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Τρίτη, 13 Σεπτεμβρίου 2016

Exclusive Interview With Alternative Rock Singer Seraphim Aun Weor

Seraphim Aun Weor is an alternative rock artist who is promoting her debut single "You Never Loved Me". The song delivers a first-hand view of the raw emotional conflict of self-affliction and allows the listener to invade the deepest parts of her soul!

We caught up with Seraphim for an interview.

EatThis: Can you describe your songwriting/recording process?
Seraphim Aun Weor: Yes, I can.. it usually starts with an unique repetitious idea, phrase or thought and as I write, the meaning within takes on an life force of it's own, as a song that I write may be longer than what's recorded, my Producers take note in the studio during our scheduled recording and songwriting session, revamping the thoughts that I have painted lyrically into songwriting mode in which that becomes the editied finished writing version of the song that we record in the studio.

EatThis: Besides hard work what advice would you give to aspiring musicians out there?
Seraphim Aun Weor: Never give up on your vision for the vision was given to you and you alone, although the compitition seems thick, there is only one you, so always believe even if it seems to far away, because one day will be your day to shine!

EatThis: Has anything crazy ever happened on tour? How do you handle mistakes during a show?
Seraphim Aun Weor: What hasn't happened while touring.. dealing with other artist can be interesting at times especially when you are mixing genres, if there is an mistake made while performing live usually the audience won't know it, however knowing this, there is an sign language communication put in place while on stage, just incase this takes place.

EatThis: What’s the most challenging part of being Seraphim Aun Weor?
Seraphim Aun Weor: Being the Ï AM artist is not easy, I am expected to be a certain elite and nothing less, and at times I just want to be a simple girl who does simple things, but it is not allowed, which is not a bad thing at all i've learned!

EatThis: If you could have any band or artist cover one of your songs who would you choose and why?
Seraphim Aun Weor: Oh wow... that's a difficult question as there are a few artist that I perceive to be legendery and great artist, but if i had to sum it up to just one band or artist, it would be Nina Simone, although she was before my time, even now when her music is heard it demands attention and respect, I perceive that Nina Simone was an fearless artist with raw emotion this is in no doubt heard in her music, to where they have labled her music occult music, due to the nature of truth in which I can very much relate too!

EatThis: If you could have one of your songs retroactively applied to a movie soundtrack which one would you pick?
Seraphim Aun Weor: The movie soundtrack that I would pick for one of my songs to retroactively be applied to would be "The Fifth Element" I think it would be an amazimg illustration of one of new my songs off of my new album "Chaos and Innocence" which is called  "Fifth Element Yeshua" which is an Industrial Alternative Rock creation, of the actual Fifth Element, which is Yeshua!

EatThis: If you were on your deathbed what would be the last song you would want to hear before you die?
Seraphim Aun Weor: It would more than likely be at this point in time of my life "Ädventures Of A Lifetime" by Coldplay...  it's that magical journey that we all take!


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  1. Sariah Bishop is no longer Seraphim Aun Weor her official new name is Seraphim Of Nazareth please make a permanent note of it and visit her Official Websites:

    Seraphim Of Nazareth Official Website: Www.SeraphimOfNazareth.com
    Official Facebook Page: Facebook.com/TheRealSariahBishop
    Official Twitter Page: Twitter.com/SeraphimOfNazar

    More Official Links of "I AM" Alternative Rockstar Seraphim of Nazareth

    Seraphim Of Nazareth on Bandcamp

    Seraphim Of Nazareth Official Flickr Page https://www.flickr.com/.../155486149@N08/with/34733146500/

    Seraphim Of Nazareth on Sound Cloud
    https://soundcloud.com/user-636311136...See More

    Sariah Bishop is no longer Seraphim Aun Weor
    Seraphim's official new name is Seraphim Of Nazareth... please make a permanent note of it and visit her Official Websites listed below and Seraphim is still under the same Publicist: Domenick Nati of Nati Celebrity Services Www.NatiCelebs.com

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