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Κυριακή, 24 Σεπτεμβρίου 2017

Stella Lost - Figures (2017)

Rising from the great state of Texas. Stella Lost was formed December of 2012, by co-founding members Rudy Martinez and Mike Gutierrez. The band line up is completed by Ram Salas (lead guitar), Daniel Duran (drums) and Joe Morales (bass).  The band is inspired by various types of genres ranging from Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, and Grunge. Stella Lost continues to push the limits by re- defining the rules of all rock genres.      
After establishing a local presence with their fast paced shows and fresh song lists in 2012, the band battled to victory and cemented themselves as a serious showcase of talented musicians. Stella Lost went to release their first album Everything Old Is New Again via Pavement Entertainment November 2015, and the band continues to evolve. Stella Lost went into the studio to record their second album titled Figures teaming up with Dead Room Recordings based out of San Antonio, TX. The highly anticipated sophomore album will be released Summer of 2017.


Passion, fear, and an unknown future inspired their second album. So they invite you to come get lost in the music.Their first single off the album is titled "Figures".


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