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Σάββατο, 1 Νοεμβρίου 2014

The Rockford Heroes - Edge of the Silverthorn (2013)

"Edge of the silverthorn" awarded as 4th best album in 2013 by Rockeyez.com
“A nice mix of 70’s hard rock, NWOBH and pomp”. That’s how
Kaj Roth on the blog Roth’n’Roll described this release in a
post. And it’s a very good summary. The drummer Marcus
would probably like to add “AOR” to the description as well.
The music is a mix of a lot of genres, and for each listener
there will probably be another word in the “A nice mix of...”
The Rockford Heroes have previously released to EP:s,
“Light scares” (2011) and “The White EP” (2012). But have
got a lot of good reviews, people seem to enjoy this kind of
music. “It sounds like you picked the best part from hard rock
and heavy metal” was one of the first judgements and e.g.
Sweden Rock Magazine did an interview which was pub-
lished in the november issue 2012.

Musicwise it’s exactly what you should expect from The
Rockford Heroes
, the unexpected. Listen and enjoy! All mu-
sic are available for free on the homepage, but also on most
other services people use, like iTunes, Spotify and so on.
The Rockford Heroes is a pretty new band on the scene,
but the members are not. Jonas have previously released two
critically acclaimed albums with VII Gates, Erik have played
with both Guns’n’Roses and Iron Maiden tribute bands and
Marcus plays with some other projects, like Reach (with
members from e.g. Houston) and Titan. Dan have studied
on MI and is a very good singer

Jonas Arvidsson - Guitars & keyboards, 
Dan Hultstrand - Vocals, 
Erik Carlsson - Bass, 
Daniel Bergström - Drums


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