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Κυριακή, 14 Ιουνίου 2015

Blue Dawn

BLUEDAWN was conceived in the early 2009 by Enrico (bass guitar) and Andrea (Drums) joined shortly after by Monica (vocals) and Paolo (guitar).
Gifted with far different musical feelings, they try to create a single musical flavour starting from 70's english hard rock and dark sound through modern rock and metal.
After a year of rehearsals on eight songs based on ideas Lanciaprima have been working on for years, the band entered Nadir Studios, assisted by Tommy Talamanca. Two more short instrumentals were added and the final product was ready at the end of 2010, showcasing a varied musical effort,with gothic/doom metal sounds and progressive song structures. The album has been released by Black Widow records worldwide in late february 2011.
BLUEDAWN are on the road...
In november 2012 the band did a succesfull Uk tour. In the beginning of the new year Cruschelli had to relocate in another part of the country, forcing the band to hiore a new guitar player, experienced musician Luigi Milanese. In march the band will enter Nadir studios to record their second album, to be released in december.
The new album, titled Cycle of pain, has been released on Black Widow Records last december, a limited edition on vinyl will be released in april. After helping the band to arrange, produce and record the new songs, Milanese decides to moving to America, Blue Dawn have now recruited new, permanent guitar player Martyr, he will be introduced to public on upcoming live dates in late summer/autumn.


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