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Σάββατο, 28 Ιουλίου 2018

Hitwood - Marea (2018)

The Hitwood project was founded by Antonio Boccellari in 2007, its based in the North of Italy and its intended as a collaborative Melodic Death Metal project. The concept at the base of the project is all about DIY (do it yourself), so everything is self-produced.
Story of this project is really curious…Around 2007, an old wise man appears in the dreams of the founder and guide him into an abstract journey. In these “travels” this old man, called Hitwood, explains how he’s trapped in that dreamworld from a long time and his real alter-ego it’s probably already alive in the real world but it’s stuck in an perpetual sleep. The old man discover in the dreamworld the dark future of the earth and do its best to communicate this by appearing in people dreams. In these dreams he’s able to hear and remember after the dream some celestial melodies that sounds in the background of the dreams, and the purpose of this project is to adapting these ones in a Melodic Death/Post Metal style then narrate the events at the same time.
The first album "When Youngness... Flies Away..." was released in October 2016 after 9 years of composition necessary to elaborate all the melodies dreamed in the past years and trying to commutate them into a Metal approach and give them a logic song structure.
After this important milestone, was released another EP called "As a Season Bloom" (2017). Short album with only four songs where every track describe through music the vibe of every season to make a testament of how the season where before what would happen in the future.
Detriti EP will follow in the same year and become the starting point of the project that will not be anymore a one-man band but a collaborative project that involves guest musicians from all around the world. For the first time the songs featured growl vocals and a more old school Melodic Death Metal approach for the sound.
In 2018, Antonio has recruited other collaborators to prepare the successor album called “Marea”, preceded by the single Apocalyptic Omen (feat Laurhell) that marks another important change in the sound of Hitwood, more obscure than ever.
In the July of this hear Hitwood released the full lenght MAREA with the collaboration of 4 guest vocalists Carlos Timaure, Laurhell, Rikk Wolf and Gary Glays. The new album provide a more intricated and obscure sound than the past without renounce at the melodic part of the project.


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