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Τρίτη, 1 Νοεμβρίου 2016

Turn Down

The bone-crunching guitar-riffs and heavy grooves in the writing, music & sound of Turn Down can all be traced back to the innovative ideas and creativity of solo-artist H.Galvan.  With an impressive 30+ years of experience playing guitar and rocking in bands Black Rain and Rusted Stone – Galvan decided to take a break from music for family time before coming back to challenge himself to recreate his career in an all-new solo-direction in Turn Down.
Drawing on the intense experience gathered throughout his time in bands, playing live and opening for well-known names like Fuel, Buckcherry and Puddle Of Mudd, and unearthing ideas he’s had throughout his career – the new music he’s making in Turn Down has allowed Galvan to completely explore his own instincts and expression in entirely different ways.  With a distinct hard-rock/alternative rumble and grind – Galvan is now at the helm of the controls, all the instruments and his own destiny as a musician.
With the current single “Facing Tomorrow” and "Strain" already ripping up the charts and making a memorable impact on listeners worldwide – the support for Turn Down has inspired Galvan to continue the adventure at full-speed.  Currently recording, writing and jamming extreme amounts of wild new material from the comfort of his own studio – the ability to create daily has Turn Down turning UP and passionately pushing out rock with real attitude, meaty riffs and genuine rhythms you can feel.  Plans for a full-album are well underway and that next chapter in Galvan’s career is sounding better than ever – Turn Down has all the raw, gritty and innovative riffs & emotion that give true life to the heartbeat of rock.


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