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Δευτέρα, 10 Ιουνίου 2019

Hidden Lapse - Butterflies (2019)

Power-progressive metal band HIDDEN LAPSE has just unleashed “Dead Jester”, the first single off their sophomore album “Butterflies” due out May 31, 2019 via Rockshots Records.

The official audio is streaming at the following link: https://youtu.be/g9XlHXYFLe4

The band comments on the album:

“We are all ‘Butterflies’, our lives spring into each other, too fast. This album puts us behind the eyes of eight unique anti-heroes and victims of our time, who don’t belong here though. ‘Butterflies’ is all about being trapped in recursive routines and still remaining on the outside.”
The new album “Butterflies” is an aggressive and melancholic power prog album, with ethereal vocals, abrasive riffing and pounding drums.

Album pre-orders are now available at the Rockshots Records‘ official store: http://bit.ly/Butterflies_CD

Track Listing:
1. Dead Jester
2. Third
3. The Letter 0
4. Stone Mask
5. Glitchers
6. Grim Poet
7. Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
8. Cruel Enigma
9. Dust
10. “Silent Sacrifice (rearmed)” – bonus track

Alessia Marchigiani – Vocals
Marco Ricco – Guitars and Vocals
Romina Pantanetti – Bass
Alessio Monacelli – Drums

Furthermore, the band has announced two Italian shows as support of Seventh Wonder, Tommy Karevik’s band:
12 April – Dagda Live Club (Retorbido)
13 April – Alchemica Live Club – Bologna

More info:

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