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Παρασκευή, 4 Μαΐου 2018

Calisus - Now or Never (Single 2018)

Calisus Release New Single, "Now or Never"

Maryland bassed Rock Band Calisus have released their newest single, "Now or
Never". Originally premiered on 101.5 FM Bob Rocks (WBHB). “Now or Never” was Produced by the band's own Patrick Koch.

"Now or Never' is a song everyone can relate to. It's got a motivational, anthemic hook. When you turn it on you get a feeling deep down inside like 'this is my time, it's now or never.'” - Zach Constable (Lead Vocalist)

Coming from a bustling “Hub City” in Western, MD there lies a Region where great music often times gets overlooked…and then there comes the amazingly “active rock” sextet, Calisus. With power rhythms and elevated melodies that are delivered with laser focused pinpoint accuracy, Calisus not only satisfies the true live experience, but they also treat the listener with an amazing audible adventure. If you are looking for an “active rock” band that truly delivers the goods, Calisus is waiting for you... – Rob Figarola (Daily Unsigned)

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