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Σάββατο, 13 Ιανουαρίου 2018

WORRY BLAST - .44 (2018)

RELEASE 19 January 2018

A Rhythm section that lights a darkened highway, guitars that descend like lightnings from a stormy sky, a voice polished by sand paper ... If ACDC was an old family recipe, this young band from
Switzerland is what you would be eating at Grandma's house.

Worry Blast is the name of this powerful quartet that released their first album ''Break Out From Hell'', in 2013. An album that made Lycra wearing 80's glam bands run for their lives. Worry Blast
have quickly made a name for themselves on the live scene with their furious and hard rockin' live shows.

After opening for Scorpions, Gotthard and Johnny Hallyday in 2015, the band released its second album “Hit The Gas“ which is a big return to the best 80’s moments with basic riffs and furious solos.
Distributed worldwide, this last album offered the band a great promotional tour with more than 50 shows all over Europe with a big tour with the american band, Nashville Pussy. After that, the
band played shows with bands like Patrick Bruel (famous french singer), Gotthard, and toured in Spain with the Swedish band Bonafide.

2017 was a bit more quiet, but not less productive. The 3rd album is on its way since April and the band is really looking forward to reveal their hard work next January. This album should more
powerfull than all the band did before !

".44" is produced by Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Michael kiske, Bob Catley etc.)

   Outta Nowhere 3:19
   Dirty Mind 2:40
   .44 3:11
   Hot 'n' Ready 3:43
   Rough Times 3:46
   Dominate 4:05
   Heartbreak 3:57
   Drink It All 3:37
   Party Downtown 3:26
   We Can't Stop Rock 'n'Roll 4:23

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