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Κυριακή, 9 Αυγούστου 2015


Survival is a hardcore/metal band from Oakland, CA. The group began in 2009 with various local thrash musicians (Nick Noro one of them) being kicked out of their collective bands, hence the name. The group began with immediate conflict - members in and out of jail, abusing drugs and one ultimately overdosing. Until 2011, there was a revolving door of band members circling the songwriter, Nick Noro. In 2011, Noro found Mike Tappero (Drums), Roland Sayn (Guitar) and George Lallian (Bass). Survival independently released the debut record Love God (2012) followed by Unity (2013) and Shayda (2015), playing many shows throughout the Bay Area and southern California for several years. All official releases were produced at Castle Ultimate in Oakland, CA. The SURVIVAL sound is an an eclectic, guitar-driven combination of thrash and hardcore elements, with references to punk and doom as well. This lineup is still current. Noro has individually released countless demo recordings and EPs online under the Survival moniker as well.


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