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Σάββατο, 12 Μαΐου 2018

ANGEL HEART - Angel Heart (2018)

RELEASE 18 May 2018

For fans of Within Temptation and Leaves’ Eyes

Remember the well established Norwegian heavy metal band Highland Glory?

Most of the members have now formed a new band called Angel Heart and they are now ready to release their debut "Angel Heart" on Mighty Music 18th of May.

“Three of us used to play in the metal band Highland Glory, who released 3 albums worldwide. Our musical roots belong in the 80`s hard rock / heavy metal, where bands like Dio, Dokken, Queensryche and Judas Priest ruled the scene. We are very happy that Mighty Music believes in us, and are really looking forward to be working with them”. Lars André Rørvik Larsen,

Beautilful melodies, catchy riffs, big choruses and the feeling of the cold North. This is what Angel Heart is all about.
It's melodic hard rock/heavy metal fronted by the amazing singer Trine Elise Johansen.

Line up
Guitar and keyboard: Lars André Larsen
Drums: Morten Færøvig
Vocals: Trine Elise Johansen
Bass: Øystein Aaseby Pedersen

Angel Heart (2018)


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