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Τρίτη, 1 Μαρτίου 2016

TAKASHI - Kamikaze Killers (1983) Re-issue

New York’s over the top 80s metallic rockers TAKASHI’s classic EP ‘Kamikaze Killers’ now finally issued for the first time ever on CD. Originally released on the now legendary cult label Mongol Horde Records back in 1983

TAKASHI formed in 1982 in New York City, New York with vocalist Danny Stanton, guitar duo Craig Kory and Bob Simonson with rhythm section Tom Cangemi on bass and drummer Chuck Kory. The band would quickly become a familiar name in the local hard rock/heavy metal circuit. The buzz quickly grew and soon the band was recording their debut that would be released on a small up starting label.

In 1983 New York’s Mongol Horde Records released a handful of EPs from bands such as THOR and VIRGIN STEELE, and like those bands the label would go down in cult metal history for its contribution to the U.S. metal scene – and it all started with TAKASHI ‘Kamikaze Killers’.
The release of ‘Kamikaze Killers’ would help the band’s name to grow and now internationally as they began to gain more and more press in such publications as Hit Parade and KERRANG. As their popularity increased the band would land supporting slots for acts like TWISTED SISTER and ANTHRAX.

A couple of more scattered recordings on compilation albums would follow before Takashi would disappear like a spirit wind. Now after 33 years the sun will rise again and shed light on a cult classic with this upcoming re-issue of ‘Kamikaze Killers’. The release will include; the original EP tracks ‘Strangler’, ‘Kamikaze’, ‘Mad Max’, ‘Playboy Girls’. Additional tracks include: ‘Kill or Be Killed’ and ‘Live to Rock’, among others. All songs re-mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studios. A eight page booklet including lyrics, essay, and full of flyers and never before seen pictures will only add to this first time ever CD release, Note; the release will be limited to only 500 pressed so don’t miss it.


• First time ever officially on CD
• Re-mastered audio (from best possible available sources)
• Additional bonus tracks including rare 1984 demo
• 12 page booklet
• Never before seen photos
• Full lyrics
• Brief essay
• Limited edition of ONLY 500


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