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Δευτέρα, 7 Μαΐου 2018

Alberto Rigoni feat. Marco Minnemann - EvoRevolution (2018)

AR - EvoRevolution front artwork.jpg

RELEASE 8 June 2018
After the release of six albums between 2008 and 2017, Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni (soloist, co-producer of Vivaldi Metal Project, founder of Bassists Alliance Project, ex Twinspirits) is now going to release “EvoRevolution”, an instrumental prog/rock/ambient concept album which features worldwide known drummer Marco Minnemann (The Artistocrats, Paul Gilbert). “EvoRevolution” consists in a 33mins “concept” suite divided in 6 chapters and in a second track called Back to Life.

Minnemann: "Alberto approached me with the idea of adding drums to a fairly long piece composed mainly on the bass guitar. It goes in chapters and takes you on a trip through a variation of sensitive and dynamic soundscapes, leads through heavy rock song like parts, odd meter prog or jazz orientated sections and many more surprises. I was immediately up for this adventure and also enjoyed the musical freedom I was given for this production. Truly an enjoyable and great time being part of this release”.

Alberto: “The composition and production of this album have been the most challenging I’ve ever done. I tried to bring my bass to another level and, together with Marco’s drumming, I think (and hope) we created a unique sound.”

Line Up:
Alberto Rigoni: bass and samples
Marco Minnemann: drums

Website: www.albertorigoni.net
Bandcamp: http://albertorigoni.bandcamp.com (signed CDs and Vinyls)

Discography: http://www.albertorigoni.com/music/discography/

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