pleasures into modern, guitar-driven rock anthems.

“For those unfamiliar, I created a television show with my brother Jay Ziebarth back in 2005 called ‘Sons of Butcher’. It was a unique adult comedy cartoon series that aired on Teletoon and was sold to over 200 countries around the world. The show was the first to blend video heads into a cartoon world. The Sons of Butcher characters worked in a butcher shop by day and were a spandex clad rock outfit by night, with my character (Ricky Butcher) relentlessly trying to make it as a big rock star. As a companion to the show, Sons of Butcher recorded and released a few comedy rock albums using songs from the show as inspiration, and travelled across Canada twice on a sponsored tour by Teletoon. As a live band, Sons of Butcher used to perform heavied-up covers of 80s songs and they often became fan/crowd favourites. Ultimately, I noticed the positive response and it led to the formation of Moonlight Desires in 2013.” says Trevor Ziebarth.

As an homage to their Canadian music heritage, the band decided to take their name from the popular 80s song ‘Moonlight Desires’ by iconic singer/songwriter Gowan.

“I wanted to have a direct (1980s song) reference …but I also thought it would fit in nicely with the band’s heavier direction.” says Ziebarth.

Joined in the studio by drummer Dave Dunham (Not Of, DAVIDS, ex-Chore, ex-Sons Of Butcher) and lead guitarist Marco Bressette (Dead Tired, ex-Threat Signal), he says “Just The Hits: 1981-1985” is “…a more layered, fully realized version of the band. We really just wanted to show people a good time, while still staying true to our metal, grunge and hard rock influences. Thanks to Mitch Bowden at Mechanical Noise, the production sounds big and warm, and I think this album really captures the fun of what Moonlight Desires is all about.”

While their 2014 debut album “Frankie Goes To Hamilton” delivered a rollicking arrangement of classic love songs, the band’s follow-up “Just The Hits: 1981-1985”transforms timeless hits such as “Sunglasses At Night” by Corey Hart and “Something About You” by Level 42 into party rock anthems. Satisfying that hunger to escape the shackles of reality with fun times and familiar hits, Moonlight Desires entire catalogue will be available for the first time on all major digital platforms (including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play) on September 15, 2017.
1. A Criminal Mind (3:43)
2. Sunglasses At Night (2:56)
3. Out of Touch (3:17)
4. Hungry Like The Wolf (2:59)
5. Young Turks (3:51)
6. Bettie Davis Eyes (3:01)
7. Holding Back The Years (3:31)
8. Valerie (3:15)
9. Promises Promises (3:03)
10. Something About You (2:50)
11. The Power of Love (4:38)
Album Length: 37:09

Release Date: September 15, 2017

Album Band Lineup:
– Trevor Ziebarth – Vocals, Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion
– Dave Dunham – Drums, Percussion
– Marco Bressette – Lead Guitar, Solos
– Mitch Bowden – Guitars, Keyboard

Live Band Lineup:
– Trevor Ziebarth – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
– Marco Bressette – Lead Guitar
– Nick K. Daleo – Rhythm Guitar
– Jay Ziebarth – Bass, Vocals
– Scott Brady – Drums

2017 – Just The Hits: 1981-1985
2014 – Frankie Goes To Hamilton

For more info:

Rough Grind - Four For The Road (EP 2017)

The Finnish rock/metal band Rough Grind is ready to give the world a taste of what they have been working on. Inverse Records will release the band's new EP "Four for the Road" on August 30th 2017. A lyric video of the first single, "Dead End Street", can be seen and heard on Inverse Records' YouTube channel https://youtu.be/Aou_Q_q9nDI

The track is also available on:
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2vXvoqb
Deezer: http://bit.ly/2xbo9JC
iTunes: http://apple.co/2xrBAES

Rough Grind hails from Jyväskylä, central Finland. The band describes their music as "Dark Roasted Rock", and it really packs a punch of attitude and strong messages. Their first EP "Son of a Gun" was released in 2014 and the previous single "The War Nobody Won" in 2017 and it got decent air play around the world.

EP Track list:
1. Coffin to Go
2. Dead End Street
3. Face the Music
4. The Man You Used to Know

"Son of a Gun" (EP/2014)
"The War Nobody Won" (Single/2017)
"Dead End Street" (Single/2017)
"Four for the Road (EP/2017)

Sami (vocals, guitar)
Ville (guitar)
Ari (bass)
Killi (drums)

Homepage: http://www.roughgrind.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoughGrindBand 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/roughgrind

Πέμπτη 7 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

RAPTORE - Rage N Fever (2017)

RAPTORE, from Buenos Aires, formed in 2012, have a lot to offer all Traditional Heavy Metal fans around the world, this was clearly apparent the first time their songs burst forth from the Brewery speakers! Having already been released in South America since 2016, Witches Brew proudly presents an exclusive European edition of their debut full length includes 2 additional bonus tracks! This is, simply put, high octane Metal, chock full of rabid, razor riffs and super catchy choruses. Features the fantastic artwork from well known artist Mario Lopez!

Current line up:
Juliбn Hernбndez - Drums
Michel Amir - Bass
Nico Cattoni - Vocals, Guitars

Rage N' Fever line up:
Michel Amir - Bass
Nico Cattoni - Vocals, Guitars
Germбn Bobbera - Drums
Ignacio Irigoin - Guitars

1. Rage N' Fever 04:09  
2. Night On Fire 03:42  
3. My Own Grave 04:02  
4. The Flame 03:50  
5. Evil Hand 04:01  
6. Time Has Come 06:36  
7. Runner Of Death 03:44  
8. Back In The Oven 05:35  
9. Witching Hour 02:33  
10. Desperadoes 02:39



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