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Πέμπτη, 25 Δεκεμβρίου 2014

Uzziel - Torn Apart (2014)

Uzziels style is hard to describe for they play everything that steams and rocks. Soothing vibes are inspired by dark emotions and life pain.

Their killerstyle drums combined with melodic/thrashy guitars, smashing shouts and clean vocals draw people into a dark magical spell. UZZIEL  does understand the balance between aggression and sable force.

They now have been destroing the stages since December 2010.

UZZIEL looks back at the releases of the demo „Broken“ and their video „Captured by Emptiness“ in the year 2011 followed by „Torn Apart“ , a worldwide sold album in 2014.

The burning desire to break boundries feeds their soul for many more brutal beats.


1.     Children's Playground                 
2.     Like a God                        
3.     Lies                        
4.     Wash Away My Tears                                 
5.     Coming for You                                 
6.     In Your Eyes                       
7.     The War Within                         
8.     I'm Dying                    
9.     Why                       
10.   Captured by Emptiness                           
11.   Lost Control                                 
12.   Are You Afraid                   
13.   Frozen                 
14.   D'Alighieri's Nightmare


Mex - Vocals & Bass
Hati - Guitar
Francis - Guitar
Tom - Drums

Facebook        https://www.facebook.com/Uzzielmetal
MySpace         https://myspace.com/uzzielaustria
Soundcloud   https://soundcloud.com/mexuzziel

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