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Τετάρτη, 15 Μαρτίου 2017

Morass of Molasses - These Paths We Tread (2017)

Release: 19 May 2017

Self-described "swamp master generals" MORASS OF MOLASSES will release their new album These Paths We Tread on May 19th 2017 via HeviSike Records.  The album's 7 tracks blend fuzz, sludge and doom and will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the best records of 2017.

Morass Of Molasses create the kind of lumbering heavy blues riffs which induce involuntary head nodding and a deep stirring of the loins. The band's short life so far has also seen them sharing stages with such luminaries of the scene as Orange Goblin Ohhms, Vodun, Elephant Tree, Desert Storm, Space Witch,, Sea Bastard, Limb, Gurt and many more. Their gutsy Jagermiester stage performance at Bloodstock helped propel them into a relentless schedule of touring during which they released their debut  EP ‘So Flows Our Fate’.  
The new album, These Paths We Tread is a veritable melting pot of ideas, blended together, forming a thick stew of heavy blues with side of doom for good measure. As in the EP before, the band uses the album as a vehicle to explore concepts of mythic sin and ancient archetypes. The Journey we take through life as humans is ever at the forefront, and drives the songwriting. 

Track Listing:

  • 1. My Leviathan
  • 2. So They Walk
  • 3. Serpentine
  • 4. The Ritual
  • 5. Centralia
  • 6. Maenads
  • 7. Wrath Of Aphrodite

Morass of Molasses is:
Vocals/Baritone - Bones ‘The Beard’ Huse
Lead Guitar - Phil ‘The Mountain’ Williams
Drums - Chris ‘The Beast’ West
Engineered, Produced & Mixed By Matt Bew at Whitehouse Studios
Artwork - Dominic Sohor
Mastering - Neil Pickles at Reveal Sounds

Find more details about Morass Of Molasses here:

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