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Τρίτη, 11 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

Bad Bullet - Use The Energy (2018)

BAD BULLET unleashes with their debut a heavy load of Alternative Rock, which is quite divers, but also fun. With the new album "Use the Energy" the young Austrians present a well-made thunderstorm, beginning with hot power rock, which runs down as powerful grunge again and again. Many tracks invite you to follow the catchy melodies and passionate singing. Whether power ballad anthem or simple and pure tunes, BAD BULLET has a lot to offer. The band holds on to a classic rock instrumentation. However, the wheel is not reinvented here, and the guys from Styria will cheer fans of the genre. "Use the Energy" was produced by Nino Margrave, on 08.06.2018 on NRT records show.

BAD BULLET was founded 2017 by lead guitarist and songwriter Gernot Neumann, as well as the guitarist and singer Manuel Schlögl founded the Band in Styra Austria. After some initial difficulties the sheet turned with drummer Steven Scherr and bassist Michael Jursche. A harder sound, new rehearsal room and new contacts were helpful for exciting performances in their home country. At the end, it was the convincing performance in the Audio Assault Studios, that the newcomers signed a record contract with the committed German independent label NRT-Records.
The debut album "Use the Energy" serves a satisfying symbiosis of the work of various legends of rock music. Right at the beginning with "Never Give Up" and "free" Nickelback as an influence shines through. "Judgment Day" and "Use the Energy" show parallels to Metallica and by "Follow Your Dream" should please fans of the Foo Fighters. "Use the Energy" also provides optimism to direct that the mood for summer on the right track.

The intros of Gernot Neumann pushes the listener forward right into Manuel Schlögl’s screaming voice.


This feeling extends over the first four songs before the band for the first time, turns out to their versatility. With "Judgment Day", "Kill the boss" and "Last Chance" it’s getting harsh, dark but also a bit quieter. With this variety the album holds a certain tension without, however, losing balance.
As the title of the album "Use the Energy" already suggests, the band would regularly create motivating appeals to the listener, to believe in himself and to follow his dreams. The best example is the song "Never Give Up", which the guys name their band anthem, not for nothing. The powerful chrods of guitarist and bassist Michael Jursche Gernot Neumann are pushing the track extremely forward, while Manuel Schlögl with his energetic vocals drives up the number of Watts. Similar power arises in the title track, which is articulated very aggressiv. The from time to time rising summer-feeling is getting near short. For example, in the dystopian "Judgment Day", the rebellious "Kill The Boss" or "poison in the organic world" BAD BULLET shows the critical view on things that went wrong in this world. Otherwise with the evocation of values like freedom, environmental awareness and friendship an optimistic impression prevails.

BAD BULLET shows a solid base on their debut album "Use the Energy”. Even if you don't expect it,this young band jumps out from shadows of their idols, especially at live performances. A positive trend for the future. The boosting Alternative Rock with many good possibilities to sing along, as well as a pinch of darkness, reveals a high potential, not only in their home-country.


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