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Κυριακή, 18 Ιουνίου 2017

The Mourning Sickness - Gets in a Ruction

Enjoy Your Symptom Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of Gets in a Ruction, the fourth full-length release from Denver, Colorado’s most courteous band, The Mourning Sickness.  This latest addition to the band’s progressive-punk oeuvre, Gets in a Ruction was produced, mixed, and mastered by Ratt Mahem, and is available on Compact Disc, as well as digital download formats, including iTunes.

Gets in a Ruction abounds with tales of prehistoric devil toads (“Beelzebufo”), men with the moniker “Dick” (“Richard”), teen-age girls starving themselves (“Distaste for Food and an Urge to Vomit”), and ridiculously large penises (“Bubby Peak”).  Predictably, the album is filled with unpredictable melodies, odd rhythmic figures, and the occasional power-trio freak out.  Gets in a Ruction also features guest appearances from other members of the Denver Art Rock Collective (DARC), including Amphibious Jones, the Cattle Axe, and the Inactivists.  And one tune (“Unyoked is the Best!), was co-authored by the 16th Century Flemish nun, Anna Bijns (1494-1575 CE).

What do you get when you mix the irreverent musical endowments of three men for almost twenty years?  What do you get when you place a college history professor, a project manager for a defense contractor, and the owner of a small musical instrument shop together in a post-punk-rock band?  The Mourning Sickness!


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