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Κυριακή, 26 Μαρτίου 2017

Disconnected Genius - Nirvikalpa Meow (2017)

Disconnected Genius is an eclectic 3 piece Punk Rock band who generally utilize a Loud Chorus / Soft Verse dynamic, whilst going down melancholic piano alleys almost as often as delving into punk rock slices of pi.
Disconnected Genius' eagerly unanticipated 2nd LP Nirvikalpa Meow will be out later this year.

| Nirvikalpa Meow Tracklisting |
1.  About Nothing         
2.  It's A Curse I'm A Saint     
3.  Vertruvian Men          
4.  Just Stay Don't Go        
5.  We're All Watching Everything  
6.  Kings & Queens     
7.  One Fine Day         
8.  Quietly Into The Night     
9.  The Little Don         
10. The Diamonds In The Poor     
11. Arkane Bliss    


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