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Κυριακή, 5 Ιουνίου 2016

Praise The Fallen

Praise The Fallen is an all-original hard rock band, based in South Bend Indiana. The lead singer Jammie Bosstel has seen the band evolve since 2010 with previous members from Brand New Machine and Lillian Axe. Jammie has been instrumental in keeping the project alive, and moving in a new direction. He has extensive experience in the Michiana and Chicago area, having opened for over 80 national touring acts. The lineup solidified in 2015 with addition of Bryan Almaguer on guitar, Patrick Bayless on drums, and Steven Moore on bass. Bryan comes from the Cleveland area music scene, bringing his musical perspective and penchant for textures and riffs into the mix. Bryan was previously with the rock band Jetdriver, and has an extensive catalog of solo material. Patrick’s previous experience includes playing and recording two albums with the band Powerhead, and work in various cover bands as a sought after drummer. Steven has experience in various projects around South Bend, most recently with the cover band House Arrest. Patrick and Steven add years of experience to the rhythm section, providing tight grooves and a solid foundation for the band. Together, we are Praise The Fallen.


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