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Τετάρτη, 12 Οκτωβρίου 2016

Saint Blasphemer - Simon Templar EP (2016)

Saint Blasphemer - Simon Templar EP is the first release from the Santa Ana, California band. The first songs were written and the band formed as a reaction to a heroin epidemic sweeping Orange County. Vocalist - Monroe felt like so many others, helpless watching people get sick and die. Nullify is a dark biography, a window into a scene many don't survive. Simon Templar could be either a mystical journey, a conversation with a psychiatrist or both. Scarecrow draws on dark side of Oz themes, exploring isolation and a desire to go home - wherever that may be. A Perfect Rose comes off almost as a tale of unrequited love left to die on the moors of some far off Catherine. The final track revisits the dope scene, as Monroe pleads "You've got to find a reason to stay clean..." Listeners will recognize the influences of Peter Gabriel, Tool, and The Cure, mixed with Saint Blasphemer's own strong artistic voice.

Saint Blasphemer is based out of Santa Ana, California. They've been playing shows since February 2016 and recently completed a 5 song EP for release October 15, 2016. The band members are John Castellon on guitar, Thomas Monroe on vocals, Steve Shell on bass guitar, and Steve Ybarra on drums. The music has been compared to early Tool, Peter Gabriel, Nirvana, and Jane's Addiction. The local community has praised Saint Blasphemer for the power of their live performance and the lyrical writing of Thomas Monroe, head of the Orange County Poetry Club. A number of songs express the frustration of seeing friends and family members struggle with addiction. Others address feelings of alienation and loss. The band's philosophy is: "Remember when you were a kid, how a song could make you feel like you weren't the only one going through heavy feelings? Our goal is to make music that can do that for other people."


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