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Σάββατο, 29 Ιουλίου 2017

Modern Day Outlaw - Day of Reckoning (2017)

With Southern roots and the love of multiple genres of music, Modern Day Outlaw is bringing something new to hard rock and metal fans. Blending heavy sounds with a touch of blues and country, Modern Day Outlaw offers a unique approach to the familiar; the result is a sonic melodic revelry that will have crowds of all ages rocking instantly. Whether it is the group’s slow southern rock grooves, catchy hooks, or undeniable aggression that appeals to your musical sensibilities, Modern Day Outlaw is proud to share its story with you.

Riding on the heels of their debut effort "Southern State of Mind" Modern Day outlaw wanted to follow it up with a solid second coming. The race was on not only to solidify the Modern Day Outlaw name, but to make good on a promise made to their fan base to bring them a solid recording with the Southern edge that made them unique.

Embarking on this road was by no means an easy task. Since gaining notoriety with "Southern State of Mind" MDO was faced with many difficulties. Losing original lineup members and making difficult changes proved no easy task. Knowing there were big shoes to fill MDO pushed forward and were able to recruit the talents of Virginian native and lead guitarist Jake Nicholson as well as Bassist Rob Palladino.

With a new lineup and a more complete sound MDO commissioned the talents of producer/engineer Matt LaPlant(Nonpoint, Skindred) to bring "Day of Reckoning" into existence. With Blood, sweat and tears the bands second effort began to take shape. MDO had one purpose from the start, and that was to put forth solid effort worthy of their old and new fans. And in 2017 That goal was met with the release of "Day of Reckoning"! Taking influence from new music as well as drawing from their Southern roots, MDO released what was considered a monumental step forward.

"Day of Reckoning" was officially released January 2017 and was met with overwhelming response. Not only did it solidify the Modern Day Outlaw brand, but it has garnerd the attention of thousands of music fans and industry talent alike. Moving forward there is no telling where this will go. But, Stay tuned to find out what these Outlaws are up to...


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