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Κυριακή, 10 Ιουνίου 2018

Dyecrest - Are You Not Entertained? (2018)

The Finnish band Dyecrest’s history goes back as far as 1993, when Niko, Jukka and Pirkka played together for the first time. Years later, in 2001, Dyecrest was born. In 2003 the band participated in the competition called Young Metal Gods, which was held by the Noise Records / Sanctuary Group together with several European metal magazines. Dyecrest ended up second, and got a record deal with Noise/Sanctuary.

Debut album The Way of Pain was released in January 2004, got received very well by the media and the audience, and was followed by a full length European tour supporting W.A.S.P (US) together with DragonForce (UK). Everything seemed to be ok until the Sanctuary group was faced with some financial problems and they got rid of all small bands. Couple of guys from Noise Records founded a new company (Dockyard1) and Dyecrest got signed to them. The second album, This Is My World (2005), was however a bit of a disappointment both to the band and to the company, as well it was to the audience. Until 2008 the band kept doing gigs and writing new songs, but then they decided to go on a hiatus. It was in 2011 when guys from the band started to play together again, and in 2013, Dyecrest was “reformed”. At that time the idea was born to record the songs that weren’t properly done, plus maybe even to write some new songs, too.

The new album is taking shape

In the spring on 2016 Dyecrest started the recordings of the new album. - At first the only goal we had was to be able to finally release an album that would – for the first time – please ourselves. But, when the project went on and the songs were starting to take shape, the ambition grew up and we found out we really had something in our hands, the band members state now, more or less two years later. Originally the band started recording the album with the band’s original singer Janne Oksanen. But, despite the fact that he is a great singer in his own style, the band’s songwriting had taken steps towards the style, where also more aggressive style of singing is needed. After recording the album once with Janne, the band decided to search for help with the heavier songs. The call for help was heard by one of the most convincing singers on the metal-scene, Björn “Speed” Strid from Soilwork!

So, when the album was mixed and mastered, and ready to be released, the band started the chase not only for the company to release the album, but also for a new singer. Dyecrest found this young and talented Helsinki –based guy Mikael Salo through his YouTube channel, and guys we’re immediately convinced. Luckily, Salo said yes to the band’s inquiry, and so, Dyecrest entered the studio once more, to record again all the songs, except the ones that were sung by Björn and the ballad Nuku vaan, which is sung in Finnish by Elisa de Boer. Also Red Alert was re-recorded to be a duet between Björn and Mikael.

Mikael’s skills were found out to be that good, that the band wanted him to be the new frontman of Dyecrest. And furthermore, they decided to keep Mikael’s tracks on the album, which meant that those songs had to be re-mixed and the whole album to be re-mastered…!

But now, all the hard work is paying back! The whole album is ready, and it will be released May 25th (Inverse Records). Singles from the album are First Born Angel (released 1.2.2018), Red Alert (1.3.2018) and Fading/Reaching (release date 17.5.2018). Fading/Reaching will be the band’s first music video ever, too!

Mikael Salo: lead vocals
Matti Pasanen: guitar, backing vocals
Henri Arola: guitar, backing vocals
Pirkka Ohlis: keys, guitar, backing vocals
Jukka Matilainen: bass Niko Takala: drums

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