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Κυριακή, 25 Δεκεμβρίου 2016

Under Static Movement - The Mirror (2016)

Born in 2007 as the union of musicians coming from different bands of the Cremona/Piacenza area, Under Static Movement immediately started an intense gig activity to promote their first demo album recorded at Elfo Recording Studio. After reaching rank 6th at Emergenza Rock Contest held at Alcatraz Club in Milan, they recorded their first EP with Luca Spigato at Hate Studio in March 2010. The band found a stable identity at the beginning of 2012, after various changes in the line-up, through  a sound that switched to a heavy yet thoughtful alternative metal, where sharp riffs and groovy breakdowns open to catchy melodies. Their second EP “Voices” was followed by an official video for the single “Bad Hill” in July 2013, that signed the start of the collaboration with Luca Bazooka and his BZK Production. After many concerts including shows in Germany and Poland and as opening acts for bands like The Fire, Exilia and Linea77, Under Static Movement is now focusing on the release of a new EP called “The Mirror”, that hit all the main digital platforms on December 2nd, 2016. Meanwhile the band has signed a deal with Atomic Stuff Promotion.

Track List:

1. Death By Lobotomy
2. Falls From Grey
3. Mezcal
4. Put Your Finger Inside
5. Seven
6. Still Laying
7. The Solution


J.P. - vocals
Riku - guitar
Bone - guitar
Fede - bass
Nik - drums


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